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You Look Pretty Low



A couple of weeks passed, and soon it was the end of February. Alex and I were still going strong, and I found that I actually liked being in a one-person relationship for once. He’s been treating me like a princess, and I’ve loved every minute.

Zack and Trinity were another story though. Zack still abstained from her, making my sister more frustrated than I’ve ever seen her. And more determined. I just hope Zack’s got the balls to handle her when she gets her way.

I’d actually been growing really close to Rian too. He’s definitely the most grounded of the boys, and he’s like the big brother I’ve never had. When he’s not spending time with his girlfriend (who Trinity and I still haven’t met), he spends it with us, and he always makes me laugh. I find when I’m not with Alex, I’ve tended to hang with Rian, because Trinity hangs with Jack.

Jack…well, Jack’s Jack. The little kid, the over-hyper one. I’ve found it quite strange that Trinity gets on so well with him, because she’s usually as snappy and aggressive as me. They’re always laughing, or plotting some sort of prank, which I’ve grown to learn to be wary of, but at least my sister’s smiling.

Today’s the last Friday of February, and the school bell just rang signalling the end of the day. Trinity and I were in Home Ec alone, so we launched out of our seats, almost racing to get out of the classroom first. I won.

“So what’s on the agenda this weekend?” Trinity grinned, linking her hand with mine

“Nothing I can think of, actually. Haven’t heard of any parties,” I shrugged, flipping off a group of cheerleaders for staring at us

“Ah well, I’m sure we’ll come up with something,” Trinity smiled

I raised an eyebrow at her abnormally-happy personality, but shrugged. She must’ve gotten laid at lunch or something. We went to our lockers, right next to each other, but just as I’d opened mine, someone slammed it shut. I snapped my head to the culprit, only to see Alex smiling at me.

“Chillax babe,” Alex snorted, kissing me sweetly

This quickly turned into a heated make-out session against the lockers, only interrupted by Trinity’s fake-gagging. We broke apart, only to see her glaring slightly at us.

“Thank you! I would like to stomach what I swallowed at lunch!” she taunted

A member of the swimming team walking past blushed when he heard this, Trinity just winking. Must’ve been him.

“You’re disgusting. No wonder Zack hasn’t slept with you,” Alex grimaced

I scowled and punched him in the stomach. Trinity nodded and linked hands with me again, the two of us walking outside. I could hear Alex’s footsteps running after us, but I didn’t care. He could catch up.

“What was that for?” he wheezed, spinning me around by a hand on my arm

“For calling my sister disgusting. And for being mean in general to her,” I shrugged

Alex sighed, running a hand through his gorgeous brown hair. I bit my bottom lip, looking away as Trinity laughed, realising what was going through my mind.

“Sorry Trin,” Alex mumbled

“What was that? I didn’t catch it,” Trinity smirked, walking down the front steps

“I said sorry Trin!” Alex said loudly

A little bit louder than he expected. Trinity and I laughed as pretty much everyone outside turned around to stare. Alex blushed deeply, making me laugh harder.

“Turn around, nosy shits!” I shouted

Pretty much everyone turned back round again. I smirked, linking my fingers with Alex’s.

“She forgives you. And so do I,” I whispered, kissing his cheek

“Good, I didn’t want you mad at me,” Alex smiled, nuzzling my neck as we followed Trinity to Rian’s car

I giggled and kissed him quickly again, before halting to a stop in front of Rian.

“How’s my favourite midget?” he smiled, hugging me

“I’m not that short!” I protested

“Brah, you’re barely 5ft,” Jack snorted

“Trin’s exactly the same height as me,” I pouted

“Good things come in small packages,” Trinity grinned, lighting up a cigarette

We all started chatting randomly about our day, until Zack turned up 5 minutes later.

“We all ready for practice?” he smiled

“For what?” I asked, raising an eyebrow

“Haven’t you told her about the band?” Zack asked Alex

Alex’s face immediately went guilty, making me frown.

“Sorry, all I've been thinking about is you. Will you hear me out in the car?” Alex pleaded

I rolled my eyes but nodded. The two of us got in the back of Rian’s car with him, while Jack and Trinity got in Zack’s car. Alex waited for Rian to pull out of the school before turning to face me.

“Our band is called All Time Low. I sing lead and play guitar, Jack plays guitar and sings backing vocals, Zack plays bass and sings backing vocals, and Rian plays drums. We’ve been going for about a year now, but we haven’t had any gigs for a while. We’ve got one on Sunday though,” Alex explained

“If this band is such a huge part of your life, why haven’t you told me already?” I asked softly

“I really don’t know. Honestly, I don’t. You’re not mad at me, are you Pey?” Alex asked, frowning

I shook my head, but looked away. I seriously couldn’t believe he hadn’t told me. Alex took my chin between his fingers, turning it back to face him.

“Please don’t be angry at me. I said I’m sorry,” Alex said sadly

“I know you did. Just don’t keep anything from me again, please?” I sighed

Alex nodded and smiled, before pressing his lips to mine. I breathed in deeply as he immediately moved his lips fast and fluent against mine, sliding his arms round my waist.

“Hey! Not in my car!” Rian protested

Alex ran his tongue over my bottom lip before pulling away. He winked at me, moving one of his arms to round my shoulders. I smiled and leant against his chest.



It was about two hours later now, and we were all still at Zack’s house watching the boys practice. I had to admit, they were pretty good musicians. It was obvious how good their friendship was by the way they reacted with each other when they were playing, their passion for their instruments really shining through. Alex and Peyton had been having eye-sex pretty much the entire time, making me snicker, knowing exactly what they’d do after practice was finished. Apart from watching Jack pull faces at me, I was mesmerised by Zack. Playing bass guitar only added to his hotness, and made me want him even more.

“Right, this is our last song for today. It’s called Break Out! Break Out!,” Alex announced to Peyton and I, breaking me out of my thoughts

I tore my eyes away from Zack as Rian tapped them all in:

Luck loves me not tonight, I'm running out...
This four leaf clover's all but useless now.
I've got four wheels that say I'm not alone tonight.
I'm always looking for a joy ride through the brightest part of this town.

Break out! Break out!
As we escape through the windows-
Head for the car, and never look back- singing-singing-
"Break out! Break out!
Our time has come and we've got these big city dreams."

Put up or shut up, we're not wasting time again.
The credits are rolling and we're getting lost again.
In parking lots, to serenading sirens.
As the blue lights bathed our smiles...
Break out! Break out!
As we escape through the windows-
Head for the car, and never look back- singing-singing-
"Break out! Break out!
Our time has come and we've got these big city dreams."

Lets take a moment to reflect,
on the past few years of my life.
I haven't worked myself away,
to stay inside.
This is the time to let us...

Break out! Break out!
As we escape through the windows-
Head for the car, and never look back- singing-singing-
"Break out! Break out!
Our time has come and we've got these big city dreams."

They ended with a loud chord, big grins on their faces. Peyton and I immediately burst into applause, the boys all blushing slightly.

“Normally it’s only his mum listening,” Jack grinned, throwing a plectrum at Zack

“She loves us, and you love her chocolate-chip cookies, so shut it!” Zack defended

We all laughed, Jack nodding in agreement. Alex, Jack and Zack put down their guitars before coming over to the sofa Peyton and I were sitting on, Rian following with his drumsticks tucked into his back pocket.

“What did you think then, babe?” Alex smirked at my sister, helping her to her feet

I got up on my own.

“It was alright,” she shrugged, only teasing obviously

She let him look shocked for a second before laughing.

“I’m joking! You guys are great, really,” Peyton grinned

“It’s amazing what you can do with your fingers,” I smirked, winking at Zack

He blushed as the other boys laughed, Peyton rolling her eyes at me. Then Jack looked at his watch, gasping.

“Shit, is that the time? I gotta go!” he panicked, picking up his bag

“What’s the rush?” Alex smirked, raising an eyebrow as he didn’t know

Jack’s blushing made the rest of us raise our eyebrows too.

“I-I’ve got a date,” he mumbled

“OOOOOH!! Who?” Alex asked excitedly

I rolled my eyes as Jack started spluttering incomplete sentences, the other three boys teasing him.

“Alright, leave him alone. Jack, go and get ready. I expect full gossip tomorrow,” I said firmly, pushing Jack to the door of the garage

“Thank you T-bag!” Jack squealed, kissing my cheek and running out

I laughed, rolling my eyes. Turning back to the group, I noticed Alex and Peyton had disappeared.

“They legged it, huh?” I snorted

“Pretty much,” Rian laughed

Zack, Rian and I walked out of Zack’s garage and into his house, going into the kitchen.

“Do you guys want anything to drink?” Zack asked, smiling at the two of us

“Just a water thanks,” I nodded

“Nah, I’m good brah,” Rian shook his head

Zack smiled and pulled a bottle of water out the fridge for me. I took it in silence, Rian watching Zack’s shocked expression in amusement as I ran my tongue round the rim of the top before taking a swig.

“Where’s your bathroom?” I asked politely, a small smirk on my lips

“W-What?” Zack asked, snapping out of his daydream

“First door on the left,” Rian laughed, punching Zack in the arm

I nodded, put down the water, and walked out the room. After doing my business in the bathroom, I came back to see Rian on the phone with a frown on his face. Zack just shrugged at me, the two of us watching him with interest.

“Fine, I’ll leave now,” Rian muttered

He looked up at Zack and I as he snapped his phone shut, sighing.

“I gotta go. That was my mum – apparently my nana’s surprised them with a visit and wants to see me right away,” Rian groaned

“It’ll be alright, don’t worry,” Zack soothed, teasing a little

“Eurgh, the woman’s a nightmare! I’d better go though. See you on Sunday, yeaah?” Rian smiled weakly

Zack and I nodded, saying our goodbyes as Rian walked out the house. As soon as the front door shut, I turned to look at Zack, a smirk on my face. He gulped slightly. I walked over to him, reached up and traced a fine line down his neck with my fingernail.

“Trin, no. I don’t know when my mum’s going to be home,” Zack said, shaking his head

“You said earlier that she’ll be home at 8 – that’s in two hours. Plenty of time,” I said innocently, running my tongue over my teeth suggestively

Zack stayed silent as I backed him up against the kitchen side, our bodies touching just enough for me to feel Zack start to harden. I trailed my hand down his chest, stopping at his crotch. He shuddered in desire as I stroked over his jeans, me just smirking as he hardened even further.

“There’s no stopping you, is there?” Zack said breathlessly

“I want you, Zack, you should know that by now,” I said lustfully

I threw my arms around his neck, crashing my lips into his as his hands went straight to my ass. He surprised me by pushing his tongue past my lips, the taste of the coffee he’d had not long ago filling my mouth.

Damn him, he’d wanted this all along.

Our tongues battled for dominance, me eventually winning as I tugged his hair to distract him. Zack broke away suddenly, making me groan.

“Not this time,” I muttered, narrowing my eyes

“I was going to say should we go to my room,” Zack snorted

I squeaked as he picked me up bridal style and ran up the stairs. I couldn’t help but smirk at his lack of shyness, knowing he must want me a little bit if he’s suddenly really confident. As he put me down in his room and shut the door, I started unbuttoning my blouse, Zack watching as I dropped it to the floor. He bit his bottom lip, before pulling his t-shirt off and walking over to me. I marvelled his ripped torso, my desires soaring.

“You don’t know what you do to me, Trinity Hayes,” Zack whispered, unbuttoning my skirt

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” I whispered with a smirk, kicking my shoes off
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