Status: Complete, with a possible alt ending going up

Dragon Fire

Alternate Ending: Despair

He watched her go about her daily life from the protection of the forest. There was nothing he could do, naught he could say. He could only stare at her mutely. Speech too had been taken from him, on his transformation. The castle had not crumbled, as he’d thought it might, but the villagers had come, with fire and weapons, to drive him away. Now the Poulinrays were fixing it up, as they were wont.

He had failed. There was nothing to be done any more, but he had failed to summon the necessary feelings from within the one he loved.

It was true, then. He was unlovable. Nothing he might have done would have changed it. The despair was thick and black in his throat. But still, he watched her.
It was likely, he knew from years of study, that he would outlive her by several dozen generations. The thought ripped a new hole in his soul. Entire lifetimes without her. But he would wait, and he would watch, so that Belle and her progeny would never be without a guardian.

For now, though, he would grieve for what might have been.
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This is for all you sadists, who like to see pain and agony. You sickos. And for me, because my own sadistic side was showing.

NOTE: The official end of the story was chapter thirteen. This is...something else. ^_^
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