Saving Grace

Raccoon Fashion

Aubrey twirled her hair around her finger as she watched Brian practice guitar with Zack. They were currently at his house, and going over some new material for their album, which should be finished in the next month or two. Aubrey loved watching Brian play guitar. It was defiantly his element. She noticed that Brian had been acting kind of weird over the past week. It just seemed like his mind was focusing on something else. She decided that she would question him about it when Zack left.

"How was that?" Brian asked her.

She smiled up at him, "It was great, babe."

He grinned, and then he and Zack continued to play for about another hour, before Zack received a text and stated he needed to go and meet Gena. Aubrey said goodbye to him, and watched as Brian walked his friend to the door. Soon, Brian walked back inside the house, and the two of them were finally alone. He smiled, as he sat down on the couch, and leaned over and placed a soft kiss upon her cheek.

"What's wrong?" She asked, looking at him.

"What are you talking about?"

"Something is wrong with you. You've been acting weird every since the day after we got together. Are you mad at me because I pretty much fell asleep after dinner?"

"What? No!" Brian said.

He couldn't believe she had figured out something was bugging him. He had thought he was good at hiding things. He sighed, as he looked towards the ground. The conversation he had with Chance was eating at him. He didn't know what had happened in Aubrey's previous relationship, but he was dying to know.

"What's wrong then?" She asked, scooting closer to him.

He looked over into her dark eyes and sighed. He used to be such an excellent liar. What happened to that? He remembered the times he had fed Michelle so full of lies, he even had himself believing them, and now he couldn't even pull off acting normal around Aubrey.

"It's nothing."


"I'm just worried about how people will deal with us calling off a show, you know. . . because of Matt---." He said, looking down at the ground.

"You're lying."

"I am not."

"Look at me, and tell me you're not lying then."

He looked deep into her dark orbs, and knew he couldn't lie. Who was he trying to fool? This girl had him completely wrapped around her finger. He didn't think it was ever possibly, but he had now became the bitch in a relationship.

"Chance talked to me about something, and it's just bothering me." He said, hoping she didn't ask him to elaborate.

"What about?"

"It was nothing."

"Brian! Seriously, just tell me. You've been acting so weird this past week, and I'm worried."

He cringed, hearing that she was worried. That was the last thing he wanted her to be. He sighed, and ran a hand through his hair. It was soft due to him just getting out of the shower early, and allowing it to air dry. He didn't fool with gel or anything. He had no reason to, when he was just staying in.

"Chance told me about something, and I guess I haven't been able to stop thinking about it."

"What did he tell you about, Bri?"

"First, he asked if I was going to break your heart."

She giggled, "He's just being a kid."

"I know, but then. . ." He licked over his lips, and sighed, "Then he told me he didn't want to see you with bruises again."

Aubrey's facial expression changed quickly. Her smile faded to a frown, and her eyes began to water over. It wasn't that it brought up a bad memory for her. She had moved on from that stage in her life, and accepted what happened. She was now a stronger person because of it, and did not dwell on it. However, just the thought that Chance was scared someone was going to hurt her again shattered her heart into a million pieces.

Brian noticed her change in attitude, and pulled her into him. He waited for her to begin sobbing, but it never came. She eventually pulled away from him and looked him in the eyes. He could see some tears in her eyes, but they weren't falling.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have brought it up." He muttered.

"No!" She quickly said, "It's just. . . I didn't know Chance was scared. I don't have a problem talking about it. It just breaks my heart to know he thinks someone might hurt me."

Brian nodded, and then leaned in close to her, "What happened?"

She sighed, "Simply story really. I had an ex, who was nice in the beginning, but then turned into an asshole. Kind of cliche really. He ended up hitting me once, and I forgave him. I know, stupid on my part. Then I confronted him about cheating on me, after a rumor I had heard, and he basically beat the shit out of me. I ended things with him immediately."

"How long ago was that?"

"A few years."

"Have you heard from him since?"

She nodded, "A few times. He came to the studio about three or four weeks before I done the video shoot."

"What did he want?" Brian asked.

"To get back together." Aubrey replied honestly.

"And you said?"

She laughed, "Brian, what do you think I said?"

"I don't know."

"Of course I told him to fuck off. Do you really think I'm stupid enough to date a guy who blacked my eye? I think not. I'm not into raccoon fashion."

He smiled, and loved the fact that she could make a joke about a situation where a joke shouldn't be made. It just showed how amazing she was for moving on from that situation. Though, he knew if he ever met this guy, then he would seriously end up going to jail.

"You know. . . I'd never hit you, right?" Brian asked.

She smiled, as she leaned over and kissed him softly on the lips, "Brian, I know you would never do anything like that."
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