Saving Grace


Aubrey sighed, as she sat on the stool in the front area of the studio and waited on her client. Steve wasn't working today. His mother was having surgery and he wanted to be there for that. He had left Aubrey in charge. It was sort of a slow day. Sydney was currently on lunch, and expected back at any minute. Matt had picked her up earlier, and it brought a smile to Aubrey's face. She could just tell how crazy the two of them were over each other.

A ding signaled that someone was entering the studio. Aubrey looked up expecting to see Sydney walk in with a smile on her face. To her complete horror and shock, Jason walked in with a smug look across his lips. She froze in her spot, not knowing what to do.

"Hey Bre baby." He said as he walked over to the front desk.

She tried not to let the fear and panic take over as she starred into his deep green eyes. The green eyes that had caused her so much pain in the past. The green eyes that she had starred into as he nearly beat her half to death.

"What are you doing here, Jason?" She managed to ask in the weakest voice possible.

"I have an appointment. Smith." He said with a smirk.

She looked down at the appointment book and sure enough there was a Jason Smith wrote down. She swallowed hard. Smith was not Jason's last name, or at least it didn't used to be.

"Your last name isn't Smith."

"It is now. I decided to change from Moore to Smith. When I got off the drugs, a lot of things changed, Bre. I'm a different person now." He said, flashing her a smile that had once melted her heart.

She decided to play this cool. She nodded her head, and took him to a room. She told him she would be right back, she needed to get her camera and film. He didn't seem to think anything was wrong with that and sat down on a chair. She walked out of the room, trying to hide the panic in her voice. As she walked into her small office, she breathed out in relief. She locked the door behind her and quickly grabbed her cell phone which had been on her desk.

Brian rolled over upon hearing his cell phone go off. He groaned, wishing he could ignore the annoying device. He then became aware of whose ring tone it was. He smiled softly, as he flipped open his phone.

"Baby, it's too early." He mumbled.

"Brian. He's here." She whispered.

He sat up in bed wondering what his girlfriend could possibly be talking about.


"Jason!" She harshly whispered, "He's fucking here."

"Where are you?" He asked, tossing the covers off his legs. "Baby, I'll be right there. Where is he now?"

"Inside one of the rooms where we take pictures."

"And where are you?"

"Locked in my office."

"Don't you leave that room, okay?"

"Brian! What if Sydney comes back?"

"He's not going to hurt Syd, Bre. Just calm down, baby. I'm getting in the truck right now."

Brian wouldn't allow her to get off the phone until he got there. She could hear Jason's foot steps outside her door, and also hear him calling out her name. She never realized how scarred she was until that moment.. She felt like such a child, locking herself in a room until her boyfriend arrived, but she was just too scared to leave.

Brian was pissed off as he pulled into the parking lot. He saw a small blue car parked there, and knew it had to be Jason's. He thought about just busting a few windows out before he walked inside, but he knew he needed to get to Bre as quickly as possible. As he began walking forward he noticed Matt's vehicle pull in.

"Where you going?" Matt rolled down his window and asked.

"I'm going to fucking go kill someone." Brian muttered walking inside.

Matt and Sydney both quickly followed Brian into the studio. Sydney looked around and didn't see Aubrey anywhere in sight though there was a man standing there with dark hair and bright green eyes. He just looked like he was trouble.

"Are you Jason?" She heard Brian say.

"Yeah. What's it to you?"

"I'm going to fucking kill you." Brian said, and then walked forward with his hands clutched into fist.

"Do something, Matt!" She hissed to Matt.

Matt ran forward and got between the two of them, not really knowing why he was keeping his band mate from killing this random guy.

"What the hells going on, Bri?" Matt asked.

"This son of a bitch isn't staying away from Aubrey! That's exactly what the fuck is going on!" Brian spat.

Aubrey opened the door to her office, upon hearing Brian's voice. Her eyes widened as she looked down the hallway and saw Jason and Brian starring deep into each others eyes. While Matt was in between them trying to possibly keep them from killing each other.

"Brian!" She said barely above a whisper.

Brian looked down the hallway and saw Aubrey peeking her head out of a door way. He could see fear on her face, and he felt sick to his stomach.

"What the fuck is going on?" Jason asked, "I'm not going to fucking stand here and be threatened by anyone!" He said, reaching down in his pocket for something.

Sydney saw him doing so, and her stomach turned upon seeing the flicker of a blade, "Matt! Watch out!" She screamed.
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