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I Promise


Ollie picked up the phone.

"We're gunna have to phone the cops," sighed Ollie.

Mikes eyes were full of fear and he was still shaking. Tre and Billie where sitting on the table next to Mike, trying to help him.

"We will explain what will happen and then Mike can stay here until they come. Then..." Ollie stopped midway through sentence.
"Then what Mom?" asked Billie.
"I don't know Bill, we will have to wait and see. Now c'mon Bill, Tre, Help Mike to the bed in the garage, He will kneed rest." Ordered Ollie as she picked up the phone.

Billie and Tre helped Mike down to the garage but then realized that he was still bleeding.

"Shit... I'm gunna go get my Mom," muttered Billie as he looked at Mike's stomach. As he ran back to get his mother Tre looked at Mike, who had run out of energy and fallen asleep.

Tre thought to himself, 'Geez, those aren't just bruises, that looks like... like a knife wound and look how skinny Mike is, I mean he's always been skinny but not like this! That monster! Mike is like one of the nicest guys you could meet and he's had a hard enough life without this!'

As Billie came back with Ollie, Tre snapped out of it. Ollie took one look at Mike then spoke, "Billie fetch my car keys."
"Why where are we going?" asked Billie getting worried.
"We're going to have to take Mike to the hospital, and we haven't got time to wait for an ambulance."
"Shit!" shouted Billie as he came running back with the car keys.

Tre and Billie picked Mike up, which wasn't to hard since he was light. They put him in the car and then jumped in themselves and Ollie sped of towards the hospital.

When they got there, Mike was taken and put in a bed. Billie, Tre and Ollie ran in after him and watched as nurses and doctors covered him in wires and drips. Then a Nurse came up to them and asked them if they could step outside. She followed them out with her clipboard in hand.

"Is he going to be alright?" asked Billie.
"What are all the wires and everything for?" Tre added.
"Well as you probably know, Mr. Pritchard-"
"It's Dirnt."
"Ok, well Mr. Dirnt has a heart condition, and with these wounds and cuts he has lost a lot of blood, which is very hard for a healthy heart to deal with, but will cause many problems for Mr. Dirnt."
"Oh great..." muttered Tre.
"Also, I would like to ask if you could answer some questions about his wounds?" A man had came in with a black suit on.

"Yeah, sure," all three had gotten up.
"Actually, I'd like to interview you separate. so the two boys first then." Billie and Tre turned and looked at Ollie and she nodded. They followed the man into a room. He sat down and pulled out a notebook.

"So I understand you two are Michael's best friends."
"Yeah we are Mike's best mates," answered Billie.
"So when did you notice these bruises?"
"Well we noticed a while back but he wouldn't talk about them," said Tre.
"So we followed him home today and then we saw it." Billie sounded bitter.
"And what exactly is it</>?" asked the man, writing something in his notebook.
"Well from outside we saw his adoptive father shouting at his mother and then he started shouting at Mike and then he... he..." Billie was trying to say it.
"He started hitting Mike and then kicking him and he did it until Mike was out cold." Tre finished, his blood boiling.
"Did Mike tell you how long this has been going on for?"
"He said when his adoptive sister left," Tre said, looking at his shoes.
"When was this?" asked the man, not looking up from his notebook.
"About a year and a half a go." mumbled Billie, the bitterness was clear.
"Okay you two, could you send Mrs. Armstrong in?"

As Billie and Tre stood up, the chairs they had been sitting on scraped on the floor.

They went out and then Ollie went in. Without a word they sat down.

Billie was the first to break the silence, "A year and a half? This has been going on for a year and a half?" Billie whispered as he looked up from the floor. Tre looked up and saw the tears in Billie's eyes.

Then Ollie came out and called them both in to that room again. When they went in they saw two cops as well as the bald guy in the suit.

"Wh.. what's going on?" stuttered Billie as he sat down next to his mom. Tre followed and then the police men pulled out a their notebooks.