Saving Grace


Aubrey tapped her pen against the desk as she starred down at the stuff she needed to get done by the end of the week. She was trying to put together a huge portfolio, and the task was seeming a lot harder than she originally thought. Brian had left three days ago, and she was doing anything and everything to keep her mind off him. He phoned several times throughout the day, and they talked for at least a couple of hours every night. It was hard without him everyday, but she knew he was doing something he loved.

"Hey Bre." Steve said, leaning against the door.

She looked up and smiled at her friend. He had promised Brian that he would keep her safe while he was away.

"What's up?" She said to him.

"Just checking to see how the portfolio's coming along."

"It's coming. . ." She laughed, "I just don't know what pictures to show."

"You have a lot of good ones. I can see where the task is difficult. Guess what?" He asked.


"They are gonna look at some of the models that I work with for another music video." Steve informed her.

"Do not give them my picture." She warned him.

He chuckled, "I left you out this time. I wouldn't want anymore rock stars falling in love with you. I actually like Brian and want to see you two go far."

She smiled, "Yeah, I think he's a keeper."

Steve nodded his head, "He is. I've never saw you so happy. Speaking of Brian. What state is he in today?"

She licked over her lips, "I think he's in Texas for the next two days."

"It's awesome that he sees the country on tour. You should go with him sometime. Get out of California for awhile." Steve laughed.

She just smiled, "Maybe one day."

Brian laughed as Jimmy told jokes that weren't even funny. They were headed into the next town and had some time to kill on the bus. Matt and Johnny were sleeping in the back, leaving him, Jimmy, and Zacky up front.

"So, is Aubrey flying out to any of the shows?" Zacky asked.

"Probably." Brian stated, taking a draw off his cigarette. "There's no way we can go months without seeing each other."

"How did she handle the Michelle thing?"

"She handled it better than expected. I'm just glad she's understanding."

"What are you going to do if that kid is seriously yours?" Jimmy laughed, "You'll be stuck with Michelle in your life for eighteen years."

Brian groaned, "I honestly don't think it's mine. I caught her cheating on me, and I always wore a rubber."

"You know how tricky Michelle is," Zacky said, "If she thought you were near ending things, then she would find a way to become pregnant just to keep you around."

Brian sighed, "If that's the case she failed. I'm not getting back with her. I don't care if she's pregnant with triplets and their all mine. I'm staying with Aubrey forever."

Jimmy laughed, "Forever?"

"Forever." Brian said seriously.

"So, this chick is the one who you will probably marry?"

"Most defiantly."

Aubrey placed a spare key into Brian's house and walked inside. She flicked on the lights and then smiled as she saw the dog bouncing down the stairs. While he was away she had picked up the task of making sure his house was taken care of, and also taking care of Pinkly. She petted the dog on the head and then moved into the kitchen and poured him some dog food into his bowl.

As she was cleaning around in the kitchen her cell phone began ringing. She quickly pulled it from her jeans, and grinned upon seeing the name before flipping it open.

"I love you." She said instead of saying hello.

He chuckled, "Is that how you greet everyone?"

She smiled, "Only you."

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"I'm in your house, washing dishes. I just fed Pinkly."

Aubrey talked to Brian for a bit. She had finished up the dishes and sat down on the couch and enjoyed the rest of their conversation. He yawned and she could tell he was tired.

"You need to hit the sack soon." She sighed.

"I know. I just. . . I need to get used to sleeping on this bus again." He laughed, "I was so used to sleeping with you in my big bed. I think I'm gonna have to go cuddle Jimmy to fall asleep."

She heard loud screaming, cursing, and laughing coming from the phone and she assumed Jimmy had something to say about Brian's comment. She just smiled.

"I miss you."

"I miss you too baby." He said, and then sighed, "Make sure Pinkly has some water before you leave."

She smiled, "I will."

"Be safe driving home."

She giggled, "I will baby."

"Love you."

"Love you more, Bri. Go get some sleep."
♠ ♠ ♠