Saving Grace


She arrived at Matt's house a bit later. Brian had already called her and said he was there waiting for her. She also say everyone else's cars, including Syd's. It seemed like she was the last one to arrived. As she climbed out of her car she sucked in a deep breathe. She knew tonight she would have to tell Brian about Jason calling her. That was not something she wanted to do.

She knew Jason wasn't going to stop with just one call. She had tried to fool herself into thinking he could simply be ignored, but she knew he couldn't. He only went away when she threatened to involve the cops. She shook all thoughts of Jason from her mind. Licking over her lips, she stepped forward deciding that she would just have fun at practice.

She walked in through the door and all the guys were already sitting on stools playing along to the music. Sydney flashed her a bright smile and she walked over and sat down between her and Lacey. Gena and Leana were sitting on a smaller couch talking quietly between themselves.

Aubrey looked up and saw Brian looking at her with a crooked smile. His eyes didn't leave hers as his fingers traveled across the strings. He seemed to be able to play with little to no effort at all. He flashed her a beautiful smile as he looked down at his guitar, breaking contact from her. She breathed in deeply, and she heard Sydney giggle from beside her.

"It's so obvious." Sydney smiled.

"What's obvious?" Aubrey asked.

"How in love the two of you are." Her friend smiled.

Aubrey smiled nervously, and ran a hand through her hair as she continued to watch the guys play. All of the girls seemed to be caught up in laughter and conversations. The only two paying attention to the boys were Sydney and Aubrey.

They practiced for about two hours. They played most of the new songs, and Aubrey enjoyed all of them. They stopped for the evening, and all came over and embraced their girlfriends. Brian smiled as he pulled Aubrey up into a bone crushing hug. She giggled. "You done great baby."

He leaned down and pressed his lips against hers. He didn't care that eight other people were in the room. He wouldn't have cared if a million people were in the room. He just needed to close the space between them as quickly as possible. She giggled, pulling away from him and rolling her eyes. None of the other couples were kissing, and she thought it was inappropriate for them to be as well.

He sunk down on the couch, and pulled her into his lap. He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her close to him. She smiled, feeling comfortable and safe. A feeling she wasn't used to. She believed most of her insecurities came from the time from when she was with Jason. A time when she didn't want attention from people, because that's all she got. Everyone knew how he treated her. She always got the sympathy attention.

She tucked a piece of hair behind her ear as Jimmy teased Johnny about something. She had missed what the teasing was about but everyone around her was laughing and she decided to let a laugh slip through her lips as well.

She felt finger tips tickle her bare back, and she turned around and looked down at Brian. He smirked, as he continued to allow his rough calloused fingers run up and down her spine. She giggled once, and thankfully it was right after one of Jimmy's remarks. She didn't want to look like a total idiot in front of the guys.

"Three weeks and we're gone." Johnny sighed, desperate to change the conversation.

Aubrey swallowed hard. Three weeks was the beginning of the tour. They wouldn't technically be gone for four weeks, but it was still a close date. A date that she still didn't know if she was ready for or not. She breathed in deeply.

"You wanna head back to my place, babe?" Brian asked.

She nodded her head. She needed to tell him about the Jason situation. She raised up off his lap, and he intertwined their fingers together as he said goodbye to all of his boys. Aubrey hugged Sydney, and then the two of them walked out of the studio.

"I wish I would have just came and got you." He sighed, "Would have made things much easier."

She nodded her head, "I'll meet you at your house. Okay?"

He walked over to her and smirked as he cupped her face in his hands, and leaned down to press a soft kiss on her mouth. "I'll see you there." He said, breaking away and climbing on his bike.

She drove to Brian's house in silence. She kept debating over and over in her head how she was suppose to tell him. She sighed as she pulled into the drive way and cut her engine. She bit down on her bottom lip as climbed out of the car. He was waiting on her by the door.

"Hurry up, slow ass." He laughed.

She sent a smile his way as she climbed up his steps. He smiled back as he opened the door and walked inside. He greeted his dog, as he normally did and then turned around and looked at her. He knew she wanted to talk about something. That was the reason he left so early.

"So, talk to me."

"How'd you know?" She asked softly.

He chuckled, "I know you well." He said, taking her by the hand and pulling her over to the couch.

The same couch where they had confessed their feelings and became a couple. Only this conversation on the couch was going to be much different than that one.
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