There are things that aren't morbid or sad in your mind.
Then there are the things that you instantly associate with a bad memory.
Likewise, some things you associate with good experiences.
And some things, some things you automatically assume what they're supposed to mean.
There are always things you hope are taken as nice. People just see things differently.

This idea is not mine.
I added some things, changed some things and rewrote some things, but I did not come up with the scenarios, save for the last. My friend wrote them when I asked her what she thought the photo meant.
This picture, however, is mine, and I would appreciate if you wouldn't steal it.
  1. 1.)
    eighty-nine words.
  2. 2.)
    eighty-seven words.
  3. 3.)
    one hundred eleven words.
  4. 4.)
    one hundred thirty-one words.
  5. 5.)
    one hundred sixteen words.
  6. 6.)
    one hundred eighty-six words.
  7. 7.)
    one hundred eighteen words.
  8. 8.)
    one hundred words.