Saving Grace

Jeff Dunham

Instead of going straight home, she had to go back to the building where she had been earlier and retrieve her cell phone. She parked her car and stepped out. The bulky security guy approached her and asked many questions. She explained that he was fine, and phoning a friend. He allowed her back inside and she once again walked to the locker room. She glanced around the room for several moments, and eventually found her cell phone in the corner of the room. Although what really ticked her off, was liquor from the broken bottle had seeped into the phone.

It wouldn't even turn on, and the screen was black. She flipped off the back and saw that the battery and all the inside was soaked. "Water damage." She mumbled, "Great." She said, shaking her head as she walked out of the building once again. She muttered 'Goodbye' to the security guard and climbed inside her car. She couldn't believe what had happened to her.

She turned the radio on as she drove home. She lip synced along and she drove down the busy streets. The only thing she disliked about California was how crowded it was. It didn't take long before she finally pulled back inside her drive way. She looked down at the clock in her car and noticed it was almost three in the morning. She yawned as she climbed out, knowing she needed to be quiet due to Chance and Malorie sleeping.

Brian cracked his knuckles as he waited for someone to walk into the room. He was bored of being in the hospital, and he had only been awake for an hour. He licked over his dry lips as he watched the door, waiting for it to open. He starred at it for at least twenty minutes before it moved. In walked his good friend, and fellow band mate.

"What the hell were you thinking?" Zacky scolded him, "I fucking told you not to mix those damned pills with the liquor! How did you even get here, Syn?"

"That video girl brought me."

"What video girl?" Zacky ask, burrowing his brows in the middle.

"The dark haired one."

"You mean the one you practically shoved down to the ground in the locker room?"

"Yeah, her."

"Where is she now?" Zacky asked, looking around the room.

"She left twenty eight minutes ago."

"You're keeping track of time?"

"I have nothing better to fucking do! Look where the fuck I'm at! I'm in a damned hospital bed with a fucking IV in my hand. It's not like I can fucking do anything else."

"It's your own damn fault. I warned you this would happen! You've got to start listening to people. You're not as indestructible as you think."

"Whatever, man. Just see if I can go, okay?"

Zacky shook his head, and then left the room. He couldn't believe Brian had basically over dosed and now just wanted to waltz out of the hospital as if nothing had happened. Zacky found the nurses station and then questioned them about when he would be able to check his friend out. The doctor over heard him and answered the question for him.

"I had to pump his stomach. He's still receiving fluids. He won't be released until at least tomorrow afternoon."

"Shit." Zacky mumbled, knowing Brian was going to have a rock star fit when he found that out. He thanked the doctor and nodded his head, as he walked back into the room.

Brian leaned up, "So, can I leave?"

"You're stuck here for at least twelve more hours, Syn."

"You're fucking kidding."

"I'm not kidding, man. They had to pump your stomach. You were almost dead, dude. You actually think their going to let you go? I'm surprised you're not on suicide watch or some shit."

"This is fucking retarded!" Brian cursed loudly, "I'm fine. I'm alive. I'm not going to cut my fucking wrist. I just want to get out of this shit hole."

"You wouldn't be in here if you listened to people."

Brian shot his friend a look of distaste, and Zacky sat down in the chair, and pulled out his cell phone. He quickly texted someone, and then placed his phone back in his pocket.

"Who did you text?"

"Gena, letting her know I won't be home tonight."

"You can go if I'm not getting out for awhile."

"I'm not leaving you. I'll just stay. You need someone here to bitch to anyways."

"I don't bitch." Brian said in defense.

Zacky just laughed as he chewed on his lip rings and looked up at the television. He turned it to comedy central and a new reality show with Jeff Dunham was playing on the screen.

"Is your dad still on tour with him?"


"We should go out to a show sometime."

"Yeah, maybe." Brian said, looking up at the screen as one of the popular puppets made a.

About two hours later, Brian looked over and saw Zacky with his head tossed back and eyes closed. He was snoring rather loudly, which caused Brian to shake his head and laugh. It amazed him how Zacky could fall asleep anywhere. It was one big plus, especially when they went on tour. He turned over on his side, and debated if he should call Michelle now or rather wait until he's released. She's probably already got the search party out on him.

He could just imagine Matt out looking for him at this very moment due to Michelle calling Valary and suspecting that he's shacked up in some hotel with a whore. Matt would usually come find him, and cover for him, if in fact he was out with some girl. Brian knew his friend was getting sick of his games. It was starting to put a damper on his own marriage as well, since Michelle bitched to Valary, and then Valary in return bitched to Matt.

He analyzed his relationship with Michelle. He used to be happy, and used to believe she was everything he wanted. Now he wasn't so sure. She had changed over the years, and he had as well. It seemed like they were both going in different directions, and couldn't trust each other. He knew for a fact she had cheated on him, which made him want to cheat on her in return.

It was just too hard to get out of the relationship. Too many complications if he even tried. She was so close with all of his family, friends, and her sister was married to Matt. Even if they did break it off, he was bound to run into her some time or another. Not to mention she was a employee of his clothing line.

He would be better off without her, but he just didn't know how to break things off. She made him so miserable that he couldn't even sleep, which led him to take sleeping pills. She also drove him to the point where he stayed drunk just so he wouldn't have to endure her. He would get so drunk, he wouldn't remember the arguments, which meant he wouldn't have to think any less of her. He was trying his best to make the relationship work, but it was becoming harder with each day that passed.