Saving Grace

Wedding Plans

Aubrey smiled as she wrapped the robe tightly around her body and walked down the stairs. Like she had promised him, they would discuss wedding plans today since it was her first day off since he had been back from tour. She walked into the kitchen and picked up the bag of dog food. She poured Pinkly some in his bowl, and then walked over and washed her hands so she could prepare some breakfast.

She quickly fixed some scrambled eggs, toast, and sausage and put it on a plate. She cut up some fruit and placed it in a bowl. She placed them on a tray, and then got him a glass of milk, and began walking up the stairs. She pushed the bedroom door open with her foot, and walked in to find him still sleeping. She laughed quietly, as she walked over and placed the tray down on the bed where she had been sleeping. She sat down, and placed her hand down on his face and stroked it over his cheek. He slowly began to stir.

"You don't have to work today." He grumbled, "What are you doing up?"

She laughed, "I made you breakfast, and I thought we were gonna talk about the wedding all day today?"

He seemed to wake up once the word wedding was mentioned. She giggled softly, as he placed his hand on the fork and began eating some of the food. She watched him eat the breakfast she had prepared, and then he shared the fruit with her. She laughed as he placed a chunk of strawberry between his lips and moved over to her. She leaned forward and took a bite, connecting their lips in a sweet kiss during the process.

Once the entire fruit bowl had been disposed of, she picked up the tray and sat it down on the carpet, before crawling under the covers with him. He wrapped his arm around her and she looked up at him.

"So, what do we need to talk about?" She asked.

"Well, date, location, and size."

"Whatever you want, where ever you want, and whoever you want." She laughed.

He sighed, "This is not going to be just about me. You're the bride. You'll be the focus of the day." He murmured, as he kissed her on the temple.

"You said you wanted a wedding soon."


"What do you consider soon?" She asked.

"Three months tops." Brian said.

"You expect us to be married in three months?" She asked, kind of shocked.

She didn't know much about planning a wedding, but she did know that sometimes people spent months just picking out a date and location, let alone planning the entire wedding. She honestly didn't know what Brian was thinking. They weren't superheros. How were they suppose to pull a wedding out of thin air?

"How big do you want the bridal party to be?" Brian asked.

"Uhm. . . I have my sister and Sydney. . ."

He laughed, "That's all?"

"Well, as of right now. . . Yeah."

"What am I suppose to do?" Brian laughed, "Put Jimmy and Johnny walking down together?"

She laughed, "Brian, I really don't know what to do! I've never planned anything like this in my entire life."

"It's not that difficult."

"You talk like you have experience." She said, climbing on top of him, and straddling his hips.

He smirked, as he raised his hands up and placed them on her waist.

"I don't have experience, I just know I want to marry you as soon as possible."

"Do you want a big wedding?" She asked, looking directly down into his eyes.

"Not really. Just family and friends."

She sighed, "We have so much to do."

"We can get it done though." Brian said, "I have faith in us."

She leaned over and kissed him softly on the mouth. They began tossing out different locations on where they would want to get married. Brian had several places in his mind, but he really didn't know what Aubrey would think about them.

"How about. . . the park?" He asked.

"The park?" She questioned.

"Yeah. . . The city park would make for a beautiful out door wedding."

"We could arrange it with some flowers and stuff. All we would really need is chairs. Unless you care about possibly fans stopping by and watching. . ." He said.

"I think that would be a good thing." She said, "Your fan should be able to attend your wedding if they want."

He smirked, "So, the park it is? I'll call and see when we can get it."

"Okay, so the date will be whenever it's available. . . and we have the location. So what about the bridal party. . ."

"Well, I want the guys in the wedding. Jimmy will be my best man since I've known him forever. Matt can walk with Syd. . ."

"Do you think Leana and Lacey would be interested?"

He smiled, "I think that would be great. Leana can walk with Zacky, and Lacey with Johnny. It'll work out great."

"Chance needs to be in it somehow."

"We'll find a place for him. It's all worked out."

She smiled, "It wasn't too difficult."

He smirked as he leaned over and pressed his lips against hers. He was happy that she didn't object to a park wedding. They could get married in the public city park, and his fans could even come and enjoy the show. He just hoped they had a opening soon. He honestly couldn't wait to make her his wife.
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