Saying Goodbye

Smile, please?

Gerard glared at the weather.

It was sunny and warm and there were birds chirping merrily in the trees. There was a slight breeze sifting through the leaves and everything looked bright and colourful.

Gerard knew it was trying to spite him.

It should be dull, raining. It should reflect his mood and the horrific events that were taking place.

“Gee,” Frank sighed coming away from the commotion at the van and wrapping his arms around Gerard’s waist, linking his fingers behind his back and leaning back to look up at his face. “Smile, please?”

Frank pouted and fluttered his eyelashes, and Gerard found himself smiling regardless of the fact that he didn’t want to. Frank still seemed displeased. “Whats up?”

“I just...I can’t believe you’re actually leaving.”

Frank cooed and pecked Gerards lips lightly. “It’s not like I’ve just dropped this on you though, it’s been arranged for a while.”

Gerard pressed his lips together, trying to savour the feeling of Frank's there. He rubbed his hands across Franks arms, not able to look at his face. “I know, but I haven’t really let myself think about it.”

“You’re cool with it though?” Gerard didn’t say anything. “Gerard?”

“It’s...It’s not that I'm not.”

“What is it then?”

Gerard hesitated, “I’m just going to miss you.”

“Gee!” Frank whined moving his hands to cup Gerards face, angling it to look at him. “You think I’m not going to miss you?”

Gerard bit his lip and his eyes flitted away from Franks face to watch Frank’s band mates wrestle one of the drums into the trailer. “You’ll be busy.”

“But I’ll still miss you.” Frank smiled reassuringly. “Besides, you’ll be busy too Mr Comic Book.” He smiled, pressing his lips to Gerards again.

It wasn’t as chaste as the last kiss had been, but not has long as Gerard would have liked.

“I’m gonna go help with the loading, yeah?” Frank asked when he pulled away. Gerard nodded reluctantly, wishing he could keep Frank in his arms. With more people helping pack, they’d get it done quicker, but Gerard just wanted Frank to stay here damnit!

He eyed Frank’s suitcase on the floor by his feet. There was a drawing and a soppy little love note hidden at the bottom that Gerard had packed himself in the hopes of surprising Frank while he was on tour.

He half considered, though, just picking up the case and hiding it, emptying it, packing himself into it, anything that made sure he and Frank stayed together.

It was another half an hour until the trailer was completely loaded, Gerard even lending a hand because really, like he could resist Franks pouts.

“We’re leaving in five.” Someone Gerard didn’t know announced.

“Well, this is it.” Frank said biting his lip, looking at Gerard before completely throwing himself at him. Gerard didn’t even hesitate to reciprocate the hug, burying his face into Franks hair and inhaling. He knew which shampoo he used, and Gerard was almost certain he’d start washing his pillowcases in it just so they’d smell like Frank.

The pulled away from the hug, but kept their arms loosely wrapped around one another. Frank smiled a little.

“You nervous?” Gerard asked. Frank nodded, biting at his lip.

“Terrified,” he admitted.

And then Gerard felt like the worst boyfriend ever, because Frank was going on tour, something he’d wanted to do since Gerard had known him; since before Gerard had known him, and not once had he asked Frank about it. He’d been selfish and thought only of himself, how he was being left behind.

Cupping Franks cheek in his hand, he smiled. “You’re gonna be great.”

“Yeah?” Frank breathed out, uncertainly.

“I know it. And I can't wait to see you play in New York.”

Frank choked out something which could have been a sob or a laugh in equal measure, but Gerard didn’t have enough time to contemplate it, because Franks mouth was on his, and his mind started to go a little hazy. He faintly heard someone calling for Frank in the background, but decided to ignore it. If Frank hadn’t heard, then Gerard didn’t either. He still planned to keep Frank in his arms for as long as he possibly could.

“I love you.” Frank whispered against Gerards lips.

“I love you too.” Gerard whispered back with a smile.

They pulled apart, and Gerard lifted Franks suitcase up for him, carrying it over to the van and sliding it under one of the seats. Frank slid into the seat and wound the window down after Gerard had slid the door closed for him.

No more words needed to be said, they both knew what the other was thinking. Gerard smiled one last time before stepping away from the van and holding his hand up and waved it a little.

The engine growled loudly, and before Gerard even had time to register it, he was watching the van disappear around the corner taking Frank with it.

Gerard turned to walk back home, hands in the pockets of his jeans and his face angled towards the sun. Maybe the nice weather wasn’t so bad after all.