Saving Grace

Perez Hilton?

Aubrey walked into work the next morning early. Steve was already there when she walked in. She sat her cup of coffee down on the counter and licked over her lips as she looked towards him. His arms were crossed over his chest and he was starring at her oddly. She wondered instantly if she had something on her face.

"Something wrong?"

He laughed, "Did you have any clue you were on Perez Hilton's website?"

"Huh?" She asked, confused about who and what he was talking about.

"You and Brian kissing is posting all over Perez's site."

"Who the heck is Perez Hilton?"

"He's a Hollywood gossip queen. Come here." Steve said.

She walked over and Steve brought up a website on the desk top. She waited for him to stroll down over a few announcements, and sure enough there was a picture of her and Brian locking lips outside the restaurant. They were leaned up against his truck. She felt blood rush to her cheeks as she starred at the picture.

"Oh God." She mumbled, as Steve strolled down and allowed her to read the words posted below.

"Brian Haner Jr, or better known as Synyster Gates was spotted at a popular restaurant in Huntington Beach, Cali yesterday with a new female companion. The two were sucking face as they were leaned against his truck. Once spotted by the paparazzi they quickly walked inside the building.

Whose his new mystery girl? No one knows!

We're just wondering what the hell happened to Michelle. . . you know, the girl he's been with for years! Did he decide to kick her to the curb for some fresh meat?"

Aubrey shook her head. Steve told her that Perez could have said a lot more worse of things. She just couldn't believe pictures of her and Brian kissing were now scattered across the internet. She sighed, as she ran her fingers through her hair wondering how she was suppose to deal with this. She looked up seeing Sydney walk into the room. She looked like an angel at the moment. Her friend walked over and noticed something was wrong with her.

"What's wrong?" Sydney asked, nibbling slightly on her bottom lip.

"Brian and I are on some gossip website."

"So?" Sydney asked, "What were you two caught doing to end up on one of those?"

"Kissing." Aubrey groaned.

Sydney laughed, "It's no big deal, Bre. Just relax."

"Syd, I hate attention. I don't want anyone thinking I'm with Brian because of who he is."

Sydney smiled, "No one will think that. Trust me. Their fans can tell when a girl is genuine, hun. You're going to do just fine. Just remember to breathe, and relax." Sydney said.

Aubrey smiled, and thanked God that Sydney entered her life. She was just the type of friend she needed. They both had clients, so they took off in separate directions. Aubrey was excited to get started on her work.

Her first client of the day was a young girl who wanted some pictures done for her senior year. She took a lot of different snap shots of the young girl, and then allowed her to pick the ones she liked from the computer. By the time the senior girl had finishing picking them out, Aubrey's next clients had arrived.

Her next session would be a family portrait. She smiled at the family and told them to follow her. She walked them into a room. There was a father, mother, teenage boy, teenage girl, and a young boy.

"Jenna Leigh, I can't believe you wore that band tee." Her mother scolded. "Stand behind John so it won't be so visible."

Aubrey half smiled at the girl, and then noticed the shirt. It had a silver death bat across the front. She shook her head, and then began telling them how to stand, and starting snapping pictures. During the middle of the photo shoot, the father received a call and asked if she could hold on. She nodded her head, and decided to take this opportunity to change the film.

"Hi." Aubrey heard coming from behind her.

She turned around and saw the teenage girl in the avenged shirt. She smiled at her, "Hi."

"What's your name?" The girl asked.


"My name is Jenna. I know this may seem crazy, but are you dating Synyster Gates?"

Aubrey smiled, knowing she couldn't lie. "Yeah, I am."

Jenna grinned, "I thought so! I saw you on the internet just this morning. You're so pretty, and he looks really happy!" The girl blabbered.

She didn't get time to talk much due to her father entering the room again, and having to rejoin the group to finish up the photo session. As Aubrey snapped pictures of the family, she realized the cat was officially out of the bag. She had been photographed, and noticed. She didn't know how this would affect her day to day living, but she was hoping not much would change.

As the family walked out of the building she sighed, ran her hand through her hair, and walked over to where Sydney was standing.

"That girl noticed me."

"Did she freak out or anything?" Sydney asked.


"Then don't worry about it!"

"I'm just so paranoid. I guess I have a problem with people, and trusting them."

Sydney nodded her head, "I understand, but you can't quit living because of it. You're going to need get over this fear of receiving attention, especially if you and Brian are going to work, Bre. You're going to get some attention whether you want it or not."

She sighed, "I know, I know."

She would get over her fear. She wanted to be with Brian more than anything. She was falling for him hard, and couldn't picture her life without him in it.
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