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You Look Pretty Low



Huzzah! The final evening of my grounding has arrived! Today is the first Sunday of May, a couple of days into the month. I just can’t wait to be ‘allowed’ out of this house apart from for school.

Obviously, I’d snuck out a few times with Zack, and he’d spent a few nights up in my room but there were a lot of evenings when I was alone because he couldn’t get out. And of course, Peyton spent a lot of time with Alex.

Not great, I tell you that.

Right now I’m sitting in mine and Peyton’s bedroom alone, waiting for Peyton to get out the shower. She’s taking bloody ages. Eventually, around 6pm, she strutted back into our room, clad in only a tiny white towel with her black hair hanging past her shoulders dripping wet. I stayed in silence as she pulled out a pair of comfy denim short shorts and a plain blue t-shirt, amused by the excited glint in her eyes.

The only odd thing was, she was humming.

“What’s made you so cheerful?” I yawned

“Jesus fuckk, being cooped in this house is having bad effects on you,” Peyton snorted, taking in my tired appearance

“Are you going to answer my question?” I drawled, brushing off her comment

“We’re having a film night,” she announced

What? Since when?

Peyton just laughed at my confused expression.

“It’s your last night being grounded – I say we celebrate. And besides, technically we’re not leaving the house,” Peyton grinned

“How did you get the Bensons to agree? They’ve been totally anal about the boys coming round for the last two weeks,” I asked curiously

“I persuaded Rian to sweet talk them,” Peyton said innocently

“I like the way you think,” I laughed, getting off my bed

“Mm I thought you might. Now get changed while I set up,” Peyton ordered

I just saluted, making my sister laugh as she left the room.


[1 hour later]


I had finally got everything set up. Food – check. Movies – check. And most importantly, alcohol – check. I turned my head as I heard my sister bounding down the stairs, nodding at her outfit in approval. She had, thank fuckk, changed into a pair of 3/4 length camo pants and a tight black tank top.

“That’s definitely better than those scuzzy tracksuit bottoms you were wearing earlier,” I teased

“Yeaah, well, they were comfy on my size 8 ass,” she defended, balling her fists

Yay! My sister has finally gone up to my weight! Okay, that sounded weird, but for some reason she hated being skinnier than me, and vice versa. Which is fair enough, if you think about it.

“Easy tiger, save your aggression for Zack,” I giggled

Trinity just rolled her eyes, making me chuckle. Then the doorbell rang.

“You can get it, lard-ass,” I smirked

“You’ve still got a bigger ass than me, slut!” Trinity called over her shoulder as she walked down the corridor

I just laughed, straightening the cushions as I heard the boys pile in. A small smile crept onto my lips as a pair of familiar arms slid round my waist, squeezing me gently.

“I missed you, baby girl,” Alex whispered, placing a kiss on the edge of my jaw

“It’s only been 1 day,” I teased, turning around in his arms

“Mm, still too long,” Alex pouted

I laughed before pressing my lips gently to his in a soft kiss. After I pulled away, Alex smiled sweetly at me, before tugging me down onto the sofa beside him. Rian sat on the other side of Alex, while Jack, Trinity and Zack all piled onto the other sofa.

“Right, I’m thinking, movies and popcorn, then pizza, then some more movies and other junk food then alcohol?” Trinity announced

“How about alcohol sporadically all night?” I mused

“Works for me!” Jack whooped

We all laughed, and Trinity got up off the sofa. She rummaged through the DVD pile, before holding up two. I grinned, Alex groaned.

“Dawn of the Dead or Friday 13th?” my sister grinned

“Dawn of the Dead – zombies kick ass,” Zack voted

Jack, Rian, Trinity and I nodded our agreement, Alex just staying silent.

“Don’t worry babe…if you get scared, you can hide into my shoulder,” I whispered teasingly into Alex’s ear

“Shut up,” he retorted softly, his voice cracking a little at the end

I just giggled and patted his head patronisingly before getting comfy, watching in anticipation as the opening credits rolled.


[Much much later]


“And then, they both fell in the pool!”

We all roared with laughter at Jack’s story, the alcohol flowing freely now. Alex and my sister were sitting on the floor wrapped up in her duvet, so Rian and Jack were sharing a sofa, while Zack and I shared a sofa.

I went to take a gulp of my cider, only to find that my can was empty.

“I’m going to get another…anyone want one?” I called loudly

Everyone yelled yes, making me groan. Zack chuckled and got to his feet.

“I’ll help you,” he offered

I just shrugged, leading the way. I could feel his eyes on my ass the entire time, making me smirk a little, remembering how he wouldn’t have dared to do that over 3 months ago. We eventually reached the kitchen, grabbing 6 cans in silence. Well, I was only silent because I could tell Zack wanted to say something. I don’t know how I knew…I just did. So ner.

“Um, Trin…” Zack trailed off

Told you so.

“Yeaah?” I asked, smirking slightly

“Um, close your eyes for a second,” he said quickly

I raised an eyebrow but did so, confused at the rustling noise I heard. I jumped as Zack picked up one of my hands, but was confused when a felt something like cloth being placed in it. What the hell was going on?

“Okay, open your eyes,” Zack instructed

Slowly I did so, to see a small bag on my palm.

“Oookay…” I said hesitantly, not understanding

“There’s something inside,” Zack chuckled, although there was still a nervous undertone

I slowly opened the bag and reached in, gasping as my fingers came into contact with something metal. I quickly pulled out what I grabbed, only to see the most beautiful necklace I’d ever laid eyes on. It had a blue sapphire in the centre, with a small white sapphire on top.

“Jesus fuckk,” I whispered

“It matches the blue in your eyes,” Zack said shyly

“Zack, it’s beautiful…but why did you buy it for me?” I asked confused

“I know we’ve only been together a little over 3 weeks, but you mean a lot to me, Trin. You’re special, and I thought you deserved something just as special. I know you don’t like me as much as I like you, but I wanted you to remember just how much I do like you. I was hoping this might help,” Zack said softly

My jaw dropped slightly, no words coming to my brain for a response. Zack silently took the necklace and unclasped it, before reaching around my neck and reclasping it. My fingers instantly went to the sapphires, my teeth biting my bottom lip.

“Thank you. This is the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me. No-one’s ever bought me jewellery before,” I murmured, looking up into his eyes

Zack just smiled, before leaning down and pressing his lips against mine. I was so overwhelmed with emotion, a swirl of shock, admiration, confusion and happiness making me almost dizzy, so dizzy that I clutched onto Zack’s t-shirt. Zack smiled wider, pushing his tongue past my lips as the kiss got rougher.

“Eww, that’s not what I wanted to see,” a voice fake-gagged from behind Zack

We broke apart, Zack blushing as we saw Jack and Rian picking up the ciders.

“We were just coming,” I defended

“Sure you were,” Rian winked

I chuckled slightly as Zack blushed further. Rian and Jack left the kitchen, so Zack and I were alone once more.

“Now…where were we?” I mused

“About to follow them back,” Zack said shyly

“Oh not this again! You were making so much progress,” I whined

Zack just laughed, a mischievous glint passing over his eyes, before he slapped my ass and legged it back to the living room. I stood in shock for a couple of seconds, before starting to run after him

“You’ll pay for that!” I yelled, a smile on my lips
♠ ♠ ♠
Trinity’s necklace

Oh Zack....
Gorgeous necklace, huh?

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