Saving Grace


Aubrey walked out of her bedroom the next morning dressed and ready for work. She walked into the kitchen and was thankful Malorie had already turned on the coffee. She grabbed her favorite cup and then poured the hot black content inside. Her sister walked into the kitchen wearing a pink jogging outfit from Victoria's secret. Her short red hair was bunched up in a plastic clip, and she had large bags under her eyes probably due from getting in so late.

"Hey Mal." Aubrey said, sipping on her coffee.

"Hey hon. How was work yesterday?"

"Fine. I got talked into doing some music video."

"You? A music video?" Malorie asked, a bit shocked that her sister would agree to something like that. Aubrey had never been the attention seeker.

"Yeah, I know. . . Steve practically begged me to do it."

"It's not some raunchy video is it?"

"I don't think so. The band is Avenged Sevenfold. He just said I had to be in a car or something. I'm not sure, but I already told him if I come in contact with one cocky rock star then I'm out of there."

Malorie laughed at her sister, and then hollered for Chance to come on. He was going to be late for school if he didn't hurry.

"You working today?" Aubrey asked her sister.

"Nope, I have the day off. Chance has a basket ball game this afternoon. You coming?"

"I'll try to be there. I have a lot of stuff to do at work though."

"Okay, well. I'll see you this afternoon. I'm fixing Lasagna for dinner. I'll put lots of cheese on it for you." Malorie said, as she picked up Chance's back pack and she left with her son.

Aubrey smiled as she watched her sister walk outside the house. Most didn't believe Chance was really Malorie's boy since he was eight years old and she was barely twenty five. She had gotten pregnant at sixteen, and gave birth at seventeen. His father was a piece of shit who over dosed a week before she gave birth.

He was a good kid, and Aubrey was proud to call him her nephew. Even though he felt more like a little brother at times, considering she had just been fourteen when he was born. She had practically helped raise him along side Malorie. They had lived with their grandmother, who passed away not even a year after Chance was born. Their mother had died when Aubrey was two or so, and their father had never really been around. He sends the girls money on birthdays and around Christmas, but that's really all he's good for. He has another family, and lives in New York. They lived in their grandmother's house, which was left to them when she died.

She locked up the house, and then walked over to her car. She climbed inside and began driving off to the studio. She didn't have many appointments booked for today, however she did have a lot of work on her hands.

When she pulled into the studio parking lot she saw several familiar cars. She not only saw Steve's truck, but she saw cars which belonged to Cameron and Julia, and another vehicle. She shrugged her shoulder's, assuming Steve just called them in to talk about the video, and got out of her car. She walked towards the studio.

When she walked inside she saw Steve standing around in a circle with the two girls and another male. She smiled softly, and then Steve asked her to come over. She walked over and joined the circle. Soon the mystery man was introducing himself as Jacob Webber. He was the video director. He quickly went over the whole idea of the video which they would be filming. It turns out that the girls had a very small part. The man told them filming would probably only take a couple of hours, though they would probably be there for at least eight due to they needed a day time shot, and also a night time shot of them in the car.

"When does filming start?" Julia asked, smacking her gum.

"Two days from now. Are you girls okay with that?"

Everyone nodded their heads. Aubrey wasn't looking forward to this one bit, but she also wasn't totally dreading it. She was just glad all they had to do was ride around in a shiny little convertible. She really didn't understand why or how that fit into the video, nor did she really care.

"The guys are filming most of the scenes today and tomorrow. They just have one scene on the day that you girls do. You're welcome to watch the scene, though please no camera's. Keep your cell phones in your purses in the locker room."

The man thanked Steve for finding him such pretty girls and then walked out of the studio. Steve thanked Julia and Cameron and the ladies left giggling and flaunting the fact that they were pretty enough to be in a music video. Aubrey sighed once they walked out of the studio, earning a chuckle from Steve.

"Who thought you and the two blond bimbos would be in a music video together?" He asked.

She rolled her eyes, "Yeah, who would have thought. Thanks for sending in my picture, Dick." She laughed as she walked into the dark room to develop some of her pictures.

Brian Haner Jr watched as his band mate Matt filmed a scene for the new music video. He raised the Bud Light up to his mouth and gulped back some of the contents. He looked over at his friend Zacky who raised an eyebrow at him.

"What?" He questioned.

"Are you sure you should be drinking, man?"

"Why shouldn't I?"

"Didn't the doctor's put you on sleeping pills?"

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't be drinking."

"You don't even need the pills," Zacky hissed, "You just need to get rid of Michelle. She's totally dragging you down man."

Brian just placed a smug look on his face, gulped the rest of the can down, and then grabbed another. His relationship with current girlfriend/fiance Michelle was very difficult. He wanted out of the relationship, but he didn't think that was possibly. Not only was she a designer for his clothing company, but she was also the sister of Matt's wife, Valary. He didn't really know how a break up between him and Michelle would work out. The band, and girlfriends were all very close together.

He sighed, as he got up and stumbled off to the locker room where his guitar was at the moment. He pushed open the door, and made his way over to the couch. He could tell the beer was finally taking a toll on his body. He grabbed his guitar and allowed his fingers to run across the strings.

"Hey. Friday those chicks come to film the car scene, right?" The Rev asked, coming into the room.

"Yeah, I believe so." Matt said.

"Hey Syn, try not to hit on them too much. Remember what hell Michelle caused last time when you hit on a girl from a video." Johnny said walking into the room and looking over at the guitar player who was known to be a bit of a flirt.