Saving Grace

Lunch With Syd And Matt

Aubrey giggled as Brian continued to place kisses down her throat, slowly moving to her chest. It was two days before their first tour date, and they were enjoying every moment they got to spend together. His leg was healing much quicker than she would have thought. He wasn't even acting like it was anything to be worried about. He would be getting the stitches removed tomorrow morning so he could be all healed up for the first concert.

"Brian!" She said almost in a moan as he placed his lips across the sweet spot on her neck.

They were suppose to meet Matt and Syd for lunch in thirty minutes, but she honestly didn't see that happening if he didn't keep his hands to himself. He ran his hand up under the hem of her shirt and began moving his fingers across her flat stomach. His lips soon found hers and kissed her passionately. His hand kept moving further up, and she soon felt him sneaking some fingers underneath her bra. She pulled her lips away from his.

"We need to stop." She sighed.

"Why?" He groaned, "We're just getting started. . ." He said, moving his lips back to her neck.

"Babyyyyy." She whined, "You know I would never turn you down. . . ever." She laughed, "But we told Matt and Syd we would meet them for lunch. We only have twenty minutes to get there."

"I'm sure they will understand. . . we could text them."

"And say what? We're going to fuck, meet you guys later? Brian, get up and put on some pants. We can finish this later." She laughed.

He chuckled as he watched her wiggle her way out of the bed, and button up her shirt. It had been buttoned when she laid down, but his fingers had slowly managed to undo the first three while kissing her. She picked up her jeans from the floor, and he smirked as he watched her pull them up over her bare legs.

He loved having her stay with him. When they weren't expecting anyone or didn't have anywhere to go she would walk around in her underwear. He knew it was because it drove him insane.

He pulled his pants up and tossed a old shirt over his head. He wasn't even concerned with what he looked like at the moment. He just wanted to get this lunch over quickly, so he could come home and have his way with his girlfriend. He kept starring at her, thinking about all the possibly positions they could find themselves in when they walked back through that door.

"Are you undressing me with your eyes, Brian?" She laughed.

He shook his head of all thoughts and laughed at his girlfriend. She knew him too well. He walked over and pecked her softly on the lips.

They arrived at the steak house a little late. It was because Brian had tried to convince her that Matt and Syd really wouldn't mind if they didn't come along. She giggled as he stepped out of the truck and grabbed her hand as they walked inside. Matt and Sydney were already sitting at a table waiting for them.

"You guys are late." Matt laughed.

"Not my fault." Aubrey smiled sitting down.

"We were going to be a lot later, but someone just didn't want to play my game." Brian said shooting Aubrey a look.

She rolled her eyes and laughed slightly as an waitress approached. They all ordered something to eat and chatted about the show until their food arrived. Aubrey could tell Sydney wasn't looking forward to Matt going away either. She still didn't know if the two of them were official or not, but she could tell by the way he was holding her hand, that they defiantly cared about each other.

Sydney informed her about what was going on at work. It seems like they had a pretty busy couple of weeks. She frowned, knowing she shouldn't have taken off so much time, but she honestly needed that time with Brian. They had got so much closer over the pass two weeks. She was so thankful she took the time off.

"So, are you girls excited about the first show?" Matt asked.

Sydney frowned. It seemed like she was feeling the same way Aubrey did about the tour. It was probably even worse for her though since she didn't know exactly where they stood relationship wise. Aubrey though wasn't as worried anymore. She knew she and Brian loved each other, and she knew they would be just fine.

Little did she know but Brian was actually worried about the tour now. He wasn't worried about their relationship, just her safety. He knew Jason was still lurking around and just the thought of him coming near Aubrey when he was thousands of miles away really irked him.

"Syn, you alright?" Matt asked.

"Fine." He muttered, looking over at his girlfriend.

He loved her more than anything and he would be damned if that asshole hurt her. He knew he couldn't just hire someone to look after her. She would never go for that. He had already told Malorie to help keep an eye out for her, but he also planned on talking to Steve. He didn't want Aubrey to be left at work alone anymore.

"You ready to go home, baby?" She asked.

He looked up and saw Matt and Sydney leaving. She had to be back to work in a couple of minutes, and Matt said he needed to visit his parents for a bit. Brian had missed most of the conversation due to his thoughts. He nodded his head, and they all walked out of the restaurant.

"What about we go back to your place and pick up where we left off?" She smiled.

He smirked, "I think that's the smartest idea you've ever had."
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