My lie and new life

Billie have cheaten on his wife adie and hit his son Joeseph. All fall apart and Billie have to go to the hospital after Adie and him had a fight. He had begun to take drugs and came home late every day. Mike and Tré, Billies friends was to scared to help him when he eould hit them and don't listen. Like allways. Billie cut himself when he begin to be depress when he lives with Mike. he don't eat, sleep, or take a shower. All was broken inside. He didn't look at someone.. there was no Billie Joe left. He had three sons had a whore say. he belived her to have some to stand on to. he was dead if he hadn't. Frank/Tré said, she was saying it because the money. Maybe, maybe not. The living Billie Joe maybe would come back to Adrienne and be old Billie Joe or stay with the whore Rina and be the dead Billie that fate away more for every day.
  1. Hit by a truck
    Billie are fighting with adie and had to go to the hostpital..
  2. Cheated haert..
    Joey get mad at his father and billie move to Mike for a time..
  3. The lies
    Billie have flashback at why adie get mad at him..
  4. The first try to suicide
    Tré and Mike try to make Billie forget all about what had hapen. maybe it make him thinkm, maybe not..
  5. Is life back?
    Jakob are with Billie and Mike. all are great until..
  6. the hurry
    billie living with a *** and takin care of her son..
  7. the knowledge