Saving Grace


It was nearing seven in the morning, but Bre was refusing to go to sleep. She wasn't about to lose this time with Brian. As they walked into his house, she went straight for the kitchen and put on some coffee. She was going to need it if she planned on staying up. Brian walked into the kitchen and smiled at his girlfriend.

"How do you think he got in?" She asked all of a sudden.

He shrugged, "Possibly through the back door, or an upstairs window. I have a ladder in the back yard. I need to start using my security system I guess."

She arched a brow, "You have a security system?" She asked.

"Yeah, but I never used it. I guess I should put it to use."

She nodded her head, "I think that would be a good idea, baby." She giggled.

The coffee had finished, and she poured herself a cup. She normally added a lot of milk or cream to her coffee, but this time she gulped it down without anything. She just needed it to kick in quickly. Brian sighed, as he walked over and cupped her cheeks in his hands.

"You're sleepy."

"Am not."

"Bre, you've been up for over twenty four hours. You had a long night. Why don't you go upstairs and take a nap. I'll call Steve and explain everything, and tell him you won't be in until Tuesday."

"Why won't I be in until Tuesday?" She asked.

"Because you're leaving with me tonight, and staying until Monday." He smirked.

She was originally only suppose to see him Saturday and Sunday, but now it seemed she would be seeing him for a bit longer, closer to a week. She wasn't about to complain or protest. She actually needed the few days off, and also needed this time with Brian. She knew he had a hard time on tour dealing with worrying and such.

She yawned as she walked up the stairs and crawled under his covers. She went to sleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Brian called Steve and explained everything. They stayed on the phone for nearly an hour. Brian was happy he was understanding and such. He was giving both Bre and Syd time off so they could fly out and see the guys on tour. Sydney wasn't leaving until the weekend, but Bre was leaving with Brian this afternoon. Brian didn't even know if he would let her come home. It was hard saying goodbye to her, even if it was for a short amount of time. He didn't know if he could do it again.

He pulled his cell phone from his jean pockets and found Matt in his contacts list. He pressed the green send button and waited for his friend to pick up.

"Hey Syn. Did you make it to Cali?"


"Is everything okay?"

"Yep. The fucker is finally behind bars."

"How's your girl?" Matt asked.

"She's a bit shook up, but she's going to be alright. I'm bringing her back with me."

"She's still going to be staying the weekend though, right? Syd is coming this weekend."

"Yeah. She'll be there."

"Well, I'm glad everything is okay, man. I gotta go. Syd is beeping in." Matt said.

"Alright man, later." Brian said, flipping the phone shut.

Brian walked up the stairs and into the bedroom. He smiled crookedly as he saw his girlfriend curled up under the covers sleeping. She looked like an angel. He sighed, as he realized just how much she meant to him. He would have gone insane if something had happened to her. He swallowed hard, knowing that she was the one for him. She had been his saving grace since the very beginning. She was the one he was meant to be with. He couldn't even picture himself being with anyone else.

He knew the drama in their relationship wasn't over, considering Michelle was pregnant and there was a very small chance that the baby was his, but he wanted to do something. He actually needed to do this. There was no more stalling.

He walked over and grabbed a piece of paper and pen from the dresser. He scribbled down a note that told her he would be back soon.

He left the house with only one destination in mind. He knew a lot of people would be shocked by his decision. Hell, Aubrey would probably even be shocked. But this is what he wanted. This felt so right. He wanted this more than anything in the world, and he just prayed she wanted it too.

He parked the car and stepped out. He sucked in a deep breath of air as he walked into the store. He had been here a few times before, shopping for various Christmas and Birthday presents. But today he was shopping for something much more different and meaningful. He was shopping for something that could possibly change his life.

He looked into the glass cases looking for the perfect ring. He knew Aubrey would probably wake up soon and wonder where he was at, so he didn't want to take too long. But this also wasn't something he could rush. He wanted to find her the perfect one.

"Can I help you sir?" The young woman behind the counter asked.

He smiled, "Yes, I'm looking for an engagement ring." He said with a smile.
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