Saving Grace

Sex Rehab

A few more weeks passed, and the gossip about Brian getting a girlfriend didn't go away. Aubrey would often check websites to see if anything bad had been said about her. Some of Brian's fans didn't like her, while others did. She didn't even know why they would judge her. They didn't know anything about her! Most of them didn't even know her name. She was referred to as "Syn's new girl". She just didn't know how to deal with it. Brian told her not to worry about it, and also not let what anyone said go to her head.

She walked down the stairs and sat down on the couch. She grabbed the remote and turned on the television. She was flipping through channels, and stopped on Fuse when she saw a familiar clip come on the television. She sighed, as she saw the video for Avenged Sevenfold. It was the video she was in. She smiled as she watched Brian play the guitar on the screen. He looked so damn hot with his tattoos, and smirk. She couldn't get enough of this man.

She pulled her knees up to her chest, and tried not to laugh when her scene came on. She looked pretty good on the camera. She sighed, realizing his fans would soon pick up on her being the video girl. Then more rumors would fly. She was really hoping that no one really thought she looked like that on a day to day basis. In the video shoot, she looked like a vixen. In real life, she was just a normal girl. She hoped everyone could see the difference, and not confuse which one she really was.

Once the video went off, Aubrey decided to change clothes and go see Brian. She knew he was probably finally up for the day. It was already after noon, however she knew he was tired and didn't get in until late. They had put the final touches on their newest CD. She didn't like that at all. She knew now that the CD was finished, it meant he would be leaving for tour soon. She didn't want him to leave. She really didn't know how she would deal with life without him. She was just glad she would have Sydney here with her.

Brian groaned as he rolled over and glanced at the digital clock on his night stand. It was just after one in the day, and there was a pounding on his door. He was about to roll back over and ignore it, but then he remembered it was Aubrey's day off. He pushed the covers off his body, and rushed down the stairs to the front door. He pulled it open, and smiled sleepily towards his girlfriend.

"You were still sleeping." She said sadly.

"I was, but come here." He mumbled, pulling her in his house, and wrapping his strong tattooed arms around her.

Aubrey placed her head against his bare chest, and hugged him back. There was nothing better in the world that being in his arms. She sighed, as she pulled away from the hug, and his lips came crashing down on hers without warning. She giggled into the kiss, and allowed him to explore her mouth. Once he was finished, she returned the favor and then pulled away breathless.

"I missed you." He murmured, leaning down and kissing her on the cheek.

She smiled, and blushed slightly. This was the first time he had really ever told her he missed her. She smiled as she thought about how serious the two of them were getting. She was on her way to falling head over heels in love with this man.

She giggled softly, "And I missed you."

"Come upstairs with me." He said, pulling her by the hand.

She walked up the stairs with him, still holding his hand. They walked inside his bedroom, and he laid down on the unmade bed. She giggled, and slipped off her shoes as she climbed in beside him and snuggled up against him. He kissed her on the forehead, and grabbed the remote. This was one of those times she realized he was just a normal guy and not some famous musician.

"Hey! Go back to Vh1." She said.

He obeyed her and stopped on that channel. He burrowed his brows together as he read the name of the show. It was Sex Rehab. He looked down at her and she giggled.

"You need to go on that show." She teased.

"I do not need sex rehab." He laughed.

"You do too. You're an addict." She said, leaning up and kissing him on the mouth.

He shook his head, "I don't hear you complaining every night." He smirked.

She giggled, and blushed slightly as she leaned over and molded her lips against his. They kissed for a few minutes, before she laid her head down on his chest, and watched as he flipped through the channels. After awhile of flipping, he didn't find anything that interested him and turned the television off.

"It's your day off. We need to do something." He said.

"What do you suggest?"

"I don't know. We could go see Matt for a bit. Sydney's working today, I'm sure he's bored." Brian said.

"Are those two dating or what? Sydney hasn't said anything yet."

"I think Matt's sort of scared to talk to her about it. I know he likes her a lot. He just made a real ass that night at the studio."

"Sydney isn't going to hold a grudge against him. He's like her ideal guy. She would date him in a heart beat."

Brian smiled, "I hope they get together. I think she really makes the guy happy."

She giggled, "Well, you make me happy, Mr. Haner."

He leaned down and kissed her hard on the lips, "And you make me happy. . . really fucking happy. Now let me get changed, so I can take your cute ass out."
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