Saving Grace


Work the next day was passing very quickly. Brian didn't come to take her to lunch since he was tied up with the band, so she took it with Sydney instead. The two of them talked the entire time, and Sydney was pumped about going to band practice. Aubrey didn't even need to ask or invite her, it seemed like Matt had already done that. Somehow, Aubrey still hadn't figured out how, but they had got in touch with each other and had been talking on the phone for the past two days.

"So, when exactly, or better yet how exactly did you and Matt start talking on the phone?" Aubrey asked.

"He phoned the studio about two days ago asking for me. I was pretty shocked, but after regaining my composure I talked with him, switched numbers, and we've been phoning and texting since. I think I pretty much got over the star struck thing." Sydney explained.

Aubrey's mouth was hanging slightly open after her explanation. Wasn't it obvious what Matt was doing? You don't just track a woman down at work and get her number and constantly talk to her if you're not interested. She immediately began wondering if that's why Brian had suggested she invite Sydney along to begin with.

"Earth to Aubrey."

She looked up and saw Sydney waving her hands in front of her face. She sighed, "Did you say something?"

"I asked when you and Brian were going to announce the news?"

"What news?"

"Oh come on, Bre! You two can't keep hiding your relationship from everyone. People will eventually find out."

"What are you talking about?"

"You and Brian. How long have you two been dating?"

"We've. . . We're not dating. We're just friends."

Sydney just smiled and didn't say anything else. Aubrey didn't know what to think about what Sydney had said. Surely people didn't assume she and Brian were together, did they? She didn't even have time to finish the thoughts as her scheduled client came in.

It wasn't long before she was saying goodbye to the client. Steve came walking out of his office just as she began gathering her things together. He smirked at her as he walked over.

"Heading over to Brian's?"

"Yeah, actually. Practice."

"So, how are things between you two?"

"Why is everyone asking me that today?" She laughed, "We're not dating if that's where you're going."

"Okay then. New question. Why aren't you dating? It's pretty clear that you two have a thing for each other."

"A thing for each other? Come on, what are we here fourteen? And I don't know. We've not talked about it."

"Talk to him about it, Bre. I've never saw you so. . . happy."

"I'm always happy!"

"Yeah, but this is a different kind of happy. You've been glowing since you two have hung out."

"Isn't that normally something you say to someone whose been laid. . ."

"Well, I just assumed."

"I am not fucking him." She said, squashing the rumor before it could even get started.

Steve chuckled, "And why not?"

"Ugh! Steve! Seriously. Shut up."

She gathered her purse and quickly walked out the door, not really giving Steve any time to say something else. She knew he was just joking when he talked to her, but she didn't want to even talk in a joking manner about Brian. She offered Sydney a ride to the band practice, but she declined. She was just going to drive herself. She followed behind Aubrey.

They arrived outside the studio shortly after. Aubrey had been here many times before, but this was a first for Sydney. Aubrey watched as her friend chewed nervously on her bottom lip as they began walking towards the entrance. Aubrey approached the door and knocked. It wasn't long before Johnny opened up the door and welcomed the three of them in. Aubrey walked in with a smile on her face. She was comfortable around the guys now. She saw Gena sitting on the couch and walked over to her, and said hello.

"Where's Brian and Matt?" She asked, noticing they weren't anywhere in the room.

Zacky answered, "They went to fetch some beers."

"What would practice be without beer, right?" Aubrey joked.

"I doubt it's going to be a practice at all," Jimmy muttered, "Brian and Matt are both in a pretty bad mood."

Aubrey didn't know why both of them would be in bad moods. Had something happened? Zacky, Jimmy, and Johnny began talking about something and Gena motioned for Aubrey to follow her. The two of them stepped outside, with Sydney following behind them. Gena bit down on her bottom lip as she looked around to make sure no one was eavesdropping.

"I just figured I'd warn you girls, Matt and Brian aren't in the best of moods do to Val and Michelle thinking they can just stop by whenever they want. It turned out to be a yelling fest about an hour ago, and then Matt just said he wanted to get drunk, and Brian ended up following."

Aubrey frowned, and shook her head. Brian had talked about not drinking as much since his incident, and now he was going to allow a woman to make him drink again? It also proved just how much he still loved his ex.

Brian shook his head as he looked at the liquor and beer Matt was purchasing. He may have agreed to come along to buy it, and possibly even drinking some as well, but he didn't agree with the reason behind doing so. Matt was allowing Val to get to him. Michelle hadn't got to Brian at all. He could care less about her. He was more focused on Aubrey at the moment.

"You think that's enough, Syn?" Matt asked.

"I think that's more than enough."

Matt nodded his head and purchased the beverages, and soon they were headed back to the studio. Brian cringed as he saw Gena standing outside talking to both Aubrey and Sydney. He loved Gena to death, but she just couldn't keep her mouth shut. She had probably filled both girls in on the incident earlier, and possibly told Aubrey he was going to get shit faced.

Aubrey watched as Matt and Brian walked towards them, both packing several bags. Matt walked inside, after saying a soft hello to Sydney. Brian handed the bags to both Sydney and Gena and told them to pack them inside. Aubrey turned to follow, but he grabbed her by the arm. She spun around.

"Can I talk to you for a second?" He asked, wanting to make sure that she didn't get the wrong impression.
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