Saving Grace

Something Good

Brian was released from the hospital after he woke up. The doctor gave him some pain medication and told him that all he needed to do was clean his leg often. The cut wasn't too deep, and the knife wasn't very sharp. The doctor said it had looked a lot worse than it actually was.

Aubrey had called and explained the entire thing to Steve. He was extremely shocked, and angry that it had happened. Angry because he had always wanted to confront Jason. He wished he would have been there. He had met Jason on a few occasions since he and Aubrey had been friends a long time. He had been one of the people who helped her get over Jason's beating. Steve told Aubrey to take the next two weeks off. That would give her plenty of time to spend with Brian before he left for the tour.

She was currently in Brian's laundry room, sorting through his dirty clothes. He was laying in bed, with his leg propped up on pillows watching some baseball game on the television. The wound in his leg didn't even seem to bother him. He was still up and walking around, even though Aubrey made him lay down.

As she placed some clothes into the washer, she felt arms wrap around her. She sighed, as she felt lips come down and attach themselves to her neck. She giggled softly, as he kissed her sweet spot, and then slowly turned around until she was looking up into his brown eyes.

"You're supposed to be in bed."

"You're suppose to be with me."

She placed the remainder of the dirty clothes into the washer, and then turned around and pointed towards the bedroom. He chuckled and walked into the room again, and laid down. She sat down and raised up his ball shorts and looked at the stitches in his leg. The incision was actually very small.

"You guys acted like I was dying."

"You were stabbed!"

"With a fucking pocket knife." He laughed, "Matt wouldn't even fucking pull it out. He's such a pussy."

"He probably thought you would bleed to death if he touched it."

"You guys just panic! I should have run after that asshole. . ." Brian said.

She frowned, knowing Jason was still out there running around. He was dangerous and needed help. Clearly, he wasn't off the drugs. No person in their right mind would stab someone and run. That was just not a normal thing to do, which meant he was probably under the influence of something.

"Stop worrying over shit." He said, leaning over and brushing his lips against hers.

"I'm really sorry about everything." She whispered.

"Babe, I told you nothing is your fault and you don't need to apologize."

"I know you keep saying that, but I still feel like it's my fault a bit."

He groaned out, and then rolled his eyes as he sat up and looked her directly in the eyes.

"Something good came out of this." He said.

She arched a brow, "What good has come out of this, Bri?"

"You have the next two weeks off work to spend with me. I'll take a knife to the leg anytime I can get you to myself for two weeks." He smirked.

She giggled, and leaned over and attached her lips to his. She was basically going to be living with Brian for the next two weeks. She had work off, and Brian had asked her to stay. She wouldn't dare turn him down. She knew she wouldn't be seeing him much in the coming months, so she wanted to make up for that lost time.

He ran his fingers through her hair as she lay on his chest. He wished she could just quit work and go with him on tour. He really wouldn't mind her tagging along. He would actually love it if they could spend more time together. He knew she would never even consider giving up her job, and he really respected that about her, but he wanted so bad to have her with him all the time.

"What are you thinking about?" She asked.

He chuckled, "You'll call me crazy if I tell you."

She smiled, "Probably, but tell me anyways."

He licked over his lips and sighed, "I was just thinking about what if you went on tour with me?" He asked, "I mean. . . I know it would require you basically quitting work, but you know you don't have to worry about working anyways. I just thought it was an idea." Brian said.

"I can't quit work, Bri. . . although I really wish I could go on tour with you." She frowned.

"I know you can't quit." He said, "I just wish you could. I know you love your job. It was kind of a selfish thought."

"It wasn't selfish. It was actually really sweet. It just shows you want to spend more time with me."

He smiled down at her, and then leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. He always wanted to spend time with her. She really didn't know how much he cared about her. He was starting to think about doing things with her he never considered doing with any other woman. He was actually getting to the point to where he wanted to consider marriage and children.

"I do have something I want to talk to you about though. I've been thinking about it a lot."

"What's that baby?" She asked.

"You know how you're going to be staying with me until I go on tour?" He asked.

"Yeah. . ."

"Well, I've been thinking. . . maybe you should just. . . move in permanently."

Her mouth slightly parted open as she looked into his brown eyes searching for something. She didn't even know what she was searching for. By Brian asking her this it showed how serious he was about her.

"What about when your gone?" She asked.

"If you don't feel comfortable staying here when I'm gone, then you don't have to. . . but maybe when I come back from tour?" He asked with a hopeful smile.

She smiled brightly, and then leaned in and kissed him hard on the lips, "When you get home from tour. . ." She whispered.
♠ ♠ ♠