Saving Grace

DNA Test

Aubrey glanced down and saw the baby. She breathed out in relief when she saw it looked nothing like Brian. Though, that could mean nothing. It could look like someone from Michelle's side of the family. Her family were mumbling things in the corner, she really didn't care what they had to say.

A doctor came over to the six or so guys and began talking to them about getting DNA test. Michelle had briefed him on the situation earlier. He explained to each of them that he would need a sample of blood, and he would have the test back to them in an hour or so. There was several nurses waiting to take the blood. Aubrey followed Brian back into a room.

Aubrey had to look away as the nurse got some of Brian's blood. Once the nurse finished, she told Brian he could take a seat out in the waiting area and they would have the results in an hour or so.

"So, what do you think?" She finally grew the courage to ask him.

"I don't think it's mine." He said with confidence, "It looks nothing like me. That's not a Haner kid."

She laughed, "You're so cocky."

They took a seat in the waiting area with the rest of the possibly daddy's to be. All of Michelle's family and friends were now back in the room seeing the little baby. Zacky was the only guy in the room who wasn't a potential dad.

"I feel so awkward." Zacky laughed.

"Why?" Brian asked.

"Because every guy in here is possibly the father of that kid, but me." He said.

"Lucky you." One muttered from across the room.

Aubrey giggled softly, and then tightened her grip on Brian's hand. He looked over at her and flashed her a soft smile. She knew things were slowly, but surely falling in place for the two of them. They were getting married, trying for a baby, and now lived together. This was the last hurdle they would have to face in their relationship, at least for right now. She knew nothing could top what they had already been through. It just needed to be smooth sailing from here.

The doctor walked into the waiting area with many different envelopes in his hand. He began calling off names and handing the men their envelope. He called Brian's name, and he quickly ripped into the envelope and stared down at the white page with text. He didn't say anything for a few minutes. He just starred at the piece of paper. Aubrey just knew the kid was his. She just knew that their plans of marriage and having kids of their own had just went down the drain.

He smirked as he looked over at her. "Told you it wasn't mine." He said showing her the piece of paper that said he wasn't the father. She squealed out with delight as she tossed her arms around him, and began placing kisses all over his face.

"Lucky bastards." One man grumbled from the corner of the room.

He also had an envelope, and he didn't look happy with his result. Brian, Zacky, and Aubrey began making their way out of the hospital.

"You guys heading home to celebrate?" Zacky asked, with a smile.

"Yup." Brian smirked.

A little bit later they walked inside their home. Aubrey sighed with relief as she realized there was nothing holding them back now. The Michelle situation had been handled. Jason was in jail. Brian was back from tour.

"I love you so much." Brian said as he stepped forward and cupped her face in his hands.

She smiled, "Love you too."

"I'm so happy we can move forward with things. I cannot wait to make you my wife and mother of my children."

She smiled, as she thought about what the future with Brian could contain. She saw herself being married to him many years down the line. They would raise a couple of kids, and hopefully one day she could join him on tour and see the world. She smiled as she thought about growing old with him, and retiring. They could then spend every day together.

She thought back to when they had first met. She had pretty much hated him, and he had been a cocky asshole who thought he was indestructible. They had both taught each other so many things. She had showed him that he couldn't continue down the road he was on, and he taught her how to be more open and not hide away from the world. She had been so broken and damaged from her past relationship. He had pieced her back together, and helped make her a stronger woman.

"Brian. . ." She whispered.

"What, baby?" He asked.

"You're my saving grace." She said, as she leaned up and kissed him softly on the mouth.
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Sadly, this is the end to Saving Grace. I know a lot of you are wondering why I ended it here, but I thought it was a good place to stop. I wanted it to be an open book for a sequel. So If I get time, and get through my other Brian ideas, then I may come back. But if not, then I think this ending will suit it as well.

I want to thank everyone for messaging, commenting, subscribing, making banners, supporting, and just reading this story. It was my first a7x, and I'm super proud of the response it got.

Another Brian story is out titled "Girl Next Door". And then I have a Zacky, Matt, and a Matt Co Write if you Avenged Fans are interested.