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No Such Thing As Alone


Ivy’s POV
It’s been a month since we left the Jonas family. We’ve constantly been looking over our shoulder. On the upside the family who owns the Soup kitchen missed us. We had a very nice catch up. I learned that they had got they gotten a kitten, which in turn brought with it, it’s whole family. Including it’s fellow kittens. One in particular likes me and Jason. It had a gray coat with a little white fluff that made a heart in it’s chest. We named it Smokey. As we left spotted another sign. We quickly tore it down, before resuming our walk with our heads down, seemingly interested on our shoe laces.
When we finally made it back to the hideout we were greeted by many smiles at Smokey, who had followed us. We managed to slip by everyone, with many a muttered ‘sorry’. When we finally reached the empty hammock room, we sat down and started swinging gently.
“Do you think they’ll find us?” I asked Jason.
“No.” He said it with so much assurance in his voice that it was hard to doubt him. “Do you want them to find us?”
“Nope. I already hurt them too much. It’s time I stop.”
“You didn’t hurt them. But I like having you all to myself. Friends forever, right?”
“Right. Like the closest of siblings,” I said with a smile. Jason returned the smile with an ultra violet smile of his own. Then Smokey came up to us and started pawing at the hammocks. I laughed, breaking the silence. Jason laughed with me.
“Come here Smokey,” Jason said toward the cat. Smokey merely meowed at his, before she then jumped on him and batted at his glasses, the silly animal.

Nick’s POV
Everything was so much quieter since Ivy left. Although she mostly kept to herself since she was here, she had still come closer into my heart then any fan. Erika still wasn’t letting Joe forget that he drove a homeless girl back to the streets. And that it’s all his fault if anything happens to her. Once Erika makes up her mind, it’s set, and Erika made up her mind to be friends with Ivy and Jason. Joe was sullen all the time now. He was irritable and cranky all the time too. And it didn’t help that Schuyler broke up with Joe. I think it’s because Erika got to her. Schuyler really can be a good person, but all the attention got to her head. So she became the ‘video girl’. And a bad case of one too. Oh well. She up and left after telling Joe that they weren’t right for each other any more. That they had both changed and that it was mostly her fault. We all admired her bravery. It takes a lot to break up with Joe simply because of his charm.
“Nick! Where are you?” Joe called. I then heard the soft thudding of his feet as he came to find me.
“Hey. Are you mad too?” He seemed sad enough as he stopped in front of me.
“Sort of.” I answered, slightly angrily, from my spot on my bunk.
“I’m sorry, but that won’t bring her back you know. Neither will being mad at me.” This was true, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to forgive him just yet.
“I know that. Did you apologize to Erika yet? Because when she forgives you, the so will I.”
“What! That’s so not fair! You know she’ll never forgive me!” he yelped.
“Well in this case I feel that she is justified in her anger. Sorry, but I tell the truth.” I saw a slight pout cross his face. I knew that I was being harsh to him, a little unnecessarily so, but what he did was pretty harsh too. This lessens the guilt I feel, but only slightly. Sadly I can’t just give Joe what he wants this time. This time I had to resist so he can learn from this.

Joe was in big trouble. I don’t mean bad boy trouble either. I mean Joe will have to go through me the next time he so much as wants to think about Ivy. I mean Joe will have to sleep with one eye open the rest of his life. Yes, I’m harsh, but Joe acted appallingly toward Ivy, and that’s not acceptable, no matter what. Nick agrees, so it’s ok, I think. Alright, I felt bad about being mean to Joe, but we decided that it was for his own good.
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