My lie and new life

the hurry

**Mike's Point of view**

I starred at her for a second before she just stepped in. She just walked in to the room and grabbed Billie's arm and dragged him up. Jake was already in my arms when we looked at the whore Billie had been with. She 'loved' him and he believe her. A sigh left me and I walked in to the kitchen when I new what they would be doing. I could hear that she was yelling to him and hit him on the face. She 'cried' of course like a other time when she found out that he had thoughts of leaving Adie. Jake's little eyes was full with wonder and I just shook my head. Instead I begun to make the dinner so we all four could eat when Billie shouldn't let her go again. Jake sat by the table when I walk in to the tv to make the other come. They lay naked in the cough like all times. I shuck Billie so he could get up. When he took on his clothes I got out to Jake again when he had begun to eat the omelette I had made just for him so he wouldn't get in to the other room.

**Billie's Point of view**

She said that she wanted me to the apartment so I could help her to take care of the little one. He was soon one year and she didn't have so much money. A sigh left me when I walked in to the kitchen and I was holding my arm around her while she walked by my side. She stroke my leg very close so I just mumbled something to her so she stopped. I got up after I had eaten one omelette and walked out to the door with her. I would get the clothes when I got back. I drag the hand through my hair when I wanted to stay with Jake but she could hit me if I didn't do as she wanted. I was a slave to her, as Tré had said once and that time I had beaten him down.

**No one Point of view**

Billie knew he hade two choices and if Adie didn't come back what would he do? He hoped that Adie would leave the man she lived with and be there for him. He loved her more then no one else but he hade been drunk and got to bed with a whore. If he hadn't been drunk and high he should say no, but he wasn't himself with the drugs.

Maybe she would give him a second chance, maybe not. He hadn't heard from her in days and Mike had said that she was still mad at him. Why would all this hapen? He was always thinking on it when he was laying lonely in his bed and nothing to do. Tears was always streaming down his face and there was all broken inside. His life was a hell that he had done himself.
A asshole he always told himself, a fucked up.

**In the evening**

Billie was taking on his clothes after a hour or two in the bed. The 'whore' had left the apartment to him and the little kid. The kid was screaming in the bedroom and he was going to take care of it when the 'whore' was out. He didn't even know her real name but he didn't care at the point. The screaming got worse and it knocked on the door just when he picked up the child from the bed. When he had locked up the door he saw of curse Tré that had beer and breed with him. Billie just walked in to the kitchen and begun to fix the food for the little kid. He knew that Tré was there to talk with him when Mike had problem home with Jake.

"You are to slim Billie. Eat more like me or you are going to the hospital."

"Why did you come when you just complain on what I do, who I'm with and how I look?"

"I don't do that. I want to have my Billie Joe back. The one which didn't go back to his wife when he already have it hard ho... " A bottle flow through the air and hit Tré in the head before he could continue. Billie's eyes was full with anger and sadness like when Adie had hit him that night before when he had lost her.

"You think I did it on my own? I fucking want to kill myself for what I did Frank?!" He was going to him and Tré was holding up his arms when he knew that it wasn't good to irritate him when he already was on bad move.

"I just said that. Don't do something you going to regret." He looked calm on Billie and he just nodded to what he had said. The rest of the evening they was watching movie and had fun like before that had happen. Billie didn't want to think of it know either.

When Billie got to bed he just lay there starring out on the way outside. He closed his eyes when the 'whore' got back and laid her arm around him. After a while he was starring out again and a tear was making it's was down his face. He wanted Adie to be there beside him in the bed more then anything.
But was all given a second chance?