Saving Grace

Kid At Heart

Aubrey Glover ran her hands through her hair as she sat on the stool in the studio and waited for her next client to walk in. She worked for a friend of hers named Steve. He owned photography studio, and she was his only worker, and sometimes his only model. She didn't mind at times though. They had been good friends for over seven years, and she was hoping that the studio got a bigger name over time. They had only been open for about seven months, and had already established a pretty good name for themselves in that short amount of time.

She glanced over and saw the office door still shut. Steve had walked in there earlier to take an important call, and he had yet to come out. She didn't have much time to think about what was going on behind the door office door. A short blond girl walked in with a child on her hip. She smiled over at the lady.

"Can I help you?"

"I have an appointment with Aubrey Glover."

"I'm Aubrey, you can call me Bre. Right this way." Aubrey said, hoping off the stool and walking towards the room where she would be working.

The short blond informed her that she wanted pictures done of her little boy who had recently turned two. Aubrey smiled, and then shot the kid a funny face. Most photographers hated working with children due to the fact that they were tagged as the hardest clients. Aubrey didn't mind though. She was a kid at heart, so she would just get down on their level and play with them.

"What's your name?" She asked, looking directly into the piercing blue eyes of the little boy.

He giggled, and then hid his face in his mother's shirt. Aubrey smiled, "Shy?"


His mother placed him down on a wagon which Aubrey had already set up in front of a back drop. He looked around for a few minutes, on the verge of tears, but then Aubrey flashed a beanie baby in front of him, along with a lollipop.

"What's his name?" Aubrey asked the mom.


"Hey Bryce." Aubrey said, walking closer. "How about you take some pictures that will make Mommy happy, then I'll give you the stuffed duck and a lollipop." She pleaded.

He smiled, and nodded his head. Aubrey returned to her camera quickly, and told the little boy to smile wide. He listened to her orders, and she worked quickly to take pictures. The only bad thing about little children were there attention span. It took her about ten minutes to take about fifty pictures. She had took him out of the wagon, and placed him down by himself with no objects around him. She was pleased with most of the photos.

The mother looked at Aubrey with shock on her face. She had tried several different photographers, but no one had been able to capture her son quite like Aubrey.

"You're so good."

"Thank you." Aubrey said, with a bright smile. "The pictures will be developed in about two weeks." She said, walking the woman out front.

She accepted half the cash, and then gave her an appointment to come back and pick up the photos. She seemed to be excited to see them. Aubrey smiled. Another satisfied customer.

Just as the woman and the little boy left, Steve walked out of his office with a smug look spread across his face. Aubrey arched an eyebrow at him, and curved her lips up into a half smile, as she crossed her arms over her chest. She knew that look on Steve. That was the 'I need to talk to you about something' kind of look.

"What is it?"

"That was an amazing call!" He said, "Some producer of a music video wanted to see if I could fax him some of the models I've worked with. So I did so, and he picked out three that he wants to work with. Not only is it good for the studio, but good for the girls as well."

"So, whose the lucky three?" She asked.

"Cameron, Julia, and uhm. . . well you, Bre."

"Me? You sent my pictures in!" She said raising her voice.

She didn't even like modeling. The only time she modeled was when Steve had a brilliant idea for a photo and he had no one else. That happened a lot in the beginning, but not so much recently with the recent growth of his studio.

"I sent everyone!" He said in defense.

"Me though? Come on, Steve! You know I hate modeling."

"You won't technically have to model. All they need is three girls to drive a convertible. I'm sure you could handle that!"

"I'm sure I could, but I don't want to." She said, crossing her arms over his chest.

"Come on, Bre! He didn't like any of the others and he needs three. You were his first pick!"

"Steve!" She whined, "You know I'm more of a behind the scenes kind of girl."

"It's not going to be hard! Just riding or driving a convertible."

She sighed, and tossed her head back. Being in a music video was something she didn't want to do. For one, she didn't really like attention, and two she didn't like or want the reputation that most girls who appeared in music videos got.

"What band?" She asked.

If he named off a rap group, she would immediately decline.

"Avenged Sevenfold."

She knew of the band. She had heard them a few times, and knew they were originally from around the Huntington Beach area. She looked over at Steve and saw how much he was pleading. If it were anyone else she would say no on the spot, but it was hard to say no to him. He had been her friend for so long, and supplied her with such an amazing job here at the studio. She sighed, not believing she was actually going through with this.

"Okay, I'll do it. But I warn you if one cocky rock star says one word to me out of the way, I swear I will not stall in walking off the set."

Steve smiled and walked over to her and pulled her into a hug, "What would I do without you?"

She smiled, "I don't know. But I need to get going. I've got to pick up Chance from school."

"Mal working night shift tonight?"

"Yeah, one of the girls called in. It was her day off, but you know how that goes."

"She should just leave that bar and come work for me."

Aubrey half smiled, wishing her sister would do that as well but knowing she wouldn't. Malorie made good money at the bar.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Steve."

Minutes later she was parked in front of the local grade school, tapping her french tipped nails against the steering wheel as she waited for her nephew to come out. She smiled as she saw him walking out of the school, with his book bag pouncing up and down on his back. He spotted her car, and made a straight line towards it. He pulled it open and got inside, allowing a loud sigh to erupt from his throat.

"You alright, kid?"

"Fine, Just loads of Math home work. Can you help?"

"Of course."

Later that night Bre sat at the kitchen table with Chance as she explained to him how to do his math homework.

"What time will Mom be home?" He asked before bed.

"Not til late."

"It was her day off." He pouted.

She ruffled his shaggy hair, "I know. But you know your mom, she's going to take any opportunity she can to make some extra money."

He nodded his head, "I'm going to go to bed, night auntie Bre."

"Night Kid, don't forget to brush your teeth."

She watched as he made his way down the hallway and into the bedroom. She sighed, as she put his books away, and then walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. She flipped through the channels, until she found herself getting tired. Eventually, she turned the television off and went to her bedroom. She sat her alarm for work the next morning and then turned in.
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My first Avenged Sevenfold/Synyster story. I hope I don't disappoint.