Saving Grace

Video Shoot

Aubrey stepped out of her car once she arrived at the destination of the video shoot. She locked up her car, and tossed her purse over her shoulder as she walked towards the door. A large black man was standing there with a clip board. She gave him her name, and then he checked the clip board. He didn't speak as he opened the door and held it open for her. She just arched a brow, and then walked through the door. She swallowed hard and felt the nerves growing as she walked down the dark lit hallway. She could hear voices, and decided to follow them. Eventually she found herself in a large open room. Inside were many people. She noticed the two blonds that she would be filming with and walked over towards them. As soon as she got in an hearing distance she heard them chatting about how hot the guys were.

She stood there kind of impatiently, as she tapped her left foot against the ground. She looked over at a exit and saw the door opening, inside walked Jacob, the director, and a couple of males who seemed to be very tattooed. She assumed they were a couple of the band members. Jacob flashed the girls a large grin and then walked over to them.

"Hello girls," He greeted them, "This is Matt and Jimmy." He said turning around and pointing to the two tattooed individuals. "You probably heard of them before, possibly as M Shadows, and The Rev."

She had no clue why he would plug their stage names. It's not like any of them really cared about the guys. She had no intentions of becoming a huge fan, or even getting to know them. She had no idea what the other two had intentions of, but she knew knowing their names were probably the last thing on Julia and Cameron's to do list.

"You can meet the rest of the guys later. Let's get you in hair and make-up, and then changed into the outfits. We'll film the day scene. Who wants to drive?"

"I do, I do!" Julia squealed out.

Jacob agreed to it, and he walked the girls over to the make up stations. Soon Aubrey was being surrounded by a slightly over weight girl with black framed glasses. She chewed on her lip ring as she began with Aubrey's hair.

"So, you chicks are models, right?" The one known as JImmy asked.

"Yes!" Cameron giggled, "I'm hoping to one day be a Victoria's Secret model."

"Oh My! Me too!" Julia stated.

Aubrey just stayed quiet, and hoped that no questions were directed towards her. She couldn't be so lucky though. The one named Matt snickered at the other two girls, "What about you?" He asked, directing his gaze towards Aubrey.

"I'm not a model. I just help my friend Steve out sometimes. I'm actually a photographer."

"Really?" Jimmy asked, kind of shocked she wasn't a model.

She nodded her head, and didn't say anything else considering the girl was lining her lips with gloss. The two boys seemed to eventually grow bored with Cameron and Julia's constant meaningless statements and questions.

"Okay, you're all done."

Aubrey stood up and then glanced at the other two girls. They were dressed to kill in leather, much like she was. She didn't think she had quite the body as they did. They each had large fake breasts, and perfectly liposuction bodies. She had a natural average breast, and her body wasn't really to kill for. At least she didn't think so. She enjoyed taking jogs, so she knew that kept the extra pounds off.

"Ladies, let's go." Jacob said.

Aubrey walked outside with the other two girls and over to the black convertible which they would be filming their scene in. She got inside the passenger side. Jacob directed them as Julia pretended to drive down the road. Aubrey tried her best to act like Jacob wanted. She didn't want to film this small scene anymore than she had to.

After two hours of filming, they could finally get out of the car. She sighed with relief. It had been a very difficult scene, although she didn't know why. All they really had to do was smirk, and look seductive. Apparently Julia and Cameron didn't know the difference between a smirk and smile, which meant they had to film the small clip that would probably run no longer than three seconds over seventy times.

Aubrey chuckled when she noticed Jacob, along with most of the band mates annoyance at the two blonds. She walked over and joined the girls on a crate as she watched the guys perform part of the song in front of a green screen.

She noticed three new members that she hadn't met yet. All three of which had guitars. She didn't know the purpose behind having three guitars, but she also didn't know very much about music. She knew what she liked, and beyond that point she was clueless. She noticed the one standing beside the singer seemed to be very talented, and probably the lead guitarist as well. His fingers seemed to move across the strings with ease.

"That's Synyster Gates." Julia said, leaning over and whispering in her ear.

"Who?" Aubrey asked.

Cameron giggled, "Don't tell me you haven't heard of him."

"I haven't." Aubrey admitted.

"He's like a sex God. Look at the way he moves those fingers."

"I'm going to try to hook up with him later." Julia said proudly.

Aubrey found herself disgusted with Julia. She wanted to hook up with some random rock star who probably hand numerous STDs? Even if he didn't have an STD, he'd probably slept with over a thousand women, and she wanted to be next on his list? Aubrey shook her head, and tried to get the mental image out of her head.

"Okay ladies. Let's go finish up, and please, can we try to get it right the first time? I don't want to be here til morning." Jacob said. "All you girls have to do is smirk a bit, and then get out of the vehicle."

The directions seemed simple enough, though Aubrey was well aware that the girls would somehow manage to mess the simple act up.

After an hour of filming the same five second scene, the girls seemed to finally get it right. Aubrey was relieved when Jacob yelled cut and told them they could go. She immediately made a rush towards the locker room where her purse was. She wanted to get out of this place as quickly as possible.

She walked inside the room and noticed most of the guys were sitting around talking. She did notice one was missing however. The one that Julia wanted to sleep with. Aubrey grabbed her purse from the locker, and then quickly spun around in hopes of getting out of there. She had no intentions of staying around any longer. Just as she was about to walk out the door, a body stumbled into her, causing her to drop her purse to the ground. Contents scattered across the floor and she cursed loudly.

"Just because you're cute doesn't mean you can bump into me. Unless of course, you plan on bumping against something else." A voice said.

She looked up into the dark brown eyes of the lead guitarist. The sex God, as the girls referred to him. She rolled her eyes and began collecting the contents of her purse.

"Damn Syn, you could at least fucking help a bit." Johnny said, walking over and bending down to the ground and picking up a few items and handing them to Aubrey. She looked over at him and smiled.

"I don't fucking help people." Brian muttered, as he walked over and grabbed a bottle of Jack from the cooler. He leaned against the wall as he watched the girl slowly raise to her feet and walk out of the room without a word. Matt shot him a look of disapprove, but he dismissed it and focused on drowning in sorrows in the liquid that was now making it's way down his throat.

"I'm heading home guys. We still have rehearsal tomorrow?" The Rev asked.

"Two P.M." Matt replied.

"I'm out as well." Johnny stated.

"Me too." Matt said.

Zacky, the only one left looked over at Brian, "You coming?"

He shook his head, "Nah, I just want to chill out here for awhile."

"Man, you can come to my house if it's about Michelle."

"It's not about Michelle." Brian spat a little to quickly.

Zacky placed his hands up in defense, "Whatever, man. Just trying to help you out. Take it easy. You shouldn't drink too much, and don't mix it with those sleeping bills. I'll catch you around."

Brian rolled his eyes as he watched the last of his band members leave the room. He mocked Zacky a bit about taking it easy, as he walked over to the couch and sat down. He fumbled through a bag he had brought with him and found what he was looking for. A bottle of prescription sleeping pills. He glanced on the bottle and saw a warning, but ignored it as he tossed two pills into his mouth, and gulped them down with the rest of his beer. He laid his head down on the couch and closed his eyes, hoping he could get a bit of peace before he returned home to the devil he was engaged to.
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