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You Look Pretty Low



It was a week later, a lazy summer’s day.


Me, Peyton, Zack, Alex, Rian and Jack had skipped Sport, like the rest of our class had, to sunbathe on the field down the road from the school. Well, Peyton and I were sunbathing in our bras and denim shorts, the boys were playing Frisbee.

Randomly, Alex’s phone began to ring, so he threw the disk and answered it.

“Hey Johnson…yeaah we’re free…tomorrow night?…true that…sure, I’ll ask them…same dress code as last time?…awesome, I’ll call you later,”

Alex hung up the phone and excited grin on his face. The boys all sat around me and Peyton as we sat up, Zack handing me my t-shirt.

“I’m perfectly fine how I am, thanks,” I snorted, handing it back

“I don’t want anyone else looking at you,” Zack whispered, his eyes darting accusingly to our other classmates

I just rolled my eyes, ignoring him. The others laughed at his scowl, having listened to our whole conversation.

“Now the lovers’ quarrel is over…I’ve got amazing news,” Alex teased

“Out with it!” Jack said excitedly

“Danny Johnson invited us to his annual cocktail party tomorrow night!” Alex announced

“His exclusive one?” Rian gasped

“Yup. Mainly because of how ‘fly’ Trin and Pey are, but we 6 are on the guestlist. Dress code is formal and it starts promptly at 8pm,” Alex nodded

“Shiiiiit, we’re gonna have to go shopping…we don’t have any formal clothes,” Peyton whined to me

“We can just borrow the Bensons’ car when we get home, and go shopping tonight,” I shrugged

“Why don’t we just go now?” Zack asked, running his fingers through my blonde hair

“Because we don’t have any money on us,” I explained

“I’ll pay,” Alex and Zack said in unison

“Thanks, but we don’t take other people’s money,” Peyton snickered, rolling her eyes

“What if I want to pay?” Alex pouted

“What if I like spending money on you?” Zack added

I frowned, my fingers drifting to my ever-present necklace.

“I don’t like you doing it,” I said simply

“I don’t care,” Zack retorted with a small smile

Jack giggled, earning a slap round the head from Peyton.

“How about you two let Alex and Zack pay now and pay them back later?” Rian suggested

“Sure,” I sighed, knowing that’s the best compromise we’d get

Alex and Zack looked at each other, before nodding.

“Sounds good to us,” Alex smirked

Neither Peyton or I noticed both of them had crossed their fingers behind their backs.

“Yay! Let’s go then!” Jack said excitedly

Zack handed me my t-shirt forcefully. Possessive jerk. I rolled my eyes and pulled it on, Peyton doing the same with hers. I winked at Jack before grabbing his hand and starting to skip, sticking my tongue out at Zack.

Mm, cocktail party. Alcohol and Zack in a shirt. Can’t wait!



At just gone 8pm, the 6 of us arrived outside a large house. We’d all walked from Rian’s, as Danny’s house was only a 10 minute walk. I was wearing a tight-as-hell silver strapless mini-dress with black and white accessories while Trinity wore a low-cut black halterneck dress with baby pink accessories (she'd lost a bet to me; she wouldn't have worn pink otherwise).

I’m gonna be blunt. I look hot.

“ ‘Sup Gaskarth! Dayum, you’re all looking fiiine tonight!” a tall dark skinned boy in an all black suit, hollered as he opened the door

“Hey Johnson,” Alex laughed

We all walked into the house, Trinity and I handing our shawls to Danny.

“Dayum, you girls sure have some junk in yo trunk! Alright, tonight you can make your own or get one of the bartenders to make you one. Unlimited all night till you puke,” Danny grinned, leading us down a corridor

We walked into a large room, filled with about 40 people, many of whom were already swaying intoxicatedly to the loud music. Awesome.

“Let’s get this party started!” Jack whooped

[3 hours later]

I stumbled over to Rian, almost tripping over my own feet. Okay, so maybe I’d made the last four alittle lot stronger than I thought.

“Peyyyyyyytoooooon!” Rian drawled, a wide smile on his face

Well at least I’m a tad more sober than him.

“Where are…is everyone else?” I asked, leaning on his arm

“Erm…I haven’t seen Alex, but Jack’s in the bathroom, and Trinity and Zack are by Casey Duvont and her friends,” Rian replied honestly

I sighed and walked over to my sister. Well, half-stumbled half-ran.

“Have you seen Alex?” I asked her, frowning

“Not for the last half hour,” Trinity replied, shaking her head

“He was with Jack about 20 minutes ago,” Zack smiled

“Jack’s in the bathroom,” I mumbled

“Peyton, don’t worry, I’m sure he’s around here somewhere,” Casey said kindly

Then I saw a familiar black-and-blonde haired boy walking past us, so I grabbed his arm to stop him. I really hope Jack knows where Alex is.

“Have you seen Alex?” I pleaded

“Yeaah he’s in the kitchen, drinking a ‘super cocktail’ with Danny and his cousin,” Jack nodded

“Thank the Lord,” I whispered

“You shouldn’t have worried – Alex will never cheat on you,” Jack chuckled

“I’d fuckking kill him if he did,” Trinity growled

“I think we all would. He may be my best guy friend, but you two are my closest girl friends, and that’s just as important,” Jack mused

I just nodded miserably. Jack smiled, taking my hand, before leading me in the direction of the kitchen. Trinity followed.

“See you later Case!” Zack laughed, taking my sister’s hand

I beckoned Rian to join us, and soon the 5 of us reached the kitchen. But I froze at what I saw.





“Alex!” I whispered



We walked into the kitchen, only to all freeze when we saw Alex liplocked with a beautiful dark-skinned girl. Danny was nowhere in sight, it was just the two of them alone against the counter.

“Alex!” Peyton whispered

I clenched my fists, filling with rage. I knew it. I fuckking knew it.

“Gaskarth!” I yelled

“Trin, calm down, don’t do anything stupid,” Zack urged

“Don’t fuckking defend him,” I spat

By this point, Alex and the girl had separated and were looking at the 5 of us. Alex looked absolutely terrified; the girl looked confused.

“Who the hell are you?” Jack sneered

Good ol’ Jack.

“I’m Felicia, Danny’s cousin. Is there a problem with me and Alex kissing?” she replied, frowning

“Yeaah, that’s his girlfriend,” Jack retorted, pointing at the still-frozen Peyton

Felicia’s eyes flicked to my heartbroken sister, and then to my furious expression.

“I-I didn’t know. Honestly, I didn’t. I wouldn’t hav…”

“Save it,” Rian sighed, interrupting, “Do yourself a favour and just leave,”

Felicia nodded and quickly scuttled from the room, averting her eyes from Peyton and I.

“Pey, baby, I can explain,” Alex said quickly

“The hell you can, we all saw you, Gaskarth,” I spat

Peyton started trembling, so I put my arms around her. I don’t know whether it was from anger or shock or even sadness, but it was enough to fuel my fury.

“It was an accident, I swear, I didn’t mean to,” Alex pleaded

He started backing away when he saw the extent of the wrath in my eyes.

“Take my sister,” I ordered Zack


I cut his protest off with a glare. With a sigh, Zack put his arms around Peyton, supporting her numb weight. I took a few steps towards Alex, backing him into a corner, smirking at his panic.

“No-one hurts my sister. I thought I made that clear?” I said softly, an edge of menace creeping in

“Trin, please…”

My fist connecting with his jaw cut him off. Jack, Rian, Zack and Peyton watched as I rained down punches, kicks and knee-crunches at full force on Alex, their bodies blocking the door from anyone else entering.

After about 2 minutes, Jack and Rian nodded to each other, before lifting me off Alex. His lip, nose and eyebrow were pissing blood, his eye was swollen shut and a few of his ribs were at least dislocated. Tomorrow he would be absolutely covered in deep bruises.

But I wasn’t satisfied.

“Trin, let it go. We’ll take him to hospital and just say he got into a drunken fight,"

I growled, about to struggle, when Jack squeezed me harder.

"Please, I don't want you to hurt him any more. He's still my best friend, even if he is an ass. Look after Peyton – she needs you,” Jack whispered

I scowled but nodded, and spat at Alex’s feet. As soon as they let me go, Jack and Rian reached for the collapsing Alex, before taking him out the back door.

I turned to Zack and Peyton, a cold expression on my face.

“Go with your friends. I’ll speak to you tomorrow,” I said icily

I took Peyton from him, putting one of her arms around my shoulders as I slid one of mine round her waist. Zack followed us to the front door, but I ignored him, putting both mine and Peyton’s shawls round Peyton. Zack started following us out the front door, until I whirled around, glaring at him.

“I thought I told you I’d talk to you tomorrow?” I said angrily

“You’re both drunk, I’m not going to let you walk home alone,” Zack said firmly

“I don’t give a flying fuckk! You tried to stop me beating up Alex…”

Peyton whimpered at his name. Fuckk.

“…even after we all saw what he did! I don’t want to talk to you right now! I have more important people to worry about,” I spat

And with that, I turned and started guiding Peyton down the road, ignoring Zack’s shouts. After about 5 minutes, Peyton whimpered again.

“I-I can’t believe he’d do that to me,” she whispered

I sighed, before giving her waist a reassuring squeeze.

“I tried to warn you. Let’s just get home and sleep, yeaah? We’ll sort him out in the morning,” I said softly

Peyton nodded, resting her head on my shoulder. Every time the guy she fell for hurt her, Peyton would go numb, almost catatonic for a while. A few hours, a few days, a few weeks. I’m praying for hours. I hate seeing her like this. Alex fuckking Gaskarth is going to have hell to pay.
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