Saving Grace


Aubrey sighed as she began sorting through the clothes in her closet. She knew that when Brian returned from the tour that she would move in with him, so she figured she could start cleaning out her closet and such early. She needed something to keep her mind busy. It had been a couple of weeks since Brian left, and everything had been going smoothly so far. The only bump in the road had been his sleeping routine. He couldn't seem to sleep good on the tour bus. He had told her he never had a problem before. She knew it was because he was so worried though. He was scared to death Jason would come back for her.

"Aunt Bre!"

She heard from the hallway. She peeked her head out the door and saw Chance in his pajamas with a sour look on his face. He was sick with the flu, and since Malorie was busy with work, Bre was taking care of him. She frowned as she walked over to him and placed her hand against his forehead to see if he was running a temperature.

"Go back to bed. I'll bring up some medicine."

He coughed, "I can't stop coughing." He whispered softly.

She half smiled, "I'll be right there with something to fix that."

Aubrey walked downstairs and grabbed Chance's medicine from the counter. She measured the cough syrup out, and then walked up stairs and into his bedroom. He was laying on the bed with the covers pulled up over him. His television wasn't even on, which showed her just how sick she was. She sat down on the edge of his bed, and handed him the medicine. She watched as he swallowed the contents.

"If you don't feel better by tonight, your mom or I will take you to the doctors. Okay?"

"Okay." He frowned, "Is Syn having a good tour?" He asked.

She half smiled and nodded her head. She didn't want to tell Chance about Brian's difficulty sleeping. The young boy looked up to him, and she knew he would worry about Brian if she told him that.

"He'll be home before long." Aubrey told him.

Chance pouted, "I wish he was here now. I know you miss him, and I miss him too." Chance whined.

She smiled and ruffled his hair as she pulled the covers up over him and told him to get some rest. She turned off the lights and walked out of the room, hoping Chance would get some sleep. She hated seeing him sick.

She walked back into her room and began sorting through her clothes once again. She hadn't even tossed her stuff from high school out, so she had heaps to take to the Goodwill.

As she was looking in the bottom of the closet she found a box that she hadn't saw in a long time. She shook her head as she pulled the box out into the middle of the floor, and sank down beside it. She knew what was inside before she even looked. It was things from her relationship with Jason. It held everything from the beginning of the relationship to the end of the relationship. She opened the box and glanced down inside. On the very top were the pictures of her from after he beat her. Malorie had took the pictures, and warned Jason that if he ever came back that she would take them to the police.

Besides the pictures, there were cards, letters, and other pictures. She remembered Jason before he got on drugs. He was an amazing guy. The drugs really did change him into the asshole he had became. She shook her head, and decided that the trash is where this box belonged. She picked it up and packed it down the stairs and placed the entire box into the large trashcan that was kept in their kitchen.

As she closed the lid to the trash, she felt a lot of weight lifted off her shoulder's. She just hoped that Jason stayed away as well. She wasn't scared of him. She knew he could physically hurt her, but she would never allow him to mentally hurt her. Physical wounds healed, but mental ones never would. She had decided a long time ago that she wouldn't let him get to her mentally.

Brian nibbled slightly on the food in front of him. They had just stopped at a McDonald's to get some food before they ventured on to the next show. He didn't know why, but this morning he had woke up with a horrible feeling. The nightmare he had the night before didn't really help all that much.

In his nightmare Jason had came to his house one night while Aubrey was there feeding Pinkly, and killed her. It was the same night they were arriving home from tour, and Brian had walked inside his bedroom to find his girlfriend's mutated and bloody body laying on his bed. The dream ended there with him waking up to sweat pouring off his skin.

The only person he told about the dream was Matt, who had tried to convince him that it was silly. Jason didn't know where he lived, and there was no way he was going to kill Aubrey. Brian didn't know what he was capable of. He just knew he didn't want him anywhere near her.

"What the fuck is wrong with you, man?" Jimmy asked, "You've been out of it this entire tour."

"I'm just. . . not used to traveling yet."

"We've been traveling for years. How are you not used to it?" Jimmy asked.

"I don't know. I guess I'm just worried about things back at home."

Jimmy sighed, "She's going to be fine, Syn. She said she would call if anything happened. You're worrying yourself to death over her."

Brian nodded, "I just hate the fact that the asshole is still out there. He should be behind bars."

"They will catch him." Johnny assured him.

"What if it's too late?" Brian asked.

"It won't be. Aubrey can take care of herself." Jimmy said.

Brian nodded his head, even though it still didn't remove the worrying. He had a bad feeling. He didn't get those kinds of feelings a lot, but he knew when he did then he should go with it. He knew something was going to go wrong. He didn't know when, but he just knew he needed to prepare himself for it.
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