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No Such Thing As Alone


Ivy’s POV
I was running. I was at a public-welcome track meet (a mile was the assigned distance). The teams would be randomly assigned. I knew how fast I was, I just wanted to see if I was the best. Jason thought it was stupid but he came anyway. I smiled as I saw him grinning at me from the stands. I returned the grin and I waved. Then I heard the announcer announce the beginning of the race. I lined up just like all the other racers. Then I heard the bang, and I took off running faster then ever before. I was relishing in the beauty of all the blurs of color. I could hear others snickering at how stupid I was to run so fast at the very start. I snickered that they couldn’t sprint a mile. I could feel the wind in my hair as it whipped around me because I hadn’t bothered to put it up in a pony tail. When I was on my last lap I heard some one shout my name.
“It’s her! The newest Jonas girl!” I hadn’t been aware that I could run faster then I already was, but as I fought the instinct to run from the area, I was so fast I must have been a blur to all surrounding people, as they were to me. I ran past the finish line and I saw only Jason’s panicked face. I waited only long enough for all the people to finish and for us to be given our medals before I ran to Jason’s side and we took off together in to the night to regain our natural spot, invisible.

Joe’s POV
I felt bad about what I said to Ivy. It’s been over a month though, so I doubt that she’s coming back. No one else seems to recognize this fact as there was still an offer on their safe return.
“Joe! Guess what! Ivy was spotted!” Frankie came bouncing up to me.
“Really?” I was curios despite my opinion that they wouldn’t ever come back.
“Really! But they disappeared soon after. Right before the police got there!” Frankie frowned in displeasure at the fact his almost sister escaped.
“Awe, I’m sorry Tank.” Frankie shrugged and bounded away to tell Nick and Erika.

Mason’s POV
I was so excited to find my sister! That was until Jason tried to slam my face flat. But I won’t give up hope, unlike Joe. I wonder what’s got to him. If I didn’t know any better I would say he was acting like a little kid with their first crush. But Joe couldn’t possibly fall my sister. Right?

Ivy’s POV
We were still running towards the safe house we had set up. Running and running. When we reached the safe house, I collapsed, exhausted. I did sprint about 4 miles at the fastest pace I had ever run. I was tired. Jason looked at me in astonishment.
“Major props! I’ve never seen anyone run that fast!” I grinned. It was pretty fast, I was ahead of Jason most times, a feat I had never been able to do before. “You need to drink lots of water. I don’t want you over heating.”
“Thanks!” It came in a rasp.
“Just rest. You’ll be killer sore tomorrow.” I nodded my assent and I went on with proceeding into sleep.
I must have been out for hours! It’s dark out and I’m extraordinarily sore. I wish I hadn’t run so fast. I got up and stretched out. There, in front of me stood a wrapped up package with a card and everything.
Dear Ivy,
Good job in the race today. I’m so proud of you! I hope that this makes you feel better

I tore off the wrapping hastily and discovered my favorite candy inside: a large Kit Kat. I laughed. Jason knows that I love them and when I started runnig I always craved them. It was our inside joke, one of my favorites. I smiled a large smile as I laid down to sleep again.
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