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Like We Used To

When Merrick left, it left Garrett’s heart in pieces. He slowly started moving on, but knew that Merrick would always have his heart. Merrick moved on but always avoided talking about her past, if possible. She spent all her time with her new boyfriend, Nick Santino, and hadn’t received more threatening calls or letters since she moved from Arizona. What will happen when Nick’s band goes on the same tour as Garrett’s?

Disclaimer: I do not own anybody famous, such as Garrett Nickelsen or Nick Santino. I do not own The Maine, A Rocket to the Moon, nor any other band that may be mentioned in this story. Unless it’s put here, I own it. Anything small will be credited in the chapter it’s put in and I will put who it belongs to, along with a link if necessary. The plot and original characters are mine; characters based off people may own themselves. Don’t steal.

Title Credit: “Like We Used To” A Rocket to the Moon