Saving Grace


Aubrey held back a giggle as Brian continued to tickle her. The bus was parked and waiting for Sydney's cab to catch up with it. She was really excited to be seeing her friend. Leana had went back home two days ago, and it had been just her and the guys. Though, it didn't bother her. She mostly stayed with Brian. The two of them were pretty much attached at the hip. She didn't know how she was going to leave in two days, and not see him until the tour was over.

"How am I suppose to go back home without you?" She murmured.

"You're not." He laughed, "Just call and tell Steve you quit. Stay with me the rest of tour, and then we'll go home, and start with baby making." He winked.

She laughed, "I wish it were that easy, baby."

"It is. You're just stubborn."

She laughed and rolled her eyes. She suddenly heard a lot of voices coming from the front of the bunk, and knew what that meant. She pulled the curtain back and quickly got out of the bunk. She squealed out when she saw her friend standing there holding hands with Matt. She didn't know when it had happened, or even how, but she knew the two of them had become official. She didn't want to ask. She knew if Sydney wanted to give her the details then she would.

"Hey Syd." She said, hugging her friend.

"Hey babe. How are you?"

"I'm okay."

"Heard what happened. I'm so glad that asshole is finally behind bars." Sydney said.

"Me too." Aubrey smiled.

They all gave Sydney a few minutes to get settled it. Aubrey was glad to have her on the bus. She would be staying in Matt's bunk with him, which was across from Brian's.

"So." Sydney said turning to face Aubrey.

"So. . ."

"Matt told me something. . ."


Sydney just smiled with a slight laugh as she pointed to ring on Aubrey's finger. Aubrey didn't know what she was talking about at first, but then she laughed as she remembered. She hadn't really told anyone back home but Malorie and Chance. She hadn't even spoke to anyone but the two of them.

"Yeah. . ." Aubrey laughed nervously, "It was a shocker for me too."

"Did you have any clue?" Sydney asked with a smile.

"No clue, I woke up from a nap, and he was basically down on one knee. The cute part is. . . he had this little speech, but I just kept messing it up because I was so surprised."

Sydney smiled, "You two are just perfect for each other."

A couple of hours later, Aubrey and Sydney were watching the guys perform from backstage. Aubrey loved that Sydney watched the guys just as closely as she did. Some of the other girls seemed to not care if they watched their boyfriends or not, but the two of them paid special attention to their guys.

"So," Sydney said, taking her eyes away from Matt for the first time, "Michelle is going to pop soon. . . Are you guys prepared for that?"

"I guess as prepared as we can be. Brian is almost a hundred percent positive the kid isn't his."

"How do you feel about the whole situation?" Sydney asked.

Aubrey sighed, "I don't know, honestly. I mean, it's a matter that cannot be changed, so I don't work myself up about it. Plus, if it is his kid, then it happened before we got together and doesn't really contain me, so I try not to let it bother me. I just don't know how Michelle will act towards him if the baby is his. I have a feeling she may try to use the baby to get him back."

"But Brian wouldn't do that to you."

"I know, but I know he'd wanna be there for his child. . .I just don't know. I guess I haven't put too much thought into it."

"I don't think the baby's his." Sydney said, "I bet Michelle was only saying it was to get him back. If you've noticed, that didn't work and you two haven't heard from her since. She might have already gave birth. I think she knows it's not Brian's baby."

"Do you really think she's that devious?" Aubrey asked.

Sydney nodded her head, "I think she would do anything to keep him. That was probably the only plan she had at the moment, and she went with it. When she realized he wasn't falling for it, then she was right back at ground zero. She may be realizing it's a lost battle."

"I don't know, Syd. I hope you're right in a way. It would make our life so much easier if the baby wasn't his." Aubrey sighed.

She would stand by his side even if the baby was his, but if he had a baby with Michelle, she knew whether they wanted it to or not, it would put some strain on their relationship. She sighed, as she turned her attention back to the stage and watched her boyfriend play the guitar.

He looked so damn amazing on stage, and she couldn't help but to allow a smirk to form on her lips. She had somehow managed to snag him. She had snagged Brian Haner Jr, she had snagged Synyster Gates. Millions of women wanted him around the world, and some how she had managed to get him. Their relationship had started off rocky. She had actually thought he was a douche bag in the beginning, but now she was head over heels in love with him.

They finished up the last song, and she grinned as he walked off the stage. She only had one more day with him before she returned back to California for a month without him, and she planned on making the most of their day together.

Once she returned home, she knew a lot of things needed to be done. She would need to catch up on work, finish packing her things up from her house, have Syd and Mal help her move into Brian's house, and spend as much time with Chance before she moved. She was going to miss seeing her nephew and sister as much, but she could easily drive over and visit them, or they could come visit her. She would somehow make everything work. They were the only family she had, and she had never been away from them.

"Earth to Bre." Brian chuckled.

"What?" She asked with a light smile.

"You were either day dreaming or thinking."

"A little of both." She said with a smile.
♠ ♠ ♠