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You Look Pretty Low



Two days later, and Trinity and I are in the back of Rian’s car with Jack in the front, on the way to the mall. We were meeting Alex and Zack there, as well as Kara. We just felt like meeting up somewhere a little different than one of the boys’ houses for once. I hadn’t heard much from Alex since the party, so I was looking forward to talking to him when we got there.

Imissed him hadn’t been satisfied in a while.

Anyway, it didn’t take long to get to the mall, and I smiled when I saw Alex and Zack waiting by the entrance for us, Alex looking gorgeous as usual in a white wife-beater and ripped jeans. I ran over to him, squealing as he swung me round before kissing me deeply.

“Well this is a change from not speaking to me for two days,” I mused as he set me straight on my feet again

“I’m sorry babe. Just had some things to sort out,” Alex apologised

To anyone else, this would’ve been the end of the conversation. But his tone sounded to me like he was hiding something.

“Things to sort out? Like what?” I frowned

“Nothing, okay! You don’t need to worry your pretty little head,” Alex reassured

“Alex...” I warned

Alex just smiled sweetly, kissing me once more. When he pulled away, I looked over at my sister, who seemed to be having a very similar conversation with Zack. Well, at least I’m not the only one that doesn’t believe my boyfriend.



I chuckled as Peyton ran over to Alex and Zack, rolling my eyes slightly as he swung her around. I still don’t like him, if you haven’t guessed. Jack, Rian and I walked at a normal pace over to Alex and Zack, me kissing Zack quickly when we reached them.

Hmm. He seems a little tense.

“What’s up?” I asked, raising an eyebrow

“N-Nothing, why?” Zack smiled

“That’s kinda proved my point,” I said simply

“Nothing’s wrong, I promise,” Zack smiled sweetly

“What did I say about liars?” I asked dangerously

“That you don’t like them,” Zack chanted

I rolled my eyes, not satisfied by this. He’s hiding something, I know he is.

“I don’t believe you,” I whispered, turning my back on him to face Jack

Zack sighed, wrapping his arms round me from behind.

“What will it take for you to believe me?” Zack whispered into my ear

“For you not to lie,” I said simply

“I’m not lying,” Zack insisted

“I’ll just ask Jack what’s wrong then,” I shrugged

“Jack wouldn’t know something was wrong even if it danced in front of him in a cocktail dress,” Zack snickered

I looked up at Jack and Rian, and noticed they were deep in conversation. Zack noticed too, and spun me back round to face him. In a split second, he pressed his lips firmly to mine, a fierce, fast kiss that left me breathless.

“Trust me, please,” Zack murmured, resting his forehead against mine

“I don’t trust anyone...” I started

Zack’s face fell.

“...but I’ll drop this for now, okay?” I finished

Zack smiled weakly and nodded, pecking a kiss to my lips. Then I heard Kara’s voice and turned around, smiling.

“Sorry I’m late guys!” she apologised

“It’s okay babe, we haven’t been here long,” Rian smiled, kissing her lips in greeting

“Let’s go in!” Jack said excitedly


We had been here a few hours now. It seemed like the entire school was here too, and everywhere we went people pointed, stared and whispered. I assumed it was about the boys’ band being signed, but when Peyton and I split off to go look in some punk clothing stores, the whispers, points and stares stayed the same.

This only added to my suspicions that something was wrong.

I could tell Peyton was getting more and more agitated, and by the fact that I was about to lash out at the next person that pointed at us, I knew she would be worse. Then I saw two familiar girls and smiled.

“Tori! Kim!” I called, waving

They waved back, walking over to us. But when they reached us, they smiled hesitantly.

“Oh no, not you two too! Why has everyone been looking at us funny today?” Peyton whined

“You mean, you don’t know?” Tori frowned

“Know what?” I asked, raising an eyebrow

“Uh, you’re dating Alex Gaskarth, right?” Tori asked my sister

Peyton just nodded. Tori and Kim shared a glance, before Kim pulled out her phone.

“This is why everyone’s been looking at you,” Kim said nervously, pressing a few buttons

She handed over the phone, which had a photo on. My jaw dropped as I looked at the photo closely. It was of Alex and that girl Big Tits (the one from our first day) completely completely naked on a bed. She was straddling Alex and she had her lips latched onto his neck. Somehow, both their faces were in perfect view. I didn’t want to know who took this. I just wanted to know where Gaskank was so I could beat him to a bloody pulp. I clenched my fists as fury coursed through my body.

I can’t believe he’s done it again.

Peyton just whimpered, breaking me out of my thoughts. Tori and Kim guided her to a nearby bench so she could sit down, and I sat down on her other side.

“I can’t believe he did this to me. Again. I trusted him. I loved him,” Peyton whispered

“Guys are jerks,” Tori said sympathetically, squeezing Peyton’s shoulder

Then something clicked inside my head, making me even angrier.

“Zack,” I hissed

“What?” Peyton said, confused

“Zack knew. He saw them and stopped me looking into the room, and then seduced me so I wouldn’t go looking again. I can’t believe he defended Asskarth again after last time! When I find him, I’m going to make him wish he was never born,” I scowled

“Maybe violence isn’t the answer,” Kim said softly

“You want to repeat that?” I snarled

Kim gulped before looking directly at me.

“Maybe you shouldn’t just beat them up. Sure, beat up Big Tits, but you should get revenge for what the boys did to you,” Kim explained

“Make them feel the humiliation that they made you and Peyton feel,” Tori added

“What about Jack and Rian? And Kara?” Peyton frowned, not liking the thought of hurting them

“My bet is Rian and Kara haven’t been told anything, because they’re too honest and kind. They would’ve told us straight away. I think Jack knows because Zack didn’t want me asking him what was going on,” I sighed angrily

“They probably told him we already knew and everything was okay so he shouldn’t mention it. Gullible fool,” Peyton said sadly

“So revenge?” Tori smiled

“Aye, revenge. And I might have an idea too. Can I just ask you two something?” I nodded

“Anything,” Kim smiled

“I’m going to take Peyton home now, coz Zack gave me his car keys to look after, but could you go and find Jack for us, tell him Peyton wasn’t feeling well, and that he needs to come over alone at some point very soon? But make sure he’s on his own when you say this,” I asked wearily

“Sure thing. You going to be okay, Pey?” Tori asked

“Not really. But I’ve got revenge to plan,” Peyton replied monotonally

“Thanks girls. See you later,” I smiled weakly

Tori and Kim nodded and waved, before linking hands and walking off. I looked at Peyton, only to see tears building up in her eyes.

“Come on, let’s get you to the car before you cry in here, okay? We’ll get our revenge, don’t you worry,” I whispered firmly

“Alex is going to wish he was never born,” Peyton whimpered
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