Saving Grace

Rock Paper Scissor

Aubrey had a nervous feeling the entire morning before the concert. She knew the possibilities of them running into each other were very unlikely, and she kept reminding herself that she would be in a large crowd. Even after hours of trying to convince herself she had nothing to worry about, the nerves didn't seem to fade.

"You're wearing that?" Chance asked looking at Aubrey like she was an disgrace.

"Yeah?" She asked, looking down at her outfit.

She was wearing a white button up blouse, and a pair of jeans. She had on a pair of white high heels. Her hair was tied back into a pony tail, and her make-up was done softly. She didn't know what was wrong with her outfit of choice.

"You can't wear that to a rock show, Auntie Bre!"

"What do you know about rock shows?" She asked her nephew.

"I know you don't wear work clothes." He said, taking her by the hand and pulling her inside her bedroom.

She giggled, as he made his way over and began going through her closet. She licked over her lips, as she watched him grab a band t-shirt from ages ago, and a pair of ripped jeans that had paint splattered on them from when she painted over the summer.

"I am not wearing a four year old Korn t-shirt and a pair of ripped up paint stained jeans, Chance."

"Why not?" He questioned, "It's cool!"

She looked down at the outfit now laying on her bed and groaned. It probably would be better to wear to the concert. She shoved the little boy out of her room and quickly changed into the ripped jeans and the old worn black tee. She couldn't believe she even had the t-shirt. The white heels no longer matched the outfit. She grabbed a pair of old worn converse from the bottom of her closet instead. She hadn't wore them in about a year. The last step of her make over was pulling the hair tie from her hair and allowing her dark locks to flow freely down her shoulder's. She looked in the mirror and laughed. She hadn't dressed like this in a long time. Most of her clothes now consisted of business clothes that made her look like a professional at work.

She walked out of the bedroom and Chance stood there clapping. She rolled her eyes, and the two of them made their way down the stairs. Malorie was already working, so they didn't need to tell her bye. She grabbed her some cash from her wallet, and then her new cell phone she had just got yesterday. She slipped them in her pocket, and then grabbed her keys. She wasn't about to tug a purse around during a concert.

Chance decided that they should blare Good Charlotte while they drove towards the concert area. Aubrey didn't really hate the band, nor she love them. She liked a few of their songs, and others she could do without. She cursed, as she tapped on her break when she noticed the traffic jam occurring in front of her. Clearly, everyone in the state of California planned on attending this concert.

Brian laughed at Jimmy as he proceeded to kick a box. He didn't understand why his friend was doing so, but it gave him a good laugh, so he wasn't about to complain. They were the second band on. The first was Three Days Grace, and after them Good Charlotte, followed by Papa Roach. They had played a game of rock paper scissors with the singers of the band to determine the order of performances.

"You suck at rock paper scissor, Matt." Zacky complained.

"I can't fucking help it. Jacoby got me."

"Joel kicked your ass as well." Johnny added.

Matt just shrugged it off and walked off to go start on his warm ups.

"Syn, what's on your mind?" Johnny asked, sinking down on the couch where Brian was seated.

"Nothing much." Brian said.

"You've been kind of out of it today."

"Just thinking about things." He answered honestly.

Johnny opened his mouth to say something, but then he snapped it shut seeing the girlfriends walking towards them. There were only four of them today. Johnny looked towards Syn and frowned. Lacey walked over and sat down in Johnny's lap. Brian looked around and noticed all the guys all had their significant others with them, and now he had no one.

He wasn't about to dwell on it though. Michelle not being here was a plus. He grabbed his guitar and figured he could warm up a bit before the show, though Val had other plans.

"Brian. You and I need to talk." She hissed.

Brian looked up into the dark eyes of Valary. She looked rather upset, and he instantly knew that Michelle had made him out to be the bad guy. He sighed, as he stood up, and ran a hand through his gelled hair. He missed his fedora at the moment.

"You broke my sister's heart, Brian." Valary said, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Your sister was caught fucking a guy on my kitchen counter. I doubt I broke her heart."

"She loves you. You need to worth things out with her. Why the hell would you fire her? You know she needs that job!"

"What she needs is no longer my problem, Val. I'm done with her. We're over for good."

"I can't believe you! You're nothing but a piece of shit." She spat, walking over to where Matt was standing.

Brian watched as she began bitching to Matt. Matt seemed like he was defending his friend. Brian groaned, hoping this didn't cause problems within the band. The last thing he needed was an angry M Shadows. He looked over and saw Zacky and Gena walking his way. He smiled softly at the two of them. Out of all the girlfriends, he liked Gena the best.

"You're better off without her, Syn." Gena whispered.

He smiled, and nodded his head.

"Matt's giving Val hell right now for bitching at you." Zacky informed him.

"I don't want to cause them problems." Brian said honestly.

"You know those DiBenedetto girls. They cause themselves problems." Zacky laughed.

Brian snickered, and then grabbed his guitar. It was nearing time for the show, and he wanted to prepare to put a hundred percent into the gig. It was not only for charity, but it was the first show since he had freed himself of Michelle.