My lie and new life

Cheated haert..

**One week later**
*Still Billie's Point of view*

I stare in the white wall and tears stream down my face like the past days. My mind was flashing back at what had happen when I close my eyes. I turn my face to the door when footsteps come closer and Mike came in to the room. He waved to me, but was given a weak smile in return. Slowly he walked to me where I now sat. I had broken a leg very bad when I got to the hospital.

"Are ya okay?" A nod was what he was given in return once again. I dried my eyes and stare down in the floor. "You can come home today Joe. You can stay with me if you want?"

"Mike, you don't need to."

"Bullshit, you are my best of friends. You are always welcome"

"Maybe, but your girlfriend?" Mike turn his face away at the question and I drag me up and hug him for I knew he had loved his last girlfriend much. "We're going now" I drag him in the arm and he smiled at me when we came out from the smelly hospital. He turn to me in the car again and I nodded at what he just should ask.
After a time the car turn of outside my old house. A sigh left me before I got out from the car and walk up to the door.

**No one Point of view**

He knocked on the door and small foot ran down the stairs and open the door. The little boy from the hospital open the door and jump on the man outside. A other boy walk out from the livingroom and did what surprised the man. He walk to the kitchen instead and came back with a man with brown hair and look like he had more money then the man outside with the boy Jakob around him.

"Jake get away from the fucker"

"No! His mine!" Jakob hug his father tighter and the man with the other boy beside him walk in front of them and look at the other man with hate.

"Why did you come here? You're an asshole! Get away from the kid before something happen"

"Ya that's my name. Have problem with it?" He grin to the man and whipped some tears from his son's face. An women walk up beside the other boy and laid a hand on his shoulder.

"Get away Billie Joe. You don't have something to do here" He shock his head and sat down in front of Jakob to see in his eyes.

"You want to live with daddy?"

"Your fucker get away from him!"
The other kid walk up and hit his father in the face so he sat on the doorstep outside. He jump up on him and hit him in the stomach until Mike had came out from the car and hold him back. Billie was lying and holding his stomach but sat up when he felt a pair of eyes look with anger on him. The women came up to them and hold Jakob in her arms.

"You're fuckers. I can't even hug my owns son."

"You hurt them Billie Joe so don't get near here again!"

"Adie I love you and you know that"

"No, I have never trust you so why should I now?"
A single tear make its way down the cheek and Billie turn around to Mike that still hold the other boy back. He walk past him and back to the car. He just make it in and close the door before he had his head in the hands and cried. Mike was after him and turn on the car without saying something. Mike finally turns to his friend when he turn of the car outside his own house.

"Billie, you know she didn't mean it."

"She fucking hate me Mike, so do Joey. Did you see the man? She already have a boyfriend"

"Billie, don't think like that, all are good or is going to be. Trust me"
Billie got out from the car and smash the door before he walks to the door. He was waiting until Mike open it and make his way to the fridge and took out a beer. Mike walked in after him and found him cry in the cough with a half beer in his hand.

"Billie Joe take your self together. You have me and Tré left"

"I make her hate me Mike. I ch... I would never done it!"