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You Look Pretty Low



A few more days passed, meaning it was now July. Sure, it also meant that the sun was constantly shining, school was nearly over and the lure of summer vacation drew closer. Sure, it meant that in a few weeks we would be moving out of the Bensons’ house and starting the rest of our lives. And sure, it meant that we were one step closer to having the freedom we craved.

But it also meant that Peyton’s 18th birthday was within grabbing distance.

Don’t get me wrong, it was what we’d dreamed of for the last 10 years - not being in the foster care system any longer. We’d be able to go our own way and not have any stupid government official looking over our shoulder.

The problem with that?

Our relationships with Zack and Alex were stronger than ever.

The problem with that?

It went against everything we believed in. We’d always planned to travel the country as soon as we were both 18, but with the boys in our lives, I knew it would be difficult. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, but I knew Peyton wouldn’t want to leave Gaskarth given the choice.

So we made the decision to go somewhere secluded and talk it out.

“If the boys ask, just tell them we’re doing a memorial for our father,” I called over my shoulder to Sue

“But you hate him,” Sue said, confused

“Yes, that’s why it’s called a lie. See you later!” I grinned

Peyton giggled as I linked arms with her, the two of us walking cheerfully out to the Bensons’ car. Peyton jumped in the driver’s seat, starting the ignition while I got in the other side.

“Where to?” she asked, buckling her seatbelt

“Far away from here. Can’t have the boys finding us,” I shrugged, buckling my own seatbelt

Peyton nodded cheerfully and sped out the drive. After about half an hour of solid driving, we reached a random woodland area we’d never seen before.

“Here looks good,” I said simply

Peyton nodded and drove into a shaded bit. She cut the engine, the two of us jumping out the car. We quickly covered it in large leaves and twigs, before walking deeper into the trees. Peyton sat down on a large rock, crossing her legs yoga-style as I sat on the one next to her.

“So...” she trailed off, twiddling her thumbs

I sighed, pulling out a cigarette. Fuckk the fact that we’re surrounded by flammable material – I need it!

“So...” I shrugged, inhaling deeply

“What do we do when I turn 18?” Peyton muttered

“I honestly don’t know. We always said we would travel the country, right?” I pointed out, exhaling


“You don’t want to,” I said bluntly, inhaling again

“Nor do you,” Peyton retorted

I coughed, smoke spilling out of my mouth.

“Excuse me?” I asked, bewildered

“Face it, Trin, if you had the chance, you wouldn’t leave Zack. I know you don’t love him like I love Alex, but you like him a hell of a lot. He puts up with so much of your shit without being a complete pushover, and you know you’re not going to find another guy like that so easily,” Peyton said with a weak smile

I sighed, running my free hand through my blonde hair. As much as I didn’t want to admit it, her words did have some truth in them. After another long drag and exhale on my cigarette, I looked up at my sister.

“It doesn’t help that he’s so easy on the eyes, either,” I said miserably

Peyton started giggling uncontrollably, making my raise an eyebrow. What the fuckk?!

“When did we get like this? So...submissive to men?” Peyton gasped between laughs

I cracked a small smile, taking another drag.

“Damned if I know,” I chuckled, shaking my head

Peyton’s right. When did we take any boys into consideration? Especially over our freedom?

“So what do we do?” Peyton asked, suddenly serious again

“Be honest with me,” I asked, looking directly into her eyes

“Okay,” she shrugged

“If you had the choice, would you leave Gaskarth?” I asked, raising an eyebrow

Peyton hesitated for a second, before shaking her head.

“No. I wouldn’t,” she whispered

I sighed, pinching the bridge of my nose.

“Now you be honest with me. Would you leave Zack, given the choice of being able to stay with him?” Peyton asked suddenly

I bit my bottom lip slightly.

“We’re not the same as you and Gaskarth,” I mumbled

“But...” Peyton prompted

“No, I probably wouldn’t,” I groaned

Peyton chuckled, grinning wildly. I refused to look at her directly, knowing she’d have an ‘I told you so’ glint in her eyes.

“We got to be careful not to be so...docile though. Can’t have the boys thinking they’ve got it easy,” I pointed out

“Well duh!” Peyton giggled

I smirked, stubbing out the butt of my cigarette on the rock I was sitting on. Well, I might as well attempt not to cause a forest fire.

“I don’t want to go quite yet, but I want to drive when we do,” I said standing up and stretching

“Oh hell no! You always drive!” Peyton complained

“Wrestle you for it?” I grinned

“Bring it, bitch,” Peyton snickered

I smirked and launched myself at her, knocking her off the rock. Yes, this was much more like it.
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