Saving Grace


Aubrey laughed as Malorie tried to wallpaper the bathroom. The task wasn't going very well. The girls had been in the process of trying to redo it for the past five hours, and they still wasn't finished. Aubrey had painted the ceiling white, and helped some with the wallpaper. She just wasn't very good at putting up wallpaper.

"I think we're doing it wrong." Malorie stated, as a piece of paper she had just put up peeled right back off the wall.

"I think we should just paint it and let it go." Aubrey sighed.

"But!" Malorie pouted, "This wallpaper is so cute."

Aubrey laughed, "It's cute, but we can't get it to stay up, Mal."

Malorie sighed as she turned around and looked at the wallpaper. It was coming off the wall in many places, and they just couldn't get it to work no matter what they done. She glanced down at her watch and cursed.

"Shit, I've got to be at the school to pick Chance up in like 10 minutes, look at me!"

"Maybe I can call Brian and see if he can swing by and pick him up?" Aubrey suggested, "He's on his way over."


She rushed out of the room and hurriedly called her boyfriend. He was getting ready to pass the school, and said he didn't mind a bit stopping off and picking him up. Aubrey shook her head as she walked out of the bathroom. She told Mal she would help with painting, but she was done trying to wallpaper.

She walked into the bathroom and quickly brushed her teeth. She laughed as she saw splattered of white paint dried on her dark hair. She ran her fingers through it, trying to get as much as possibly out. She laughed when she realized it was impossible.

As she walked down the stairs, the front door swung open and Chance came running in. He seemed to be thrilled about being home for the afternoon. Aubrey smiled as he hugged her and then moved up the stairs in search of his mom. She looked up and saw her boyfriend standing there with his famous smirk on his lips. She walked over and wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her lips against his.

She giggled and pulled away from his lips, as his hands grabbed her ass.

"Way to ruin the kiss, Brian." She joked.

"I didn't ruin it. I was just trying to make it even better." He winked.

She giggled, "Where are we going today?" She asked.

He sighed, "I need to go take my dad this guitar I bought for him. Then I promised Zacky we would come over."

"Okay. Just let me grab my purse."

He watched as she walked over and grabbed her purse. He kept starring at her hair, wondering what the white spots in it were. He knew she wasn't turning Grey, and he also knew she didn't have lice.

"Baby, what the hell is in your hair?"

"Paint!" She groaned, "I tried picking it out, but it just stays."

He chuckled, "It's noticeable."

"I should shower then before I go anywhere."

He smirked, "How about we go back to my place. Have a shower, and then go out?"

She rolled her eyes, "You're just wanting laid."

"When don't I want laid?" He questioned her.

She giggled, but knew she would go through with his suggestion.

Three hours later they were finally on their way to see his father. He held her hand as he drove down the road, humming along to some metal CD in his truck.

"How much longer until you leave?" She asked.

"We have our first show in a month. So about a month and a half before we leave."

She sighed, "Brian, I am seriously going to go insane without you here."

He chuckled, "Baby, I promise. Everything is going to be okay. You trust me don't you?" Brian asked.

She nodded her head, "I do trust you. I'm just going to miss you a lot."

He laughed, "You think I'm going to go an entire two months without seeing you? I plan on flying you out several times to see me Bre. I'm not fucking this up. Okay?" He smirked.

She couldn't help but to smile as she scooted closer to him, and smiled as she leaned her head down on his shoulder as he continued to drive. Soon they were pulling into his father's drive way. Brian lifted the guitar out of the back seat as she jumped out of the truck, and walked over to meet him. He smiled at her as he walked towards the door and knocked.

Soon his father opened up and welcomed them into his house. Aubrey decided that she wasn't going to stress about missing Brian when he was gone on tour. He apparently wasn't going to stress, and she shouldn't either. She had faith in him that they were going to work out.
♠ ♠ ♠