Saving Grace


Aubrey smiled as she glanced in the rear view mirror and saw his motorcycle behind her. She was thinking about what she could possibly end up cooking for dinner. She didn't want him to think she was trying to impress him, but she also didn't want him to think she was a lousy cook. She sighed, as she pulled into the drive way of the home. Brian parked his motorcycle behind her.

"What are you planning on cooking?" He asked, as she fumbled with the door.

"I'm not sure yet. I'll have to look and see what we have."

She walked into the kitchen, with him following behind her. She told him to make himself at home, and he jumped up on the stool. She began searching over the refrigerator and cabinet debating on what to make.

"Do you like spaghetti?" She asked, turning around.

He smiled, "I love it."

She nodded her head, and began prepping the food. Brian watched her for a long time without saying a word. She hummed a quiet tune he didn't know as she stirred the large pot of salsa, and put the noodles on. He looked up hearing a door shut. Soon the young boy came running into the kitchen. He stopped dead in his tracks, and his mouth dropped open when he saw Brian.

"Sy-sy-Synyster Gates is in our kitchen!"

Aubrey turned around and giggled softly at Chance. She knew he would react that way.

"I'm fixing spaghetti, Chance. It's your favorite right?"

"Aunt Bre! Who cares bout sketti? Synyster Gates is in our kitchen!"

Malorie came into the kitchen laughing. She introduced herself to Brian and shook his hand. She told Chance to go wash up for dinner, and then began helping Aubrey prepare.

"I invited him over. Hope you don't mind."

"Of course, I don't, Bre."

With help from Malorie, it didn't take long at all before the food was finished. Aubrey served everyone and they all began eating. She stayed kind of quiet as Chance and Malorie both questioned Brian on several different things.

"So what would you rather be called?" Malorie asked.

"Syn or Brian is fine. I'll reply to either."

Aubrey learned a little more about him through dinner. Once dinner was finished, Malorie and Chance went up to his room to start on his home work. Aubrey collected the plates, and took them to the sink. She began washing them, and to her surprise Brian came over and began drying.

"Thanks." She said looking over at him.

He half smiled, "I figured since you can save my life, then I can surely dry a dish."

She giggled, "I guess so."

Once the dishes were all put up. She wiped the table off and then walked into the living room with Brian following behind her. He took a seat on the couch directly beside her.

"We've almost spent the whole day together." She noted.

"Was it horrible?" He asked.

She shook her head, "It wasn't bad at all."

"Then you'll consider doing it again?" He asked.

She nodded her head and was going to tell him she actually had a good time with him today, but his cell phone began going off. She watched as he pulled it from his pocket and answered it. He held up a finger to her, and began having a conversation with the other person on the phone. She could hear a mumble of talking, and could tell it was a guy. He groaned when he hung up the phone.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"I've got to go pick Johnny up. His car broke down." Brian said, shaking his head.

"Oh, okay."

"I'll call you tomorrow sometime. Is that okay?"

She nodded her head, and walked him to the door. He didn't say anything as she shut the door. He was actually kind of mad about Johnny's car having a break down, but he needed to be there for his friend.

Malorie walked down the stairs and took a seat on the couch by her sister, who was now focusing on the television.

"You like him." Malorie stated.

Aubrey breathed in deeply. Her sister knew her better than anyone, and it would really be no good to deny that. "Yeah, I do."

"He seems like a nice guy."

"He wasn't in the beginning. I don't know what happened to him."

"So, he's the asshole who you saved, and now he's practically a nice guy?"

"Pretty much."

"Just give him a chance, Bre."

"I think we'll be friends." Aubrey said, "And possibly see what happens from there. But he's a freaking rock star, Mal. I doubt it'll go too far."

"You never know." Malorie said, winking and then leaving her sister sitting there to think about the day she had just had.
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