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You Look Pretty Low



It was now the end of March, and Peyton and I were unfortunately still in Maryland. Well, unfortunately more for me, as Peyton and Alex were still going strong. I honestly don’t know what she sees in him – he’s just like every other guy she’s dated, and it’s going to end with her getting a broken heart. I only hoped that I wouldn’t have to kick his ass too much for her sake.

On to more surprising news – I still hadn’t stopped sleeping with Zack. I don’t know why, so don’t ask. There’s just something about him that I can’t resist. Apart from his amazing body and gorgeous smile, I haven’t corrupted him enough for my liking yet. And I will, mark my words.

Right now, Peyton and I were just leaving Home Ec class to meet the boys for lunch.

“I need to get rid of this textbook, it’s too heavy,” Peyton whined, struggling to hold the thick book

“You read my mind,” I groaned, also struggling

The two of us pushed our way through the crowds of students, having to stamp on feet to get some people out of our way. But just as we neared our lockers, a group of 4 ridiculously tall football players stood in our way. One was blonde, one had a really bent nose, one had a neck as thick as his head and one had a shaved head.

Eh, they’ll have to go by nicknames, I don’t know who they are.

“Move, meatheads,” I snapped, trying to shove past them

They just folded their arms, completely blocking our way. I scowled as passing students stopped and stared. I didn’t have to turn my head to know Peyton did the same.

“What do you want?” Peyton sighed, frustrated

“A bit of Hayes ass,” Thick-Neck drawled

“Well you’re going to have to be disappointed. My sister’s taken and I don’t fuckk boys who don’t know how to use their penis’,” I said mock-sweetly

“We don’t take no for an answer,” Buzz-cut smirked

“I really would like to get through one week without a fight at some point,” Peyton muttered, dropping her messenger bag to the floor

“Eh, it’s a bit of entertainment,” I shrugged, dropping mine too

Blondie, Crooked-Nose, Thick-Neck and Buzz-Cut looked at each other before circling me and my sister. We bowed to each other before swinging our books at them. I smashed Blondie square in the jaw, sending him stumbling backwards, and Peyton thumped Thick-Neck in the side of the head, making him crash into Buzz-Cut. We laughed, readying ourselves again. By this point, there was a huge group of students around us, cheering and hollering.

“Have you pansies had enough yet?” I taunted

But out of nowhere, Crooked-Nose grabbed my throat, choking my air supply. Blondie yanked the textbook out of my hands, and threw it to the floor. I watched as Peyton braced herself for Thick-Neck and Buzz-Cut, her eyes flicking to mine as Blondie held my hands firmly behind my back, my vision getting blurry as I lost oxygen.

“Fuckking roundhouse them,” I croaked, balling my fists in anticipation

Peyton smirked and crouched, Thick-Neck and Buzz-Cut glancing at each other warily. Then she jumped in the air, spinning round 360 degrees with her right leg sticking out. The force of her foot hitting both Thick-Neck and Buzz-Cut in the side of the head knocked them to the floor, Blondie faltering enough for me to wrench my hands out of his grasp.

Then it was my turn to jump.

On my way up, I put one hand on either side of Crooked-Nose’s face. On my way down, I smashed my forehead into his face. His nose made a satisfying ‘crunch’ and gushed with blood, giving Peyton enough time to viciously punch Blondie in the gut as Crooked-Nose dropped his hold on my throat.

“You bitches aren’t worth a fuckk,” Thick-Neck spat, crawling to his feet

“You’ll pay for this,” Crooked-Nose spluttered, holding his nose in agony

“That’ll teach you to try and force us into sex then, won’t it?” Peyton snarled

“You haven’t heard the last of us,” Blondie groaned, clutching his stomach

“I’ll be the judge of that,” a voice said shrilly

Peyton and I turned on our feet to see Principal Morgan standing behind us, arms folded and a stern look on her face.

“You six, my office, now,” she said coldly

Peyton and I rolled our eyes and picked up our bags, the four jocks following behind us. We sat in our normal chairs in Principal Morgan’s office, the four boys standing behind us. Principal Morgan stared at the six of us in silence for a little while, before sighing.

“I don’t condone violence in this school. Miss and Miss Hayes, you should know this by now. Watts, Sillet, Sullivan, Hatch, you should know better. Boys, how dare you physically fight two girls who are so obviously smaller than yourselves!…”

“They’re a hell of a lot stronger than they look!” Blondie protested, interrupting

“Mr Sullivan, I am well-aware of their karate abilities. I am still very disappointed in the four of you. Miss and Miss Hayes…well, I have given you too many warnings for this to be glossed over. The six of you are suspended for 5 days,” Principal Morgan said firmly

The six of us went up in outcry, until Principal Morgan whistled sharply.

“Just be lucky I’m not removing you from the football team or expelling you. The six of you will leave school grounds now and not return till next week. Let this be a lesson to you not to fight. Think about the consequences of your actions,” Principal Morgan said seriously

“Whatever, can we go now?” I asked boredly

Principal Morgan sighed but nodded, so I linked hands with my sister, the two of us leaving the four protesting football players behind. Peyton pulled me outside the building over to our usual lunch spot under the tree.

“Where were you two?” Alex asked, concerned at the hand print on my neck

Alex, Jack, Zack and Rian all frowned when Peyton and I didn’t sit down.

“We got suspended for five days, starting now,” Peyton smirked, shifting her weight from one foot to another

“What?!” Zack yelped

“Why?” Rian asked seriously

“Four of the football team tried to force us into sex so we beat them up,” I shrugged

“They fuckking what?! Who were they?” Alex growled

“Um…I don’t know. I think Principal Morgan said their surnames were Watts, Sillet, Sullivan and Hatch,” Peyton replied, scratching her head in thought

“You beat up those four? They’re fuckking huge! And some of the most popular rich kids in the entire school!” Jack gasped

“Yeaah well, they underestimated us. But we’ve gotta get going, so we’ll see you after school?” I asked, raising an eyebrow

“Sure,” Rian mused, shaking his head

Peyton and I flashed them award-winning smiles before strutting out of school. We knew this fight was a bad mistake, we just didn’t want to admit it. Well, not in public anyway.



As soon as we walked through the Bensons’ front door, Sue and Donald appeared in front of us.

“Girls, why can’t you stop getting into fights?” Sue cried out

“When football players stop trying to force us to have sex with them,” I said bluntly

“Couldn’t you have said no and just walked away?” Donald sighed

“Nope,” Trinity snapped, crossing her arms over her chest

“Why are the two of you being so difficult! We’re trying to stick up for you!” Sue exasperated

“By lecturing us? Wow, you two are amazing,” I said sarcastically

Trinity grabbed my hand and started walking up the stairs.

“Jerry Hatch’s mother rang to say she’s suing the two of you $10,000 for breaking her son’s nose. He’s the quarterback of the football team apparently – missing his training could set him back and ruin his future,” Donald announced

I choked on my own saliva and froze, Trinity doing the same. $10,000? Where the hell are we going to get that money?! And his nose was crooked anyway…what’s the big deal?!

“We can’t pay that,” Trinity said quietly

“We know,” Sue said softly

I cast my eyes to her, raising my eyebrow in confusion.

“Well how do you suggest we pay it then?” I snapped

“We’ve already paid it,” Donald said with a small smile

“What the FUCKK?!” Trinity and I screeched in unison

“Girls, how do you think we afford such nice things for a retired couple? We’re rich,” Sue smiled

“Excuse me? How the bloody hell are you two rich?” I scoffed

“We spent a couple of decades on Las Vegas. Sue and I found out we had talents in gambling,” Donald said mischievously

My thoughts swirled ridiculously fast. Sue and Don…gambling? Rich? I just couldn’t process this. I knew Trinity was the same, because she was still frozen on the stairs like I was. Where the fuckk was this coming from? Why did they only tell us now? What else are they hiding? So many questions, too much shock to ask them.

“So the two of you paid a huge sum of money on our behalf…even though we treat you like shit?” Trinity managed to blurt

“Yeaah, pretty much. Someone had to,” Sue laughed

“Well, um…thanks,” I said nervously

Sue and Donald looked absolutely shocked at my words. Hell, I was shocked at my words. It’s just that, no-one’s ever done anything like this for us before.

“You’re welcome,” Donald beamed

“Erm, let’s got to our room, yeaah Pey?” Trinity said, confused

I just nodded in silence, taking her hand again. Trinity didn’t need to question me – we both knew I didn’t have a clue where my gratitude had come from. Things were about to get very interesting around here.
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Thought I'd liven things up a bit
who doens't love a good punch up?
Bit of a surprise about the Bensons though, huh? =]
gotta love 'em

I've got a question for you. again. What's the most trouble you've ever gotten into at school or college?
Mine was when I climbed out the window and onto the roof =]
totally worth the week of detentions =]

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