Saving Grace

Eyes Locked

Aubrey and Chance were lucky enough to get kind of close to the stage where the bands were going to be preforming. Chance had basically pulled her through the crowds, and the people were nice enough to let him and her through. The first band to perform had been Three Days Grace. Chance really didn't care all that much about them, but Aubrey had enjoyed their show.

"I hope Good Charlotte's next!" He screamed out over the crowd.

She looked towards the stage and sighed as she saw the drummer of Avenged Sevenfold walk upon the stage, followed by the singer, two of the guitarist, and then finally Brian. She tried to keep her eyes away from him, but she couldn't help but to stare. His hair was spiked up all over, and he was wearing yet another sleeveless shirt which revealed his toned arms covered in tattoos. His nose ring shined, and the color had returned back to him. He looked like a totally different person.

"Stop starring at Synyster Gates!" Chance scolded her.

She leaned down a bit, and got on his level. She hadn't even really mentioned the video to him. She had no clue he knew the band, "You know him?"

"Who doesn't? He's like one of the fastest guitar players ever."

"How would you know that? You're eight!"

"Watch him play!" Chance scolded.

Aubrey done as her nephew said. Her eyes never left Brian for the first three songs. She couldn't believe how easily his fingers traveled against the strings. It seemed like it came natural to him, as if he was putting no effort into it what so ever. He looked around in the crowd, and that's when his dark brown eyes landed on hers.

Her mouth slightly dropped open as he locked eyes with her. He continued playing, but his eyes never left hers for the remainder of the song. When the song ended, she forced herself to pull away. She didn't look back to him the remainder of their performance. She was actually scared to look at him. What if he was still looking at her? They left the stage once their thirty minutes was up, and she assumed that would be the last she seen of him.

"YES!" Chance yelled out, hoping up and down.

She was well aware that his yelling probably meant Good Charlotte had took the stage, but she really couldn't be bothered to look. She was consumed with thoughts of the tattooed rock star.

"Aunt Bre! Come on!" Chance yelled.

She looked down and saw him tugging at her hand. She looked back up at the stage and saw that Good Charlotte's time had already ran up. Papa Roach had now took the stage. He tugged her though the crowd, and over to where tables were placed up.

"I want M Shadows and everyone in Good Charlotte's autographs!"

"Okay." She said, not able to say anything else. She was still pretty tore up in her thoughts.

She didn't even realize that getting M Shadows autograph meant standing in the Avenged Sevenfold line. She came out of it when she realized only four people were standing in front of Chance. She breathed in deeply as she starred down the line and saw Brian signing some kid's t-shirt. She inhaled deeply, hoping Chance stopped at M Shadows and moved on to the next band.

"Are you just getting the lead singer's autograph?"

"No way! I'm getting them all. I just want his more than the others." He stated.

She felt her heart drop to the pits of her stomach as the line began to move forward. Soon Chance was standing in front of the drummer of Avenged Sevenfold. He signed his white hat, and he moved down the line. Brian was the last one. Aubrey chewed on her bottom lip, as she watched Brian sign Chance's hat, and then he looked at her.

Brian opened his mouth to say something, but the little boy pulled her away before he could get the words out. He licked over his lips assuming that was her son. He starred over and watched the little boy get Joel from Good Charlotte to sign his shirt.

"Wasn't that the video girl who saved you?" Matt whispered.

"Yeah." Brian replied.

He finished signing a few autographs, and then their session of signing was over. He stretched his arms above his head as looked over and saw Aubrey now standing in the merch line with the little boy. He pointed to various different t-shirts, and she was pulling money out of her pockets and paying for the t-shirts. He walked closer, not really knowing why. He didn't even know what attracted him to her.

"Thank you for buying me the shirts, Auntie Bre."

He over heard the little boy say that and it made him confused. He had assumed it was her son rather than a nephew. He licked over his lips as he watched them from a far. He couldn't just walk over and say something. If he left the tent area then he would be swarmed by fans.

"I think we should probably invite her over or something. After all, she saved you." Matt said coming up to him.

"And how exactly are we going to invite her over, Matt?" Brian asked.

Matt smiled, and then turned around to the security guard. He pointed to Aubrey, and then basically told him to go fetch. Brian watched as the large bulky man made his way through the many fans, and talked to Aubrey. She looked towards the bands tent, and then began walking forward with the little boy following her.

"Hey, you're the girl from our video, right?" Matt asked.

"Yeah." Aubrey said.

"Video?" Chance said, looking up at his aunt.

She looked down at her nephew and sighed, "I'm going to be in one of their videos, Chance."

"That is so cool! I can't wait to tell all my friends that my aunt is in a music video!" Chance squealed out with delight.

She cringed at the thought of receiving attention. Brian seemed to catch on to her discomfort over that and laughed. She really did hate attention.

"Also know what you did for Syn here. Gotta say thanks." Matt said, before making his way back over to his wife.

"Aunt Bre, you know Synyster Gates?" Chance asked.

"We've met before." Aubrey answered, looking into his eyes.

Aubrey and Brian looked at each other quite a long time before Brian finally spoke. He didn't know what to say, so he said the first thing that came to his mind.

"How did watching the movie with the family go?"

Aubrey bit down on her bottom lip, and was going to open her mouth to reply, but Chance done that for her.

"My mom, aunt Bre, and I had an amazing time watching scary movies. Although aunt Bre gets scared easily."

Brian swallowed hard. So her family consisted of her sister and nephew? She didn't have a husband and kids running around?

"We should be going. . ." She said, looking down at Chance.

"Why? Haven't I been nice so far?" Brian asked.

She couldn't help but to giggle, "Not the point."

"I need to talk to you about something, Aubrey."

"About what?" She asked.

He didn't have anything to talk to her about, so he decided to just lie. "Oh, uh. Just about the video. We need you to sign some release papers and stuff."

"I thought I already done that for Jacob."

"Uh, well. You missed a few. Is it okay if I call you and we arrange a time and place to meet?"

She arched a brow, but then nodded her head, "That's fine." She said, before smiling softly, and then walking away with Chance.