My lie and new life

the knowledge

**A month after the big fight**
**No One's Point of view**

The sun was shining through the windows and the women in the bed was moving while the little child beside her was sleeping deep. A man's voice reaches in the room where they were sleeping. The little child in the bed did wake up at one second because the man had said that it was breakfast and that they would go to the beach later. The child that had brown hair and the name Jakob though for the first that it was his real dad but his little eyes begun to tear up when he realised that it wasn't. The women got up and hug her little son that cried and cried because he wanted that his parents should be together again.

An other boy came in after a while and sat down beside them and cried too. He had missed his dad more then he though he would do when he had hit him for he had came back to the house a month earlier. The boy was just afraid to get hit again like every other times before when he had protect his brother or walk down the hallway for go to pie or to drink water.

Both boys were hugged by their mother that also cried because she hated that they cried over for what she and their real dad had done. A man stepped in through the door to the bedroom and he held a little red packet with something. He kneeled in front of the boy's mother and open the little packet where a little stone in a ring that was glitter in the sunlight from the window. She smiled wide to him and hugged him tight. The children on the bed just ran out and cried in each others arms in the older boy's room.

They cried and cried almost the whole day. They didn't come down to the dinner or even the breakfast the other day and the days after. It kept like that in five weeks and someone often did sneak down and get some that they could eat. They didn't be with there new dad on the beach or anything. School was more important for them know when they didn't get to go to there real dad. In a month or more they hadn't seen there dad either in newspaper or on the TV, but the life get going with sorrow and all. The best they had learn by there dad was "Look forward and hope at the best".

Weeks past by again and after three weeks a mail came to the little family. It was addressed to Jakob and Joseph hat had almost not leaved there rooms at all the three weeks and more. The letter was like someone had have hurry or some when it was scribbled text on the bit of paper that was writing something on.
The letter read:

'Dear Jake and Joey,

My life is shit you know that like always. I hope that your mother takes care of you both and you get what you going to use and shit like that. Jake's birthday are in two days and here you have a notebook there you can write whatever you want.

Love Dad'

The last 'xxx' was almost visible for them to see. Jake the smallest took up the book and began to read the first line with sentences with the same as there dad used to say 'look forward and hope at the best even if you can't stand the line'. It was the best they had heard from anyone and should always remember it. They didn't know where he was now but hoped that he came when their mother and step-dad got married so they could meet him.
After the both boys had stare at the word in the book they both slowly lied down on the bed and fell asleep. There mother had closed their door when she passed by. She didn't want to disturb her children when they were asleep when it was hard to make them sleep again.

**On the other side of the town**
**Still No One's Point of view**

The step got faster and faster through the black alley. A rat ran in front of the man that seems to be afraid for something or someone. It came a scream behind him and it made his hair in the neck stand straight up. His step got faster and he got in to a door where a light came down on his scared and pale white face that was well known man that had left all his life behind.