Saving Grace

Flooded By Images

As Aubrey watched the guys perform backstage she couldn't help but to think about what Brian had said to her right before the show. He was ready for kids. . . He was ready for kids with her. She didn't even know he wanted kids. He didn't seem very thrilled about Michelle being pregnant, so she just thought that he may not be a kid person. Him telling her that on the bus was like dropping a huge bomb on her.

She starred at him and began wondering when she would be ready. She knew she was ready to marry him, but bringing a child into this world was a huge step. The child needed someone to take care of them. They needed someone to show them the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. They needed someone to guide them in the right direction. She knew together that she and Brian could do that. Together they could do anything, but was it the right time?

Should they consider bringing a baby into the world before they even tie the knot? She really didn't know the answer to the question. Part of her wanted a baby with Brian. Part of her thought that it could possibly be the right time.

Another part of her was scared. She hadn't grown up with the ideal family. Her father was never around, and her mother died when she was young. She only had her grandmother, and Malorie. She didn't know what it was like to raise a family. The only child she had ever taken care of was Chance.

Thinking of nephew brought back memories of when Brian was talking to him just the other night. He had done so well with him, and that night she had told him he would make an amazing father. She smiled at the memory. She knew he would make an amazing father, but was she ready to become a mother?

She tried to push all thoughts of babies to the back of her mind as she starred at the stage.

"Congratulations." Leana said.

She turned around and looked at her, "Thank you."

"I was off buying smokes, Jimmy told me before they took the stage." She explained, "I figured Brian would ask you soon. He always said if he found the right girl he wanted to settle down and have a couple of kids. I guess he finally found her."

Aubrey smiled, "He's always said that?" She asked.

"Yeah. I think out of all the guys, he wants kids more than any of them. He wants to teach them everything he knows. . .He might not come off that way with the Michelle situation, because he has a feeling the kid isn't his, but. . . yeah."

Aubrey swallowed hard. She had thought that Leana coming over and talking to her would get her mind off things, but she was just making her think about it even more. Was this woman a damn mind reader or something?

Aubrey ran a hand through her hair as her eyes found Brian on the stage. He and Zacky were playing side by side and he looked really happy. She then allowed her eyes to travel down to where the ring on her finger was placed. She starred at it and realized that she was the one he planned on marrying.

She knew he was a womanizer before the two of them got together. Even though he and Michelle had been together for awhile, he was still a ladies man. But since they had got together, she had seen a lot of changes in him. He had settled down and left behind a lot of his partying ways. He had learned to appreciate life, and look at the little things.

She smiled as she thought about the two of them getting married and settling down in a home. He could do his music career and she could do her photography. Then they could make time to raise a couple of kids. She could see a little dark eyed boy sitting on the couch as Brian taught him guitar.

When that first image of a kid hit her, then they didn't stop. She was flooded by images of children growing up with her and Brian. She had never had the picture perfect family. She never had her father and mother both around. She had practically been raised by her grandmother and sister. She wanted to have experience having a real family.

She knew it may take awhile to happen. They had some things going on, and needed to set a date for the wedding and such, but she didn't want to wait forever to have a baby. When the time was right, and they got past all the drama then she was ready. She smiled as she thought about telling Brian.

The guys finished up the last song, and thanked the crowd. They then walked off the stage. Brian was excited to see Aubrey waiting for him backstage. He walked straight over to her and pulled her into his arms.

Aubrey giggled softly and then kissed Brian on the lips. He was sweaty from the show, but she didn't care. She just wanted to be close to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled up at him. He leaned down and pressed his lips against hers.

"Amazing show, baby." She said.


They all headed back to the bus to relax and head off to the next city. Brian and Aubrey talked to the guys and Leana for a little while before retreating back to his bunk and closing the curtain. They made themselves comfortable and Aubrey decided that she wanted to tell Brian what she had thought about earlier.

"So, I done a lot of thinking while you were playing. . ." She said.

He rubbed circles in her palm with his hand, "You did?"

"Yeah. . . about the. . . baby stuff."

He sighed, "I didn't mean for you to go and think about it. I just. . . wanted you to know that I'm ready whenever you are."

"And I want you to know that I'm ready too. . . I just think that we need to wait until after Michelle's baby is born and see where to go from there."

He smiled as he leaned down and pressed his lips against her forehead, "I love you so much."

"I love you so much more." She smiled.

She found a comfortable position in his arms and slowly drifted off to sleep. He didn't go to sleep instantly. Instead, he ran his fingers through her hair and thought about the possibilities of their future. He truly couldn't wait for the day she became his wife. He was also looking forward to the day they became parents.
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