Saving Grace

West Chester

Brian held Aubrey's hand as they walked down the street of the small town they were in. Aubrey knew they were in Pennsylvania but that's all she really knew about the place. Their last show was in Philadelphia, and the tour bus had traveled a couple of hours to this small little town. The guys had told her the name of it earlier, but she couldn't remember it. It had a very old feel to it, but at the same time, she could tell it wasn't going to be a boring town.

"Let's go in this sushi restaurant." Matt suggested.

They all nodded their heads and walked inside. Aubrey and Sydney would be catching a plane tomorrow morning, and neither of the girls were looking forward to that. Aubrey wished she could spend more time with Brian, but she knew she needed to get home and get some things taken care of.

"This town seems so familiar." Sydney said, as their food arrived.

"West Chester, Pennsylvania." Johnny said, "Bam Margera and a couple of the jackass guys live around here. It's the location where his MTV show was filmed."

"Oh!" Sydney said feeling glad she knew why it looked so familiar.

Aubrey really didn't like the sushi that much, but she ate some of it anyways. The guys all talked about the remainder of the tour, and then going home. Brian continued to rub circles in her palm under the table. She didn't know if he was trying to soothe her or what. She was content with him being on tour. She was finally okay with it. She knew it was his job, and it was going to happen many more times in their relationship. It was just something she was going to deal with.

"So, Bre." Jimmy said, "Will you be moved into Brian's place by the time we get home?"

"Possibly. If Syd and Mal don't mind helping me." Bre said, flashing a pleading face to her friend.

Sydney giggled, "I don't mind. Just give me a few days ahead of time so I can make sure I'm not busy with Angel that day."


"You girls are going to have us a welcome home party, right?" Johnny asked.

"Do you think you guys deserve one?" Aubrey asked with a slight smile.

"Most definitely." Zacky said, "We've all put up with Brian's constant worrying over you. We deserve much more than a party!" Zacky joked.

Aubrey looked over at Brian and half smiled. She hated that he had worried like that over her, but it just showed how much he loved her.

"If we have you a party. . ." Sydney said, "What's in it for us?"

"Free beer!" Jimmy laughed.

Sydney laughed and rolled her eyes slightly. Aubrey caught a glimpse at Matt's expression and grinned. He was smiling ear to ear, showing his signature dimples. She could tell he was really happy that Sydney and the guys could get along.

"So, are we going to get out of this place or what?" Matt asked, "We still have quite a few places to see."

They all groaned, but then agreed with him. They paid for their food, and then walked back out on the streets. It wasn't very busy in West Chester, but Aubrey assumed that was because it was a Sunday morning and most people were either sleeping in or attending church.

"Let's check out this store." Zacky said.

They walked in what looked like a skate shop and looked around for awhile. Zacky had ended up buying several shirts and shoes. Jimmy brought a skateboard, reason unknown to Aubrey.

"Does he know how?" She asked Brian.

He laughed, "No. Just another way to break his butt bone so Leana has to ice it."

She giggled, as he linked hands with her and they walked out of the shop and down the side walk. They went in several more shops over the next hour or so, but then the crowds began filling in. A few fans stopped them and they signed autographs. They knew it was nearing time to head back to the bus. They had parked it in a hotel parking lot.

As they climbed aboard, everyone retreated off to their bunks to put away what they had purchased. Brian and Aubrey didn't really purchase much, so they had little to put away. She took a seat at the small table up near the front of the bus, and Brian joined her.

"So, I want you to do something for me when you get home tomorrow."

"What?" She asked.

He smirked, "Toss the birth control pills out the window."

She laughed, "If that's what you want, baby."

"You want it too. . . right?" He asked unsure, as he cocked a brow.

She giggled, "I want it too." She said, leaning over and kissing him softly on the mouth.

"Come on you guys, We eat at that table." Johnny said, joining them.

Brian and Aubrey both laughed. They were soon tossed into a poker game, that Aubrey had no chance in winning. She laughed as she attempted to beat Zack's flush with a pair of nines. She was hopeless and just tossed her self out of the game.

"You didn't do. . . that bad, Baby." Brian said, holding back his laughter.

"I was letting you guys win." She said, causing the guys to laugh.

Brian smiled at her every so often as he continued to play with the guys. He was so pleased that Aubrey could get along with all the guys. He sighed, as he thought about her going home tomorrow. It wasn't something to look forward to, but he knew it had to be done. She needed to go home and get some things done. He just couldn't wait to go home and begin his life with her.
♠ ♠ ♠