Saving Grace


Aubrey sighed as she looked at the pictures she had taken of this family. They had a young child around two years of age, and he didn't look cute in any of the pictures. His mouth was hanging open, and tears were floating down his cheeks. She wished she could at least had one good picture. She leaned back in her hair and shook her head. A headache was starting to come, and she desperately wanted to go home. She still had three hours of work left. She got up from the chair and walked into the room which had recently been changed into Sydney's office.

"Hey Syd, do you have anything for a headache?"

Sydney smiled, always prepared in situations like this, due to some of her own pain from time to time. She opened up the top drawer of her desk and pulled out a bottle of Tylenol. She handed Aubrey two.

"Thanks so much Syd. You're a life savor."

"You got a headache or something?"

"One is coming, yeah." Aubrey said, as she grabbed herself a bottle of water and took the pills.

"That's no good. Are you going to practice tonight?" Sydney asked.

"I'm suppose to."

"I think all of the girlfriends are going. At least that's what Matt said."

"Are you and Matt dating yet?" Aubrey asked.

Sydney smiled softly, and then shrugged her shoulder's. Aubrey had a feeling they were, but possibly wasn't telling anyone right now. She smiled at her friend and then walked out of Sydney's office and dodged back in hers. She finished up some of her work, and then laid her head down on her desk.

She heard a familiar ring tone, which meant she had an incoming call. She knew who it was. It was his special song. His special ring tone. It was from his solo of Seize the day. She flipped her phone open.

"Hey baby." She welcomed him.

"Hey. How are you doing today?"

"I'm okay. I have a headache though."

"You need me to bring you something?"

"I got some Tylenol off Syd. I should be okay."

"You still coming to practice or you think it'll be too much?" He asked.

She smiled, knowing he cared about her. She was really falling in love with him. She had never met anyone who could make her feel this way.

"I don't want to miss practice. I'm sure I'll be feeling better by then."

"If you're not feeling good, then. . . the guys can just practice without me, and I'll come get you, and we can come back to my place, okay?"

"Brian, you are not missing practice because I have a headache."

"If you don't feel like coming, then I'm not going. The girls are all going to be there and I'm not going without you."

She smiled, "I'll be there. I promise."

"Not if you have that headache."

"Brian!" She groaned.

She and Brian talked briefly before she hung up and returned back to work. She caught up on things that needed to be done, and then smiled when she realized her headache had disappeared. She just hoped it stayed gone for the remainder of the night.

As the end of the day approached, she cleaned up around her office and then walked out and talked to Steve a bit.

"Someone just called and arranged for you to take their pictures next week, Bre."

"Who were they?" She asked.

"Smith something. I'm not really sure. He just said he wanted you because he heard you were the best."

She nodded her head, "Probably someone with a kid."

"Probably." Steve said.

"I'm gonna go. Syd already left?"

"Yeah. I think she's heading over to Matt's house."

"Yeah, there's a practice tonight. I'll see you later, Steve."

Aubrey climbed inside her car and drove straight home. She quickly changed clothing and then came down the stairs and saw a few messages on her answering machine. She decided to check them before she left. She pressed the button, and waited for the message to play.

"Aubrey. This is Jason. I really miss you baby. Call me soon. I need to see you. I'm so sorry for everything. I've really cleaned up my act."

She shook her head. Jason was her ex boyfriend. The ex boyfriend who had nearly beat her to death. She deleted the message, and then played the next one. It was also from him, and said nearly the same thing as the first one. She deleted it as well.

She just wanted to forget about the message all together. It wasn't worth thinking about. She wasn't going to contact him, so she didn't even think she should really tell Brian about it.

But then again, if Jason somehow contacted her again, and if Brian asked if this was the first time, then she couldn't lie, and he would get angry that she didn't tell him. She groaned, realizing in order to keep their relationship truthful then she would have to tell Brian about the message.
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