Saving Grace

Piece Of Cake

Aubrey couldn't help but to laugh as Sydney talked about what big of a fan she was of Avenged Sevenfold. The young girl had admired and followed the band for many years, and said she could now die happy since she had been merely twenty feet away from Synyster Gates. Aubrey didn't realize how much of a big deal they were until that moment.

"Have you. . . do you know the others?" Sydney asked.

"Nope. Brian asked me to go with him this afternoon to practice."

"It's so cool that you know him. What about Michelle though?"


"His girlfriend or fiance, whatever she is."

"Oh, uh. I think they broke up."

"Good! I hated her. I hate her sister too. Damn lucky bitch gets to lay next to Matt all the time."

"Huh?" Aubrey asked totally confused.

"Nothing." Sydney smiled, "I'm glad he found a girl like you."

"Oh no, Sydney. You've got it all wrong. Brian and I aren't dating."

"You aren't?"

"No way."

"Why not? You two look really cute together, and seem to have nice chemistry."

"I don't really think he's my type."

"Oh. I just assumed by the way you two looked at each other. . ."

"The way we looked at each other?"

She nodded her head and nibbled slightly on her bottom lip. Sydney felt like she had said too much and made an ass out of herself. She really couldn't help it though. She had been a fan of the band for so long, and all she wanted was for the guys to be happy. She had never seen Synyster with a smile like he had today.

"Never mind."

Aubrey was going to say something else but then she realized it was nearing closing time. She sighed, knowing Brian would probably be back here any minute to pick her up. She couldn't believe she had agreed to go to the band practice with him. Her stomach tied into knots just thinking about it. She wasn't sure if it was because his band mates were going to be there or if it was something else.

"Hey girls," Steve said coming into the room, "You leaving? It's after four."

"Yeah," Sydney said, "I'll see you guys later. Nice meeting you Aubrey."

"Nice meeting you as well."

She watched as the adorable red head bounced out of the studio.

"She's a good kid."

"She's older than me." Aubrey laughed.

"Yeah, but she's youthful, and has some natural talent. Take her under your wing, Bre."

"I will."

"So, you dating this rock star yet?"

"Steve, seriously. . . Shut up." She laughed.

He was going to say something, but the door opened up. She looked over and saw Brian walking in. He licked over his lips and smiled. She ran a hand through her hair noticing how good he looked. She could feel a slight blush rising to her cheeks as she walked over and grabbed her purse.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Steve."

"Bye Bre."

Aubrey walked out of the studio and over to where Brian was parked. He had told her he would drop her back off here later tonight so she could get her car. She had already phoned her sister and told her not to wait for her. She had no clue what time she would be getting home.

"Are you excited?" Brian asked, as he watched her climb up into his passenger seat.

"I guess so."

"Oh come on, show some excitement."

She giggled and then smiled, as he took off driving down the road. She didn't know what it was about him, but there was just something that was keeping her interested. Normally, she would have just pushed any thoughts of a person like him to the side, but there was just something so different about him. Something she just couldn't put her finger on.

"Do you know anything about the band?"

"Not really."

"But you've met some of the members?"

"I remember a Matt, and a uh. . . Jimmy?"

"Yeah, and then there's Johnny and Zacky."

"Sounds easy enough to remember."

"I'm the biggest asshole of the group. You've already survived me so the rest should be a piece of cake."

She rolled her eyes and smiled. At least he could admit he had been an asshole. He pulled up to a large house, that had a visible smaller building attached to it. She assumed it was probably the recording studio.

Brian studied the cars parked there, and then cursed as he shook his head.

"What?" Aubrey asked.

"Fucking hell." He scolded.

"What's wrong?"

"Michelle is here. She's my ex."

"Oh. . ." Aubrey said, "I could call my sister to come and get me. . ."

"What? No. She'll just have to deal with me bringing a friend by. Come on." Brian said.

He wanted to use this time to introduce Aubrey to his band mates. He didn't want her to have to meet Michelle. He was not looking forward to this band practice at all.
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