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You Look Pretty Low



“Trinity! Peyton! Can you come downstairs for a minute please!” Sue called up the stairs

I snickered at Trinity’s groan, watching her frustration in amusement as she detangled her limbs from Zack’s.

Yes, I was in the same room as they were going at it.

No, I wasn’t watching.

I had my iPod in up to full volume and I was painting my nails. Black. Alex would’ve been here, but he was at home, still asleep.

What do you expect?

It’s 8-fuckking-am.

“You can leave when you want…god-only-knows how long this is going to take,” Trinity shrugged at Zack, pulling a random t-shirt on with her short denim skirt

“I’m meant to be taking Rian to band practice anyway. I’ll call you later, babe,” Zack smiled

Trinity just pecked his lips and followed me out the bedroom.

“It’s not like you to have early morning sex,” I commented, inspecting my fingernails

“You’ve chipped your left pinky. Eh, I had a steamy dream – waking up next to that ripped body didn’t help much,” Trinity said simply

I couldn’t help but laugh. Outside people would think that the two of us were hormonal and harsh to the people we slept with, but we’re just honest.

Anyway, we got downstairs to see Sue and Donald each standing with a large bag in hand.

“You’re finally sending us back? Great!” I said with a grin, knowing obviously they weren’t

“Nice try. No, we’re spending the day and night with some of our friends a couple of towns over. We’ve left enough food for the two of you, but there’s also a couple of hundred in case you run out,” Sue smiled

“You’re leaving us here? Alone?” Trinity said, confused

“Yup. Now, we must get going. We’ll be back late tomorrow morning, so have fun,” Donald said cheerfully

Trinity and I watched in shock as the Bensons left us alone in the house.

“We’ve been here three months. They trust us,” I grinned

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Trinity grinned back

“A huge house party to show them how stupid they were to leave us?” I asked innocently

“A celebration that gives them the finger. Let’s get to work,” Trinity whooped

Then Zack trudged downstairs, not looking particularly awake.

“What are you two so happy about?” he yawned

I snorted. He should’ve prepared himself for an all-nighter if he’s dating my sister.

“We’ve got some work to do. Keep checking your phone and emails today, baby,” Trinity smirked

“Alright, I can see you two have a devious plan,” Zack laughed, pulling his shoes on

“Don’t tell anyone. At least, not yet,” I warned, narrowing my eyes

“My lips are sealed. Have fun,” Zack snickered, holding his hands up in surrender

Trinity kissed him firmly on the mouth before the two of us ran upstairs. This was going to be the house party to end all house parties.


“Thanks Casey! Yup, bring as many people as you can! Get here an hour early…say, 8pm? Yup, it’s an all-nighter. Awesome, see you soon!” I grinned

I hung up the phone, turning back to face Trinity with a grin on my face.

“Remember Casey Duvont? The bubbly red-head who’s pimps and whores party we went to?” I asked, flopping down onto my bed

“Oh yeaah…what about her?” Trinity asked back, running a hand through her blonde hair

“She’s bringing her sound system early to help set up. Her friends are coming over with her with food too. For some reason they seem to like us. And Casey’s three older brothers are home this weekend and are bringing loads of their friends with them. As in, way over a two dozen 20 year olds. And they’re all bringing alcohol. How are you getting on?” I grinned

“Mm niiiice. I’ve got the head cheerleader to spread the word, as well as those three girls Lana, Verity and Sarah…you know, the gossips…to spread the word. So far, I reckon we’ve got about…a hundred people coming. If not more,” Trinity smirked

“And I’ve got the basketball team and football team to bring their friends and girlfriends. Dayum, sis, this is going to be huuuuge!” I squealed

“Damn right. Now, we just have to tell the boys…” Trinity trailed off

“Crap, we haven’t told them already?” I paled

“Let me check my messages,” Trinity laughed

I watched as my sister scrolled through her phone. She seems to be taking ages…nope, she’s smiled.

“It’s okay, I sent them a message as one of the first lot of people. Zack said they’ll all come over to help set up after band practice,” my sister grinned

“I didn’t think Rian would be alright with it,” I said honestly

“I told them it’s a celebration of us being here for over 3 months. I’m assuming he thinks the Bensons are alright with it,” Trinity shrugged

“Thank fuckk. Right, shall we go and buy alcohol with the money the Bensons left?” I said, relieved

“Mm, let me just get us a ride into town,” Trinity nodded

She scrolled down her phone, clicking a number.

“Hey, Garrett? Are you busy at the moment?…no? Great! Could you do me a huuuuuge favour?…Come to my house and pick me and my sister up, and take us into town to buy alcohol for the party I invited you to?…Yeaah, we’ve got fake-Ids…yuh huh, and money…awesome! See you in 10!” Trinity said happily

She closed her phone with a grin on her face. Oh the art of female persuasion. We high-fived before walking over to our wardrobes.

“Will you choose my outfit for tonight for me?” Trinity asked randomly

“Only if you choose mine,” I laughed



It was now 11pm and the party was starting to hit off. Everywhere I looked there were loads of people, most of the time actually having to squeeze my way through the crowds. The music was pounding, the dancing was crazy and the drinks were flowing. So far, this party was amazing. If I do say so myself.

I finally made it to the kitchen, and flattened down my lacy black and white corset dress, glad I was out of the crush. I looked up, noticing my sister was standing with Alex, Jack, Zack, Rian and Kara over by the beer kegs.

“Peyton Hayes, you better not spill anything down your dress,” I called loudly to be heard over the music, “the white chiffon won’t clean easily!”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Peyton laughed, kissing Alex on the cheek

I smiled as he ran his fingers through her dark brown hair. I’m actually starting to believe he’s not a bad guy – maybe Peyton actually found a good one for once. As I reached them, Zack pulled me against his body, pressing his lips to mine furiously.

“Woah! OD on the PDA!” Jack yelped

I broke away from Zack’s embrace with a laugh.

“Just coz you haven’t got any,” I grinned, wriggling my eyebrows

“Exactly!” Jack huffed

I laughed again at his bluntness, breaking away from Zack’s arms to walk over to a passing blonde girl. She looked about 16…who was she? Eh, oh well. With pink pouty lips, big wide brown eyes and a cute button nose, she was pretty. And she looked ditzy. Jack liked ditzy.

“OMG you’re Trinity Hayes!” she gasped

“Yup sweetie, that’s me. Who are you?” I said fake-sweetly

“My name’s Katelynn Donnelly. You can call me Kate,” she said excitedly

“Well Kate, I’ve got a favour to ask you,” I smirked

“Okay, sure!” Katelynn smiled

I leant down to her ear, making sure no-one else could hear.

“You see the tall boy with the black and blonde hair? Well, he’s a bit lonely tonight…reckon you could help him out with that? I know for a fact he’s got a big package,” I said innocently, finishing with a wink

“Him? Wow, he’s hot! Uh, sure! Could you introduce me first though?” Katelynn said with wide eyes

“Of course. Follow my lead,” I grinned

I grabbed her hand and pulled her over to my friends. Jack looked a bit confused but smirked as I pushed Katelynn into his arms.

“Jack, this is Katelynn. Kate, this is Jack. Have fun,” I announced

Everyone cheered, making Katelynn blush. I laughed as Jack leant down and whispered in her ear, the two of them heading towards the stairs.

“Stay away from our room!” Peyton yelled

Jack just winked at us as he disappeared from view, sending us into hysterics again.

“I don’t know how you do it,” Rian laughed, sliding his arm round Kara’s waist

“I’m a Hayes – it’s in our blood!” I whooped

Peyton and I high-fived, grinning as Kara handed us two cups full of god-knows-what. Tonight was going to be a good night. Tomorrow…well, we’ll see when the Bensons get home, won’t we?
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Trinity’s dress
Peyton’s dress

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