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You Look Pretty Low



I stared out the window, sighing as I read the sign saying ‘Welcome to Maryland’. My sister, Peyton Hayes, smiled weakly and squeezed my hand for comfort. I smiled weakly back before kicking the chair in front.

“Hey fuckk face! How much longer?” I yelled

Our care worker, Julian, turned round and scowled.

“You’re lucky this couple are even fostering you, Trin, seeing as you’re already out the system,” Julian said as calmly as possible

“As soon as it gets to my birthday in July and I’m 18 too, we’re out of here,” Peyton snarled in defence, “but until then, where I go Trin goes,”

“We’ll be there in 10 minutes. Try and last more than a month at this one, please?” Julian sighed in defeat

“Whatever. It’s gotta be better than Pickett county, Tennessee, anyway,” I shrugged

The next ten minutes was spent in silence, my sister and I looking at our surroundings with disinterest. The winter snow was barely there any more, just a few grey splodges on grass, and everywhere looked the same. We were already dreading this. Then the agency car pulled onto the driveway of a larger-than-average house.

“The Bensons are the most successful foster company in the state, so be nice,” Julian warned, getting out the car

“I bet they’ve never had anyone like us,” Peyton whispered, giggling

Peyton and I got out the car, holding the small rucksacks containing our few possessions. Linking hands, we followed Julian up to the door. But we couldn’t help bursting into laughter at the sight of the couple.

“You gave us old people?” I snorted, wiping a tear from the corner of my eye

“I’m terribly sorry, Trinity and Peyton have no manners,” Julian groaned

“That’s quite alright, dear, why don’t you all come in?” the woman smiled

Peyton and I scoffed before pushing our way into the house. Julian groaned again, following us.

“Where are the rest of your bags?” the man asked, confused

“We move around a lot. Don’t have time for bags,” Peyton shrugged

“We’ve never sent anyone back,” the woman said sweetly

“We’ve never stayed 3 months,” I said in reply, only fake-sweetly

“How about I leave you to introduce yourselves?” Julian said cheerfully

“Sure thing,” Peyton said brightly

“See you soon!” I added

Julian rolled his eyes, leaving the house. Peyton and I immediately scowled at the couple.

“I’m Sue,” the woman said politely

“And I’m Donald,” the man said with a smile

“And we’ve been in the system for nearly 10 years so we don’t give a shit,” I snarled

“Let’s just get one thing straight – we don’t plan on staying here long, so save the formalities,” Peyton said bluntly

“Well enjoy disappointment Trinity and Peyton Hayes, we’re not sending you back,” Donald mused

“We’ll see about that,” Peyton smirked

“I think you’ll like your room. Julian told us you always share a room, so we decorated for you,” Sue said knowingly

Peyton and I just rolled their eyes, following the couple up the stairs. After a minute or so, we reached a door.

“Here it is!” Donald announced

We stepped into our new bedroom, silent for once. I couldn’t deny that I was impressed. I knew Peyton was the same. The walls were painted violet with silver borders, and silver curtains. There were two large beds against a wall, separated by two bedside tables. There were two wardrobes, two chests of drawers and two floor-length mirrors. The room had big windows on two walls, with a large window seat under both. The carpet was lilac.

“It’ll do,” I shrugged, not wanting to seem too eager

“Excellent. We’ll take you shopping for new clothes tomorrow. Your bathroom is in the room opposite. We’ve enrolled you to start school at LT High on Monday,” Sue grinned

“Whatever,” Peyton shrugged

The Bensons smiled at each other before leaving us alone. I locked the door before flopping down on a bed, Peyton doing the same on the other one.

“They are so creepy!” I groaned

“Almost as bad as Sally in Ohio,” Peyton agreed

“Eurgh, don’t remind me about her. Vivian in North Carolina was a few screws loose too,” I snorted

“Louanne and Phil in Manhattan were worse than her!” Peyton giggled

“True, true, they had a retarded cat as well. I just can’t believe we’ve got school on Monday,” I sighed

“I know, psychos. But don’t worry, we’ll make a good impression,” Peyton smirked

“As always, sis,” I smirked in reply


[4 hours later]

Peyton and I were still in our room, boredly looking out of our windows.

“I hate it here already. Everything’s so…perfect,” Peyton muttered

“I know, total pod people. Definitely going to need some shaking up,” I nodded with a small smile

Just then, a series of knocks sounded at the door. We both ignored it, so the door opened, Sue stepping in.

“Our next door neighbours, the Dawsons, have invited us over,” she announced

“So?” I asked bluntly

“Um, all of us?” Sue adjusted

“We don’t meet neighbours,” Peyton snorted

“They’ve got a son your age,” Sue offered

“We don’t make friends,” I mused

“Eurgh!” Sue exasperated

We laughed as the old woman slammed the door on her way out.

“I give them 2 months, tops,” I grinned

“Nah, make it 1 month. We’ll have to crank it up a bit though,” Peyton said seriously

“Piece of cake,” I yawned

“Might even get a piece of ass out of it too,” Peyton grinned

“You read my mind,” I smirked
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Trinity Hayes
Peyton Hayes
The Bensons

So yeah, this is my first chapter!
Some of you should recognise it - the wonderful Loren Haner-Hale passed her story on to me, as she is no longer on the site to write it. I think she only got the first few chapters up, so from part 3 onwards, it's all mine!

Hope you like.