Saving Grace


It had been two weeks since Aubrey had arrived home and there was still so much more she needed to do. In just over a week and a half Brian would be arriving home and she was thrilled for that, although she still needed to move all of her things into his house. A week from now, she and the girls planned on doing that. It was practically the only day Sydney had free between working and taking care of Angel.

Aubrey was sitting on the couch with her laptop, ordering various things from the internet. She didn't really like going out shopping, so she done most of hers online. She looked up when she heard tiny foot steps coming into the room. She laughed when she saw Chance covered in mud.

"What happen to you, kid?" She asked.

"I fell off my bike." He grumbled, "Mom is going to kill me."

"She will not. It was an accident. Here, let me help you."

Aubrey placed the laptop down and walked over to her nephew. She removed his shirt, and then shoes and socks. He was covered in thick mud, that was drying on him quickly. She shook her head, "Go upstairs and get yourself a shower. I'll put these in the wash." She said.

He quickly walked up the stairs and she frowned when she saw chunks of mud fly off his jeans and onto the stairs. She knew she'd need to clean those before Malorie arrived. She walked into the laundry room and placed Chance's dirty clothes into the washer. She turned it on and then got some things to clean the stairs.

The ring of the phone haltered her cleaning. She rushed down the stairs and picked up the phone.


"Hey, Is Malorie there?"

"No, she's not. . . She's at work. Is this Ryan?"

"Yeah. Could you tell her I called, Bre?"

"Sure thing. She won't be home for a couple of hours though."

"Oh well, if that's the case I might just stop by and surprise her. So don't say anything." He laughed.

She smiled, "Okay Ryan. Have a good day."

She hung up the phone with a smile on her face. Ryan seemed like an amazing guy. He was well rounded, had an amazing job, and seemed to care about her sister. She just hoped he didn't turn into an asshole like most guys did. Malorie needed a good man in her life. Chance needed a father figure.

She sighed as she returned to the stairs and cleaned on them. After she finished them up she walked back down the stairs and resumed her shopping. She had ordered herself a few outfits, some lotions and perfume, and she also ordered a few things for Brian.

She still couldn't believe it when she looked down at her hand. It was hard to soak in that she was engaged to him. How did she get so lucky? She knew he didn't want a long engagement, so she really didn't know when they would get married. Aubrey had already asked her sister to be her maid of honor. She figured she could get Sydney to be a brides maid, and then if she needed more than that she would call a few old girlfriends she had.

She didn't know if he wanted a big or small wedding. She didn't know if he wanted to write their own vows or not. She didn't know anything about weddings in general, and the fact that she might be having one of own soon scared her. How do you mentally prepare yourself for a wedding?

"Aunt Bre!"

She turned her attention to the freshly showered Chance and smiled. He looked upset about something though.

"What's wrong hun?"

"I was wondering if you could run me by the music store."

"What do you need from there?"

"I just wanted to see if they had any new posters."

She smiled and nodded her head. She closed down her laptop after making her order, and then grabbed her keys from the coffee table.

"Can I come over and stay with you and Brian sometimes at his house?" He asked as they drove to the store.

She smiled, "Of course, anytime you want."

"Good! I can't wait until he comes back. He said he would teach me some more things on guitar."

Aubrey parked the vehicle and got out of the car. She and Chance began walking into the music shop, but before she walked inside she noticed some familiar voices. She turned around and saw Michelle and Valary standing there next to an ice cream shop talking. Michelle was still indeed pregnant. Aubrey was actually surprised she hadn't exploded yet, she looked huge. She dodged inside the music store before they could see her.

At least she knew Michelle was still in fact pregnant. She still had some time to go in her pregnancy. Aubrey just prayed the baby wasn't Brian's. She knew he would be an amazing father to it, but she also knew it would make things difficult for them. If Michelle was still in his life, then she didn't know how they were suppose to get married and start a family without drama.

"Aunt Bre, what do you think about this?" Chance asked.

He showed her a poster of Papa Roach, and she just nodded her head. She didn't even really look at the poster. Chance grabbed it, along with another one and then they headed for the check out. She offered to pay for the posters, but he refused and used his allowance.

When they walked out of the shop, thankfully the girls were nowhere in sight.

"Something wrong, aunt Bre?" Chance asked.

She shook her head, "Nope. Nothing's wrong kid." She faked a smile.

She just prayed she was right. It was just a waiting game to see what was going to happen with Michelle.
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