It Wasn't

This, despite what it seems, is a Billie/Adrienne story. It may not look like it, but towards the end, you will see that Billie and Adie are meant to be.

Its mostly told from the point of view of a girl called Alice Lynn James. She's a Green Day fan, and when she meets Green Day for the nineteenth time, some complications arise.

It also deals with some feelings that Mike has about someone very dear to him who left him. And it doesn't just revolve around two characters. Alice's sister, Robyn Elizabeth James is indeed in love with Tre.

There are a few problems from Robyn's past that haunt her relationship with Tre and Alice's mind haunts her about her relationship with both her new boyfriend Frank and with Billie Joe.

I'd tell you more, but then you wouldn't have to read the story! ^_~

Its interesting, I guess. I have two regular readers, and everyone else just pops up and reads now and then. Hope you like it!
  1. Chapter 1
    Just a bit of intro. Imagine being at a Green Day concert. I'm so jealous.
  2. Chapter 2
    Its not her fault! See, her ex was there and she had to do something! She just chose the wrong person...hehe...
  3. Chapter 3
    I'm sure he has honest intentions...
  4. Chapter 4
    There's a surprise.I would so love to go there. I really hate Alice. She gets to do everything I don't even dream about!
  5. Chapter 5
    Can you believe it? Sisters! But you know, Billie's taken, so nothing's going to happen. Or is it?
  6. Chapter 6
    Just some comedy before the shit comes down. I think I'm the only person who thinks its funny.
  7. Chapter 7
    Ooh! Blushing! Yeah, I think only two people blush, but they've got damn good reasons to.
  8. Chapter 8
    Guilt can do terrible things to your subconsious.
  9. Chapter 9
    She's going to work up the nerve to try and save their frickin' souls!
  10. Chapter 10
    But she does anyway...and she's successful. Okay, no, she wasn't aiming for it. But it happened.
  11. Chapter 11
    Oh Lord. Caught in the act and caught up in rejection. Damn.
  12. Chapter 12
    She knew she shouldn't have, but she did. And where the hell was Frank during all this?
  13. Chapter 13
    Geez. Cheating, keeping secrets, falling in love. Robyn broke down, but she's getting up. Slowly. And Alice and Billie did something they shouldn't have. Now, Alice is wondering what to do about it, while trying to help Robyn back on her feet.
  14. Chapter 14
    The story is unveiled. Tre and Robyn make up. Now, Alice knows that Mike knows. And she knows what she has to do.
  15. Chapter 15
    Alice spazzes and tells Robyn and Tre everything.
  16. Chapter 16
    The last chapter. It's partially nonsense.