Saving Grace

Carpet Burn

Aubrey laughed as she watched Brian and Chance wrestle around in the living room. He had stayed the night before with them, and now she was watching as he and Brian rolled around on the floor. Brian looked like an over grown kid, as he pinned Chance down. Her nephew squirmed to try to free himself but he couldn't do it.

"Help aunt Bre!" Chance pleaded.

"Oh no, There is no way i'm going to get involved." She said.

"She's just chicken." Brian said.

She stood up and pretended like she was going to walk out of the room, but in reality she walked around and hooked her arms around Brian's waist, and slowly pulled him off Chance. She fell backwards, and he landed on top of her. She giggled, as he rolled over and pinned her hands above her head.

"Did you really think you could beat me?" He winked.

She pouted, "Come on, Bri. Let me up."

He laughed, "No way. You thought you could play, now play. Try to wiggle your way loose."

She did just that. She tried with all her strength to wiggle her way out of his grip, but it was no use. He was using his body to keep hers pinned down. The door bell rang, and she tried to use that as an excuse to get up, but Chance answered the door instead.

Malorie laughed as she walked in, "Why are you two always in compromising positions?"

"It's never my fault, I swear." Aubrey laughed.

"Come on, kid. Let's leave your aunt and uncle to play." Malorie said, ruffling Chance's hair.

"At least their playing with their clothes on this time. If not, they might get carpet burn."

Aubrey blushed recalling the time when Chance had walked in on her and Brian having sex, and Malorie had told him they had simply been playing. His comment made a smirk appear on Brian's lips. The door slammed shut, and Brian laughed loudly.

"We could play with out clothes off. . . I think that would make for a better game."

"Oh really now?" She giggled.

He nodded his head and with a devious smirk, he placed his hand on the bottom of her shirt, and began pulling it up. She laughed as he slowly traced around her belly button with his finger, as he slowly brought the shirt up. He was about to bring it above her bra, when the phone began ringing. He cursed, and thought about ignoring it.

"It could be important." She said.

"What could be more important than this?" He asked.

"Just get the phone." She laughed.

He leaned down and kissed her hard on the mouth before getting up and moving over to the phone. He answered it, and discovered it was Zacky.

"What's up?" Brian asked.

"Michelle just called Gena. . . She's in labor."

"Oh okay. Well uh. I guess I need to go and get a blood test once the kid is born."

"Yeah, that would be smart. I'm not sure which floor she's on. Gena left before I could really gather much information. You want me to meet you there?"

"If you want." Brian said, "Bre and I will head over there now."

"Alright man, see you there." Zacky said.

Brian sighed, as he gripped to pieces of his hair. He was almost positive that the baby wasn't his, though there was still a slight chance that it was. He didn't want the baby to be his. He wanted Aubrey to be the mother of his children.

"Michelle is in labor. That was Zack."

"Why did Zack call?" Aubrey said, "Why didn't someone from her side?"

Brian shrugged his shoulder's, "I don't know. If you don't want to go with me, then I understand."

She smiled, "Of course I want to go with you. If it's your baby, then I want to be there too." She said.

He walked over and placed his hands upon her cheeks, and then leaned down and brushed his lips against hers. He was so grateful to have her in his life. She was truly his saving grace in every way possible.

"Let's go then." He said.

She and Brian were at the hospital a little while later. They walked into the waiting room of the labor floor and was shocked to see a lot of faces there. Of course, Michelle's family was there, along with Gena and a couple of her other friends that Brian recognized, but there was also some faces he knew that weren't family or friends. He knew some of them were the guys she had cheated on him with. None of them looked too happy.

He and Bre walked over and took a seat in two empty chairs. Brian was sitting directly beside the guy he had caught her in his kitchen with.

"Let me guess. She told you the kid could be yours too?" The guy said.

Brian looked at him, "Uh. . . yeah."

"Join the crowd. I think there's like six of us here." He said shaking his head, "If I knew she had been such a whore I wouldn't have fucked her. I was just looking for a good time." The guy said.

Aubrey was disgusted by what he had to say. Six guys were here to see if the baby was theirs. She had told six guys that they could possibly be the father of the baby. She hadn't even had sex with six guys in her entire life. She just didn't understand how Michelle could do that. It turned her stomach.

The door swung open and Zacky walked in. He walked right past his girlfriend and straight over to where Aubrey and Brian were sitting.

Brian laughed, "You could have at least said hi to Gena when you came in."

Zacky shook his head, "I'm getting rid of her ass anyways." He laughed.

Aubrey was slightly took back his Zacky's comment on his girlfriend, but she didn't say anything. She guessed he had finally got sick of Gena's ways.

A doctor soon came in and told everyone Michelle had successfully gave birth to a seven pound boy. He told everyone they could go see it now. Aubrey and Brian held hands as they walked down the hallway with her family and the other potential fathers. She just hoped that when she looked into the window she didn't see a baby who resembled Brian.
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