Saving Grace

Star Struck

A couple of weeks passed and lunch with Brian became an everyday thing. The two of them kept getting closer and closer. She was actually amazed by what a down to earth person he was. She had also started hanging out with him more than just on her lunch. He had spent some time over at her house, and she had also spent time at his. His band mates, and her sister all assumed that they were together, but they weren't.

She licked over her lips as she watched Sydney photograph a pregnant woman and her husband. She had been growing quite fond of the red haired girl over the short time she had known her. The two of them had become good friends. Sydney often asked Aubrey about Brian. She would tell her friend about what they had done. She no longer shattered glasses when Brian came to pick Aubrey up.

"So, Is Brian coming over for lunch today?" Sydney asked.

"I'm not really sure. He mentioned doing something with Matt." Aubrey said, tossing her hair up into a pony tail as she began to clean around the front shelf. Today was a slow day and she decided cleaning would possibly help the day go by faster.

After about an hour or so of cleaning, Aubrey looked up seeing the door open. She figured a client would walk in, since she wasn't expecting Brian for lunch. She was shocked to see Brian walk in with Matt not too far behind him. She licked over her lips, and tossed the rag down on the counter as she walked over to the waiting area where the two of them stood.

"Hey guys."

"Hey Bre." They both said at the same time.

"What are you two trouble maker's doing?"

"I brought you lunch." Brian said, holding out a McDonald's bag.

She laughed, and took the bag from him, thanking him, and then placing it down on the table. She stuck her hands in her jean pockets as she noticed Matt. He was looking kind of down and out today. She wondered if something was wrong.

"Sorry I had to steal him today." Matt commented.

"Oh, it's fine." Aubrey said.

"I just needed him there when I signed the papers."

"The papers?" Aubrey asked.

She assumed he was talking about something to do with their next album, or at least related to the music.

"I filled for divorce today."

Aubrey's eyes went a bit wide. Brian had told her that Matt and Val's problems had got worse over the past couple of weeks, but he hadn't told her anything about a divorce. But then again, he had just called her this morning and told her he might not show up to take her to lunch.

Aubrey didn't know what to say. She didn't know whether to apologize or tell him congratulations. She turned around hearing a door open, and watched as Sydney walked out of the dark room with a folder of pictures. Upon seeing Brian and Matt standing there she dropped the folder and caused pictures to go flying across the floor.

Brian chuckled, "At least it wasn't glass this time."

"Shush!" Aubrey said, walking over and helping her friend collect all of the pictures on the floor.

"That's M Shadows." Sydney hissed quietly.

"I know."

"I can't believe I'm literally like six feet away from him. I think I can die happy now."

"Collect yourself, and I'll introduce you." Aubrey said quietly, and walked back over to the two of them.

Sydney collected herself and walked over. She placed a dopey smile on her face, and Brian laughed. It was cute how star struck she was.

"Matt, this is my friend Sydney."

"Hi Sydney. It's a pleasure to meet you." He said, extending his tattooed hand.

Sydney shakenly placed her hand in his. Brian leaned over, "Is she going to faint?" He whispered to Aubrey. She rolled her eyes and shoved him playfully. He chuckled, and then placed his hand on her lower back as he watched Matt jump into a conversation with Sydney.

"What are you cooking for dinner tonight?" Brian asked.

"I don't know, why?"

"I told Chance I would come over."

She rolled her eyes playfully. Chance and Brian had gotten really close over the last couple of weeks. Brian was slowly teaching him to play the guitar. Aubrey licked over her lips, "What do you want?"

"I don't know. Anything, you know me. I'm not too picky."

"I'll see what we have."

Brian waited patiently for Matt to finish talking to Sydney so they could leave. He needed to run a few errands before he headed over to Aubrey's for dinner.

Once the boys left, Aubrey shut the door and Sydney squealed out from behind her. She turned around and surveyed the smile across her friends lips.


"I just talked to M freaking Shadows!"

Aubrey laughed and then went back to work. She thought it was completely adorable how hung up Sydney was with the band. But what she found even more adorable was the way she and Matt had interacted after only a couple of minutes. She knew when a man was flirting, and Matt was defiantly flirting with Sydney.
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