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You Look Pretty Low



A few more days passed, and soon it was Wednesday. Trinity, me, Alex and Jack were in English Lit. class at the moment, listening to our teacher Old Miss Cranford drone on and on about Romeo and Juliet. Seriously, Romeo and Juliet? Why couldn’t she have chosen something with a little more…bloodshed? Like Macbeth? Grr. I didn’t notice Alex or Jack trying to catch my attention while I was in my Cranford-loathing mode, but I sure as hell noticed when Trinity threw a book at me.

“Why the fuckk did you do that?!” I screeched

Old Cranford and the whole class turned their heads to look at me, amusement and shock on their faces.

“Miss Hayes! Explain your interruption!” Old Cranford barked

Trinity and Jack chuckled under their breath, eager to hear my excuse. Boo yah to them.

“I just can’t understand how Romeo could leave Rosalind for her sister! I mean, it was just so sudden! How must she have felt to be dumped at the drop of a hat?” I exasperated, thinking quickly

Yeaah, I know my Shakespeare. Trinity cursed under her breath, forgetting I actually like English Lit. Old Miss Cranford just beamed at me.

“Well, I’m glad you’re getting so into one of the finest plays in the history of modern Literature. Next time, use your inside voice? And more appropriate language?” Old Cranford cooed

I just smiled fake-sweetly, making the class laugh. When Cranford went back to droning, Alex shifted his chair so he was right next to me, and slid his arm round my waist, pulling me against him.

“I didn’t know you were so smart,” he whispered, kissing the side of my neck

“I’m not – I just like reading. Yeaah, I know, secret geek. Whatever,” I shrugged, trying to ignore the tingly feelings his lips had left

“I like a girl with brains,” Alex murmured, nibbling my ear

“Mr Gaskarth! Miss Hayes…Peyton! Stop canoodling in my class!” Old Cranford yelled

Canoodling? Yuck.

“I was just telling my beautiful girlfriend what I’m going to do with her tonight,” Alex said innocently

“Do share it,” Cranford smirked, trying to catch him out

The class laughed, not believing Cranford just asked that. Hell, I didn’t even know what he was going to say.

“Me and Jack are taking her and Trinity to go bowling with Zackary Merrick, Rian Dawson and his girlfriend Kara Diakoulis tonight. To…recreate the social meeting at which Romeo and Juliet first caught eyes at each other,” Alex smirked back

Okay, I did not expect that.

“They didn’t meet at a bowling alley, Mr Gaskarth,” Cranford sighed, “I’m sure even you know that,”

“I know, they met at a Capulet masquerade ball that Romeo Montague snuck into. But this is the best we could do,” Alex said innocently

Cranford’s lips pressed together in a thin line as the class burst into laughter, knowing Alex had won. I kissed him full on the mouth, not being able to resist.

“Gaskarth! Peyton Hayes! Detention!” Cranford yelled

“We’ll carry on in there, baby,” I said loudly, winking dramatically

Alex just grinned, relaxing back in his chair.


[Later that evening]


Peyton had gotten home from detention about an hour ago, meaning we’d only just had enough time to get ready. We were waiting for Zack to come and pick us up, seeing as Rian was picking up his girlfriend. We were finally going to meet the infamous Kara. Rian had already warned us at lunch to be nice, so Peyton and I guessed she was nothing like us. Ah well…this could be fun.

Peyton was wearing a blue stripy polo shirt and pale tight jeans, and I was wearing a floaty white top and dark tight jeans, both of us just dressing casual for once. I mean, I like to appreciate my body, but I do not want the world and its grandma seeing my ass if I tripped.

Bad experience with the one bowling alley I’ve been to, okay?

“Helloooooo? Zack’s here!” Peyton practically yelled in my face

“Dude, say it, don’t spray it,” I grunted, embarrassed to have been caught reminiscing

Peyton just laughed, pulling me to my feet. The two of us walked outside to Zack’s car, not needing coats now the weather was quite nice. I smiled and winked flirtily at Zack as I got in the front of his car, taking in his blue plaid shirt and plain jeans with approval.

“It’ll take about half an hour to get to the alley, so get comfy,” Zack instructed, backing out of the driveway

I smirked and rested my hand on his upper thigh. Peyton laughed loudly, Zack just groaning.

“Not comfy like that. I need to be able to drive,” Zack mumbled, blushing

“Fine. I’ll find someone else to satisfy my needs tonight then,” I shrugged

“Trinityyyy,” Zack whined

Peyton just laughed again, knowing deep down that I was only teasing. To be honest, this is the longest fuckk I’ve ever kept. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I shuddered slightly at the thought of being in a monogamous relationship, turning my head to look out the window. This was going to be a long night.


[45 minutes later]

“I thought you said half an hour,” I grumbled, stretching my short legs as I got out the car

“There was traffic!” Zack defended, locking the car

Peyton linked her hand with mine, the two of us following Zack into the neon-lighted building. I must’ve missed Jack walking in, as he was literally a few steps in front of us, his lanky body jumping up and down with excitement.

“J-DOG!!!!” I screamed

“T-BAG!!!!” Jack screamed back, turning on his heels

Peyton and Zack laughed as Jack spun me round in a circle. I grinned at his all-black outfit, flicking his white flat-peak.

“How’s my bestest best friend?” Jack grinned

“In need of a fuckk. How’s my bestest best friend?” I laughed

“I’m great! Is Zack holding out on you again?” Jack mused, grabbing my hand

“Yup!” I nodded, glaring slightly at Zack

Zack groaned in exasperation, Jack just laughing and pulling me and Peyton down the corridor by our hands.

“I was driving! And your sister was in the back!” Zack finally called in defence, jogging to catch up

Peyton and I looked at each other before snorting.

“So?” Peyton smirked

Zack just blushed, Jack bursting into hysterics.

“Oh, you aren’t even close to corrupting him yet, Trin,” Jack giggled

I just smirked. We turned the corner, finally seeing Alex, Rian and a tall brunette girl. Must be Kara.

“Peyyyyton!” Alex cried out happily

“Finally! Someone’s glad to see me!” my sister huffed, only teasing

Alex glared at Zack and Jack before covering Peyton’s mouth in an intense kiss.

“Alex! Let me introduce Kara before you suck the oxygen out of Pey!” Rian groaned

Alex flipped him off before breaking away from my sister. Peyton stumbled backwards slightly, clearly dizzy from desire. I just snickered, placing my hands on my hips. I turned my attention to the leggy brunette in front of me. She had tanned skin, straight dark hair past her shoulders, and towered over me by a good 7 inches. To be fair, it’s not hard. Peyton and I are only 5ft tall. She was quite skinny, but was wearing a plain pair of black jeans and a cute scoop-neck white t-shirt. Damn, I couldn’t find anything wrong with her. Yet.

“I’m Kara. It’s so nice to finally meet the infamous Hayes sisters!” Kara beamed

“Trinity,” I said simply

“Peyton,” my sister added

“So Peyton is Alex’s girl and Trinity is Zack’s girl?” Kara whispered quickly to Rian

But we heard.

“Woah, I’m not Zack’s girl. We fuckk occasionally. That’s it,” I said quickly, staring her down

Kara blushed, bowing her head slightly from embarrassment. It looked like Zack blushed too.

“Sorry, I just assumed…”

“Don’t assume. But don’t worry. I’ll let you off this time,” I smiled

Rian looked at me, shocked. Well, I suppose I did smile.

“What lanes have we got and what teams?” Jack asked excitedly

We turned our heads to see that Jack was still bouncing.

“Seriously, what are you on? I want some!” Peyton teased

“Pixie sticks – the poor person’s cocaine. We’ve got lanes 2 and 3, and it’s boys versus girls. Unless, you don’t think you could handle that?” Alex smirked

“Oh we can handle that alright. Bring it, biatch,” I said firmly

Zack, Jack, Peyton, Rian and Kara all made loud ‘oooooh’ noises, making me laugh. We all went and got those dorky-looking bowling shoes, splitting into our lanes.

“I want a quick photo of you boys in those stupid shoes before we start,” Kara ordered

Peyton and I laughed as Alex, Jack, Zack and Rian leapt to their feet, posing with their bowling balls. Kara snapped a photo on the camera she’d brought, laughing straight away. She held it out to Peyton and I, the two of us laughing as well when we saw it.

“Oh that’s a keeper,” Peyton giggled

“Posers,” I snorted, rolling my eyes

“You know you love it,” Jack sang, slapping Zack’s ass

Zack yelped, the rest of us cracking up again.

“I think we’d better start playing before we get kicked out,” Rian laughed
♠ ♠ ♠
Peyton’s bowling outfit
Trinity’s bowling outfit
All Time Low bowling

I'm baaaaack!
I have two things to say....
I had no comments in the three days I was away
New Moon is the best mother-effing film I've seen all year

That is all.

Peace and marshmellows